Love Island UK (Tyson Fury) vs Big Brother UK (Boris Johnson)

It delights me to no end when my worlds collide!

I’d like to preface this by saying that my all-time fave Reality TV Show was, still is and always will be Survivor, only the American Version because all the other versions don’t even come close!

With that being said, it’s no secret that I’m pretty much obsessed with “British Telly”. That obsession was at peak in 2016 (dis) and has continued on until today! One of my all time favorites was Big Brother, but only the U.K. Version because the American Version was just… unwatchable! Love Island was another one of my new-found favorites offerings from “British Telly” (dis), but again, only the U.K. Version because the American Version is nowhere near the same! Sadly, Big Brother was discontinued (dis) which pushed Love Island in the lead as my new favorite UK-based reality TV Show! That stuff is so addictive, it’s basically crack!

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Goodbye Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother

It’s official. Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother are cancelled. Channel 5 recently confirmed the show would be ending after 18 years on the airwaves, with this year’s series being the last.

Well, that sucks. To me, Big Brother was like crack. I was pretty much addicted as soon as I stumbled upon the show. I’d really hate to see it go! Here’s hoping some other channel picks up the series!

Celebrity Big Brother Season 22

I didn’t even know that the new season of Celebrity Big Brother had begun, up until I noticed my previous Celebrity Big Brother posts (here and here and here and here and here) getting lots of views. Lo and behold, not only had Season 22 started, but they were all the way up to episode 14! I jotted down my first impressions and predictions on my phone (using my trusty Notes app) while watching the first episode, but never got around to actually posting any of it because a week later they were already talking about the finale (so it was too late). Honest to God, I predicted that Roxanne would ask to leave the house at some point and sure enough she did! This season, I disliked them all, side from Kirstie Alley and Nick Leeson and later on Ben Jardine. Apparently, the theme this season was supposed to be the housemate’s past “storms” (controversies) with the focus being on Stormy Daniels (who pulled out lol at the last minute).

On the first night, the host, Emma Willis, slayed in her bespoke navy jumpsuit! From the Shoulder-Pads and the Collar to the Wide-Leg bottoms, she killed it! Honestly, this woman can do no wrong in my eyes!

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Celebrity Big Brother Season 21 Finale

This season of Celebrity Big Brother was… interesting. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the mix of people they chose to participate. The men in particular were quite dull. For the most part, the housemates got along pretty well with each other… which was boring. Thankfully, Ann livened things up with her constant disapproval (so funny). You can check out my first impressions of the ladies (here) and the men (here) as well as my predictions (a lot of which actually came true). I really adored several people, this season (Amanda, Rachel, Maggie, Jess, Wayne, Jonny, Shane L, Shane J / Courtney, and even Ann)! Equally, there were several people I could not stand, this season (India, Daniel, Ginuwine, Malika, Andrew, and John). Whereas Ashley, I was indifferent about. That said, I can’t wait for the civilian version of Big Brother (which starts in Summer) because it lasts longer and is way more entertaining since younger housemates equals more drama (especially after being cooped up in the CBB House for so long).

More photos inside…

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Celebrity Big Brother Season 21 (more housemates)

So… the guys are here and I never ever thought I’d say this… but I wish that for this season, they would’ve just stuck with an all-female household instead. I just about love all the women (aside from India and Malika) and find every single one of them to be pretty funny (again, aside from India and Malika). No offense to the men, but the majority of the guys seem pretty vanilla, especially in comparison to the more colorful lineup of women. So far, I absolutely adore Wayne and enjoy watching the 2 Shanes! The rest (of the men) are easily replaceable, as far as I’m concerned.

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Celebrity Big Brother Season 21 (Year of the Woman!)

