RC Q Lemonade

Throwback Thursday! … except it’s not really thursday and it’s not really a throwback, because I’ve never actually had RC Q Lemonade before today. I did try… erm… I wanna’ say RC Cola also known as Royal Crown Cola, but that was ages ago (possibly when I was a tween). All I remember is that the RC Cola had the exact same packaging as this RC Q Lemonade (small stout glass bottle with twist off aluminum cap) and the packaging was a dark navy with RC Cola in red print. My favorite Lemonade is from Raising Cane’s but I was at the little convenience store next to our home (not quite a baqala but more of a fir3) when I came across this stuff and decided to pick it up (along with another drink, KDD Power Fruits) on a whim. It did not look like it was going to be fizzy. It was. It also tasted very mild (at least to me), like one of those really weird-tasting, gluten-free, caffeine-free, low-glycemic, organic and vegan bottled sodas from Burger Boutique that always taste “iffy” to me, if not slightly medicinal. It wasn’t instant love but I don’t want to write off, just yet. I might pick another one up again at some point, just to say I’ve given it a fair shot. I just hope this doesn’t become my gateway drug (I’ve sworn of soda/pop/fizzy drinks for the past few months so I can become skinny (like Negan!) and I’ve been so good about it too… rarely cheating, if ever, until now… and it wasn’t even WORTH IT.

Fun Fact: In 1954, Royal Crown was the first company to sell soft drinks in a can, and later the first company to sell a soft drink in an aluminum can!

Garnier Ultra Doux 5 Plants Vitalizing Shampoo

5 Plants Vitalizing Shampoo
Real infusion of vitality and enjoyment for normal hair that is weak and tired. The new shampoo Garnier Ultra Doux draws the essence of 5 natural plants selected for their complimentary benefits:

  • Green Tea known to be a source of vitality
  • Lemon known to bring shine
  • Eucalyptus for its refreshing nature
  • Nettle known for its anti-sebum properties, and for making the hair lighter
  • Vervain well known for its softening and soothing characteristics

Its melting gel, silicon-free texture, respects your hair needs for use on a daily basis without weighing it down. Its fragrance which is combined with green fresh notes provides a feeling of well-being.

I keep seeing these new(er) Ultra Doux Shampoo and Conditioners by Garnier, in stores all over the country. I’ve been meaning to try them out for quite some time now, but could never make up my mind on which ones to get. Off the top of my head, I remember seeing one featuring Honey that came in correlating yellow packaging, another featuring Olive Extracts in correlating green packaging, and another in brighter green packaging featuring 5 Plants (Lemon, Green Tea, Eucalyptus, Nettle and Verveine). For some reason, the 5 Plants line has several variations on its name (depending on the region, mayhaps?) for example, Vitalizing Shampoo (which is what I got) is also called Vitality Shampoo in some countries and Revitalizing Shampoo in others. Even Ultra Doux is called Ultra Blends in some regions and something completely different in others. Regardless of what it’s called, the Ultra Doux range is paraben-free and silicon-free (for those who worry about that kinda’ thing). I purchased Garnier Ultra Doux 5 Plants Vitilizing Shampoo (hauled here) from Sultan Center awhile ago and will definitely be repurchasing it again and again and again…

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Skittles has got to be hands-down my all-time favorite candy of life! I absolutely love the way they taste! I also like the fact that they come in five different colors and flavors; Red/Strawberries, Orange/Oranges, Yellow/Lemon, Green/Green Apple, and my personal favorite Purple/Grape. It became a huge thing when they switched Lime for Green Apple and it seriously upset a lot of people. Obviously, I wasn’t one of those people because I absolutely adore Green Apple artificial or otherwise. The scent of an open bag of Skittles smells mouth-wateringly good to me! That’s why I tend to reference Skittles a lot when I’m reviewing flavored or scented beauty products. I love the scent and taste of Skittles!
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