Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

As a kid, I vaguely remember watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch on Nickelodeon and later on, one of the channels, either on Orbit or Showtime (can’t remember). I do however, distinctly remember being deeply disappointed by the show! Sabrina was one of my favorite characters (as well as Cheryl Blossom and Katy Keene) in the Archie Comics! Why was the girl from Clarissa Explains It All (which I never watched, because even as a kid living through the 90’s, that show seemed too 90’s to me) playing the coveted role of Sabrina? Why was the show so cheezy and even worse, why was there a laugh track? Why were book to tv-show cross-overs such a train wreck?

Back when renting videos (VHS) were a thing, I remember stumbling upon Archie: To Riverdale and Back Again (released in 1990, rented around mid-90’s) while abroad. This was prior to the cheezy Sabrina the Teenage Witch sitcom. I was super excited! In fact, a cross-over from book (comic book, respectively) to movie hadn’t even occurred to me before! I didn’t know what to expect. With that being said, I wasn’t expecting the made-for-tv-movie that I still attempted to watch. They were all old! I was a kid. I was expecting teens, max. Plus, the whole thing was so boring. From what I remember, all they did was talk. I thought the woman they cast as Betty Cooper was appropriately cute (as a button) up until she attempted seducing Archie. I remember because I was watching it alone and when things started to heat up, I began panicking, not knowing what to do (since I was a kid and I knew I shouldn’t watch non-PG stuff). Do I switch it off? Do I fast-forward until the unwatchable scene was over? Do I call out for an adult? What do I do? I don’t remember much else of the movie, but I do remember how it made me feel, which was very, very disappointed.

Back in Kuwait, I remember catching a few glimpses of the cross-over episode where Scooby Doo met Josie and the Pussycats, on some cartoon channel or other. That keyed me in that an animated version of Josie and the Pussycats existed, which blew my mind (I would’ve loved to watch that, but unfortunately it was never aired in this region of the world)! Many years later, a live-action version of Josie and the Pussycats (2001) was released, which I skipped because it looked… stupid. Same reason I skipped Jem and the Holograms (2015). If they weren’t going to bother giving people’s favorite childhood characters the time and effort and reverence they deserved, just so they could collect on the already amassed fame and popularity of those characters (sound familiar?), then I wasn’t going to bother with watching it.

I was really excited when I first heard about Riverdale (here) and later previewed it (here) and really disappointed after watching it (review here), but at least it was watchable (granted, I actually hate-watch it now lol).

Thanks to Rei who runs Shenanigans of a Gamer Mom ( for the heads up on the Sabrina reboot! Super stoked that it’s by Netflix! Judging by the trailer, it’s already a step up from the original trainwreck comedy sitcom! All 10 episodes of the first season are already out now. Here’s hoping it won’t be as disappointing as Riverdale!

Just in time for Halloween too!

Riverdale Sucks

L-R: Veronica, Jughead, Josie, Cheryl, Kevin, Betty, and Archie

All I was asking for from Riverdale (based on Archie Comics, one of my childhood-favorites) was a show that would be different from Pretty Little Liars, so of course it turned out to be similar -_- I gave up on Pretty Little Liars because it was so confusing and I had absolutely no idea what was going on most of the time. Even my girl-crush on Shay Mitchell wasn’t enough to keep me interested. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve watched (and still watch) a lot of other way more complex shows and quite enjoy the lot of them. Also, when done correctly, a “whodunit” plot can be quite compelling. However, with no satisfying pay-off (several seasons in, mind you) to make it feel worth putting up with all that constant teasing (she’s “A”, he’s “A”, they’re all “A”, nobody is “A”), I was triggered annoyed enough to call it quits one day and just stopped watching Pretty Little Liars (still dunno who “A” is and not even the least bit interested in finding out, ya’ tease someone long enough and it stops being playful and just becomes straight up irritating).

I was so excited for Riverdale (previewed here)! I was hoping it be would just as fun as the first few seasons of One Tree Hill (so good) or The O.C. (also really, really good) or even Gossip Girl. Sadly, Riverdale seems to be following in Pretty Little Liar‘s footsteps. I hate what they’ve done with it! Enough with the teen drama mystery thrillers already! I stopped watching after a couple of episodes in (just couldn’t take it anymore) and waited for the first season to end, before binge-watching the whole thing. After giving it a fair shot, I can honestly say that I think Riverdale sucks! However, I’m nothing if not an optimist so I’m still gonna’ watch it (in the hopes that it’ll get better as the show progresses). However, if you limit yourself to watching only two or three shows, skip Riverdale and watch Dynasty (reboot of the classic) because so far, it’s shaping up to be one of the best in the “girly-girl tv-shows” category! I mean, two episodes in and I’m already obsessed! When that one girl pushed that other girl (at the funeral)… I died. There’s so much going on in every episode that time just flies and the episode is over before you know it! On the other hand, every episode of Riverdale just drags on and on and on and on and on

Edit: I gave up on Dynasty ages ago. Only the first 2-3 episodes were decent, but then it took a turn and now it’s just pretty girls traipsing about in pantsuits and yapping away about nothing… all the time.

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TV Shows 2016

Nothing particularly stood out to me, movie-wise. I get more excited about tv shows, honestly. With that being said, The Walking Dead is still my favorite tv show, ever, obviously. Stranger Things and The OA were both equally excellent with The OA slightly edging out Stranger Things as my favorite of the two but it struck me as quite odd as to how similar they both seemed to each other.

Westworld bored me to tears (up till episode 6 which I feel like is when it picked up).

I grew up watching Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien but Conan quickly became my favorite of the two and I haven’t stopped watching his shows since. Conan is simply a delightful human being! Honestly, I love the guy! I don’t watch any other talk shows because I just never really got into Ellen and I can’t stand the two Jimmy’s (Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel).
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