Yay! Another season of Celebrity Big Brother (Season 21): Year of the Woman! I live for trashy reality tv (don’t judge me), especially if they happen to be based in the UK! Marking the 100 year anniversary of women getting the vote, the first 8 housemates to enter the house were all women. I’m not sure if Emma (the host) was joking, but she mentioned that even the live audience (outside) were all female as well. However, the men will be joining them on Friday (next week?). So far, I really like most of them (aside from Malika and India) and found them to be quite charming! As soon as the ladies were all settled in “the power went out” in the Celebrity Big Brother House and the housemates got their first task, which was to “fix the fuse board” -_-

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Celebrity Big Brother Season 19 Finale (Thoughts, Loves, and Regrets)

I have to preface this by saying that I knew who was going to win before watching the finale. I wanted to finish writing up the Celebrity Big Brother Season 19 Finale post before watching the actual finale so the post would be as unbiased as possible but I only finished writing the first half before passing out and promising myself I’d work on the second half the next day, which is what I did. None of the channels in Kuwait air CBB so I have to watch it a day after it airs in the UK anyway. I thought I could make it in time but since I had a lot to say (as always) not only was the episode available for viewing but the winner was all over the internet by then. I was down to the last paragraph of that post (literally, the last one) when I remembered that I hadn’t included the age of the last three surprise contestants (that entered the CBB house ten days later) and as I was googling Kim’s age, I accidentally stumbled upon the winner of this season. I was so disappointed because that pretty much took away all the suspense. I would be watching the finale knowing which one of the final six contestants had won. With that said, I still watched the finale (duh) and even watched the rest of it on Bit On The Side or as Emma keeps calling it, BOTS.

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Celebrity Big Brother Season 19 Finale

L-R (top row) James Jordan (38), Spencer + Heidi a.k.a. Speidi (33 & 30), Nicola McLean (35), Jasmine Waltz (36), Austin Armacost (28), Coleen Nolan (51), Calum Best (35)

L-R (bottom row) Ray J (35), James Cosmo (68), Stacy Francis (47), Bianca Gascoign (30), Brandon Block (49), Jamie O’Hara (30), Angie Best (64)

I can’t believe we’re only one episode away from the Season 19 Finale! I wish Celebrity Big Brother lasted for more than 31 days like Big Brother (which I believe lasts for about 2-3 months) but I guess as opposed to the non-celebrities in Big Brother, the “celebrities” in Celebrity Big Brother can’t clear their schedule for more than a month at a time… or something. With that being said, this season of CBB was thoroughly entertaining! I’ll be giving my thoughts on each and every housemate (and surprise housemate), as well as predict this season’s winner (Jedward or James Cosmo, hopefully), in just a second. It’s going to be another lengthy post so grab something hot to drink and get settled in!

First, let’s take a look at the latest remodel of the CBB House which had a comic book Superhero theme. Personally, I found that hilarious because the majority of this season’s housemates were quite, er, mature. I’m not an ageist or anything like that. I just think that this season’s theme might’ve been more appreciated if the housemates happened to be younger. Personally, it’s not to my taste as I found all the pop-art and color – although fun – a bit too “busy”. However, what with the whole slew of tv shows and movies in 2016 and several more to be released in 2017 revolving around Superheroes, I thought this season’s theme was quite fitting! As always, click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Celebrity Big Brother and Big Brother would not be the shows that they are to me, without the host, Emma Willis. With her striking good looks and horrible puns, I look forward to seeing Emma just as much as I look forward to seeing the housemates themselves! She’s just got such a beautiful face (that brings images of a gorgeous Siberian Husky to mind) that you never get tired of looking at! I also really look forward to seeing the way her hair, makeup, and clothes are styled! She also seems to have such a likable personality! I simply adore her! Remember, I started watching Big Brother in 2016, so I’ve only ever known Emma to be the host (I haven’t watched any of the earlier seasons when someone else was hosting) so I can’t imagine Big Brother or even Celebrity Big Brother without her.

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TV Shows 2016

Nothing particularly stood out to me, movie-wise. I get more excited about tv shows, honestly. With that being said, The Walking Dead is still my favorite tv show, ever, obviously. Stranger Things and The OA were both equally excellent with The OA slightly edging out Stranger Things as my favorite of the two but it struck me as quite odd as to how similar they both seemed to each other.

Westworld bored me to tears (up till episode 6 which I feel like is when it picked up).

I grew up watching Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien but Conan quickly became my favorite of the two and I haven’t stopped watching his shows since. Conan is simply a delightful human being! Honestly, I love the guy! I don’t watch any other talk shows because I just never really got into Ellen and I can’t stand the two Jimmy’s (Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel).
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