Sultan Center Haulage (Souq Sharq) (Sept 2020)

After hitting up Debenhams (here) and Bath & Body Works (here) and The Body Shop (here), I finally made it to Sultan Center.

Between my brother and his wife’s weekly visits to the local co-op, and my online orders from (My Pantry), we were all set on groceries.

So, this haul was mostly snackage (stuff I couldn’t find online) and personal care stuff (face wash, cotton pads, etc…)

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Sultan Center Necessities Haul (Toothbrush, Soaps, Anti-Perspirant)

Nothing lifts my spirits faster than creature comforts (stuff that smells nice or looks cool or both!). You’d take a look at these things and think, “not the most exciting of hauls, girl” and I’m totally with you. They look pretty blah but… BUT, keep reading and find out why you’re wrong! That Black (so cool!) Toothbrush is a Colgate® 360°® Charcoal Toothbrush (360! Wuuut! Charcoal! Wut!) and right next to it is a very possible Bath & Body Works Foaming Hand Soap dupe and next to that is the single-best-smelling-hand-soap of life (y’hear me? Life!) and finally an anti-perspirant (okay, fine, this last one might be boring for you guys, I’ll give ya’ that, but I can’t help getting excited over scented anti-perspirants and a possible favorite at that, granted I have yet to sniff the thing and all this is just pure speculation but a girl can dream speculate).

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Nivea Angel Star Deo Anti-Perspirant


Feel secure in whatever you do! Nivea’s Angel Star Icy Kiss Deo Spray gives you long lasting protection with a trendy, fruity fragrance.
24h anti-perspirant protection
0% alcohol

Again, I don’t know what I was thinking when I picked this up. I don’t even like using “spray” anti-perspirants. I have a confession to make. I bought the Nivea Powder Touch anti-perspirant and this Nivea Angel Star anti-perspirant together. In my defense, although juvenile, the packaging on this stuff is adorable! I mean just look at it. Plus the name Angel Star although cheezy, totally appealed to my love of Japanese aesthetics. I was like “OMG KAWAII!!!!” It even says on the cap “YOU WOW”. Somehow that made sense to me at the time I guess. I might have even nodded understandingly even though I didn’t really understand what that meant and picked this stuff up. Lastly I was kinda’ curious as to what Icy Kiss would smell like as that’s the scent I got this stuff in. It’s an awful fruity floral scent. I don’t mind the fruity part as much as the floral part. This product holds 100ml and was quite cheap. I used the Nivea Angel Star Deo for a few days before giving up.

If you’re interested, I picked this up at Carrefour at the Avenues Mall.