Electric Guest – Oh Devil (feat. Devin Di Dakta)

So I saw these guys perform live on an episode of Conan and now I like the song Oh Devil. Normally I’d just X out (if I’m watching on my pc) or change the channel (if I’m watching on OSN) when it comes to the musical segment (towards the end of the episode) on Conan, because I feel that the artist or band or whomever has to hook me right away (first few seconds) otherwise I’m out. Electric Guest caught my interest with the interesting beat, but held my interest because their song was pretty good. I mean Asa Taccone and those high notes, bruh! Fun fact… or maybe not, but Jorma Taccone (who makes up one-third of The Lonely Island) is Asa Taccone‘s brother. I just thought that was interesting.