Spotted at L’Occitane + Dean & Deluca (just a few more festive pics)

As you might’ve gathered by the timing on these receipts, I usually hit up the Avenues at night, because my days are so full. I have work during the day and social obligations (friends + family) during the evenings. Only at night is my time my own. As such, by the time I’m done, most of the stores are usually closing down for the night or already closed (as evident by the photo).

It might sound cliche, but walking around Avenues, after-hours, is quite fun and makes me feel a bit naughty (like I’m seeing something I’m not supposed to or being let in on some sorta’ secret)! Also, it makes taking pics much easier (for example, pics of Dean & Deluca below) because there aren’t any people around.

Anyways, L’Occitane was already closed, but I noticed the newer window display – which in keeping up with one of the current trends – featured a celestial theme complete with stars and moons and their version of constellations (each symbol signifies a certain value)!

This year, more than ever, we need true values behind our gifts.
L’Occitane has collaborated with the starry pop-art world of CASTELBAJAC Paris fashion house on a collection of limited edition gifts that tells the True Story of our brand.

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