Palmolive Naturals Moisture Care Soap


The classic bar soap from Palmolive – loved and trusted for decades. And now enriched with Olive extract, it looks after those precious hands today and tomorrow.

I’ve been using Palmolive Naturals Moisture Care with Aloe & Olive Extracts Soap for about about three years or so and it’s my current favorite. I’ve tried several bars of soap from a bunch of different brands and each one had it’s own drawbacks. Nothing irritates me more than soap that leaves behind a thin film or residue of some sort on my skin. The problem is, since I wash my hands compulsively, regular soap dries them out while most hydrating soaps or moisturizing soaps leave behind a thin “moisturizing” film on my hands, which is even worse. This soap has a perfect balance of both. I can wash my hands using this soap as many times as I want without them drying out and even though it says Moisture Care, there is no annoying residue left behind. My hands are squeaky clean (exactly the way I prefer them to be).
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