US Bath and Body Works Holiday Haul (Dec 2020) – Part 3

Towards the end of the year, everything was significantly reduced in price at the US Bath & Body Works so I had to place an order with them.

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Bath and Body Works Mini BOGO Haul (Sept 2020)

Next, I hit up Bath & Body Works which was nestled between Victoria’s Secret and MAC, working my way from the far left of the mall (Debenhams). I did take a quick lap around Boots. I also noticed that they’d opened up a Nyx which I had to visit as well.

Bath & Body Works were having a Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) promo going on at the time, but I couldn’t find any interesting scents.

Eventually, I settled on getting Travel-Size Shower Gels in the scents Gingham (because it was their feature scent) and Perfect Peony (because it listed vanilla sandalwood in the notes). They both ended up being too floral for me.

Normally, the Travel-Size Shower Gels retail for KD 2/750 each, but I payed just that for both.

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Boots Fresh & Crisp Apple Hair Care

I was at Boots (Marina Mall) when I picked up this Shampoo and Conditioner Duo. I believe they were also available in Fresh & Fruity Strawberry, Fresh & Nutty Coconut, but not the Fresh & Tingly Mint & Tea Tree. Regardless, I was only interested in the Fresh & Crisp Apple. You could buy them separately (only the Shampoo or only the Conditioner) or mix and match (for example; Apple Shampoo and Coconut Conditioner) or just do what I did and get a matching pair (Apple Shampoo and Apple Conditioner).

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Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Appletini Travel Size Gift Set

This Victoria’s Secret Appletini Gift Set was another purchase made at Mishref Fair Grounds. The Beauty Rush Appletini Body Double Mist (75mL/2.5 FL OZ), Beauty Rush Body Drink Lotion (50mL/1.7 FL OZ), and Sexy Little Things Noir Scented Body Lotion (30mL/FL OZ) all came in a small Victoria’s Secret Bag. I wanna say the set cost KD 9/000 originally and was reduced to KD 6/750 but I could be making that up. Whatever the cost, I obviously thought it was worth it at the time especially because these were travel size and I think anything tiny is adorable. For reference, the original size of the Appletini Body Double Mist is 250mL/8.4 FL OZ and the Appletini Body Drink Lotion is 200mL/6.7 FL OZ and the Sexy Little Things Scented Body Lotion is 200mL/6.7 FL OZ
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Greenland Apple Body Scrub

I was delighted when I found this Greenland Apple Body Scrub at Mishref Fair Grounds during the Perfumes and Makeup Exhibition. I purchased this for KD 4/500 at the Makeup Al-Mansour booth (along with several other items but more on those in another post). Although the packaging does come across as a bit cheap-y, I just couldn’t resist picking this up, especially since it had the picture of a green apple on it. Plus, Makeup Al-Mansour is kinda’ known for selling drugstore products, not luxury items. I actually discovered Makeup Al-Mansour years and years ago (before I even thought about starting this blog) at Mishref Fair Grounds during another of those bi-annual Perfume and Makeup Exhibitions and decided I just couldn’t wait for another six months just so I could shop there again, so I hunted down their actual physical store (which happened to be in City Center, Salmiya branch). However, that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy browsing their booth at Mishref Fair Grounds whenever I do happen to make it there, during the exhibition. I always manage to find the coolest stuff (at least, to me) that I don’t normally find in-store, for whatever reason. This Greenland Apple Body Scrub, for example, is pretty cool, to me!
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