Pottery Barn Teen Haul

So this was my first and last time at Pottery Barn Teen, because I just blew KD 117 ($384.79)…

… on Blankets and Towels.

I had been doing so well at “budgeting” too, but now I’ve gone and messed that up.

Despite the fact that I’m a middle-aged woman (I turn 35 in December) and nowhere near… teen, I felt that it would be a good idea to take a quick peek inside Pottery Barn Teen.

Clearly, that was a bad idea, because apparently I’ve got zero willpower and just can’t resist anything that I deem to be cute and man-oh-man was this stuff cuuute!

The Supernova Printed Duvet Cover and Sham brings out of this world style to your bed! A dreamy, photoreal print combined with a soft pure cotton percale fabrication makes this a must-have for your sleep space.

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Love Island UK (Tyson Fury) vs Big Brother UK (Boris Johnson)

It delights me to no end when my worlds collide!

I’d like to preface this by saying that my all-time fave Reality TV Show was, still is and always will be Survivor, only the American Version because all the other versions don’t even come close!

With that being said, it’s no secret that I’m pretty much obsessed with “British Telly”. That obsession was at peak in 2016 (dis) and has continued on until today! One of my all time favorites was Big Brother, but only the U.K. Version because the American Version was just… unwatchable! Love Island was another one of my new-found favorites offerings from “British Telly” (dis), but again, only the U.K. Version because the American Version is nowhere near the same! Sadly, Big Brother was discontinued (dis) which pushed Love Island in the lead as my new favorite UK-based reality TV Show! That stuff is so addictive, it’s basically crack!

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