Perfume Declutter

Our live-in chauffeur was traveling back to India and specifically asked for Perfume to gift to his wife. Apparently, the last handful of Perfumes I’d given him (for his previous visit) were such a huge hit with the wife! She not only liked the scents, but also their performances, as she went about her day in the village, according to him. He said, every time his wife’s sisters would visit her, they’d all ask for a spritz from her Perfume Collection! So, when he asked me to give him any other Perfumes that I didn’t want. Emboldened by the success of the previous scents, I gave him the following:

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Sapil Nancy Eau de Parfum

A delightfully enchanting fragrance that is as timeless as art. A heady elixir of luscious fruits invite you into a mysterious realm of temptation and intrigue. At the heart, it reveals whispers of oral notes blended with spicy aromas enhanced with classic musky notes to create dreamlike fragrant infinity.

Top Notes – Fruity
Heart Notes – Floral
Base Notes – Musky, Woody

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