Bronde Moment

Eyeshadow – ColourPop Paradox Super Shock Shadow (haulage here)
Lipstick – ColourPop Ziggie Lippie Stix (haulage here)
Sunglasses – Tom Ford Black Large Cat Eye Sunglasses
Handbag – Milano Padlock Black Leather Cross-Body Micro Bag
Top – Mango Cherry Flowy Striped Dress (haulage here)
Top – Forever 21 White Henry David Thoreau Truth T-Shirt
Jeans – H&M Dark Denim Blue Super-Stretch Treggings (haulage here)
Shoes – Karmaloop Black Studded Wedge Sneakers

I figured since I’d just recently posted photos of my hair a month after that horrible dye job (dis), why not post photos the day after?

Obviously, I’d seen my hair after that woman had destroyed it, but that was during night-time and in artificial lighting. The morning after, outdoors and in natural sunlight, I took one look at my hair color and let out a colorful stream of expletives. Not to beat a dead horse, but I payed a lot of money for dry and frizzy hair (my hair is still mad at me since that incident) and worst of all, that looked nothing like the ashy-blonde that I’d asked for (and shown them pictures of, from their own Instagram account lol)

It might sound like I might be exaggerating for effect, so I figure a picture is worth a thousand words ergo here ya’ go! That said, it’s not really that big of a deal. It’s just hair. I’m glad I went through with it anyway, because it confirmed the fact that as I’m getting older, I much prefer darker hair on myself.

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Khaki Row

Hair Clip: Scünci Tortoise Shell Hair Clip
Sunglasses: Dior Brown Square Sunglasses
Top: H&M Khaki Green Utility Shirt (haulage here)
Trousers: H&M Khaki Green Pull-On Trousers (haulage here)
Shoes: Only Bronze Gladiator Sandals (reviewed here)

I really wanted to feature how cool those Bronze Gladiator Sandals when worn and tried linking the review post (dis) to these photos except… I couldn’t find them. Apparently, I never posted the photos (probably ‘cuz of the horribly quality lol). So, I figured I might as well post them now.

These pics are old (literally a month after the whole bad dye job incident). My hair was still reeling from the aftermath lol

At this point, there should be no disclaimer needed, but I’ll do it anyway. I am absolutely terrible at taking pictures of people (myself included), places and things. If I only posted “perfect” photos, each post would take a year. So, I’ve chosen to sacrifice the pretty, for the sake of time and convenience. In any case, the point of this blog is to share info, such as you can find xyz at this store for this price in this many colors, etc… (and also for me to ramble on lol) and the photos are just a part of it, not the main feature.

Also, the lighting sucks ‘cuz when the house was being rebuilt from the ground up, I insisted on having dimmed lighting in my bedroom, because that’s where my xbox situation is located (like a real adult) and didn’t take into consideration the practicality aspect of it, like getting dressed, putting on makeup, getting mah herr did, reading and finding my way around my own bedroom in general lol

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MIA White Joplyn Wedge Sandals

These are the imfamous MIA Joplyn Wedge Sandals that I keep harping on about.

I have a deep, deep, deeeeep love for a lot of my shoes, be they flats or heels or even boots, but these babies were the ones that got away (literally lol they were stolen).

I purchased them online in 2008 for I wanna’ say $40 or $50 (but used a $10 off coupon code, according to my order history).

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Favorite Flats

Jeffrey Campbell Clear Puffer Sandals
Multi-Color Bandage Wrap Sandals (“Lookbook” here)

Lastly, here are my most loved and favorite Flats! If I could, I’d repurchase backups in the same color and in different colors… and even get backups of the backups! Would that I could… Alas, one was purchased online and is no longer being made while the other was purchased far far away in Thailand.

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Ultra High Heels

Carlos Vera Black Lucite Sandals (My very first pair of high heels)
Only Bronze Gladiator Sandals
Ivory Bow Sandals (My Wedding Shoes)

These are the highest of high heels that I own and I don’t have the heart to get rid of any of them. I’m definitely holding on these cuties forever and ever and ever!

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Snake Print Shoes

Madden Girl Purple Snakeskin Thong Sandals
Naughty Monkey White Spectator Slingback Pumps (details here)

Naughty Monkey Black Metal Mama Leather Ankle Wrap Pumps (details here)
Red Bubble Silver Snakeskin Sandals
Naughty Monkey White Spectator Slingback Pumps (details here)

I suppose I’ve always sorta’ had a thing for snakeskin and snake print lol

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Naughty Monkey Shoes

Naughty Monkey Red Elegant Rider Pump
Naughty Monkey Red Cherry Pop Pump
Naughty Monkey White Spectator Slingback Pumps
Naughty Monkey Black Metal Mama Leather Ankle Wrap Pump

Like I said in an earlier post, Amazon introduced me to several affordable brands that offered cute and quirky footwear and one of those brands was Naughty Monkey. Unfortunately, the price reflects the quality because as you can see, they clearly did not age well lol

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Mid-Heel Mules

Delicious Red Selva Heels
Malreem Red Slides
Black Lace Mules
Beauti Multicolor Sandals
Beauti Black Sandals
Kenneth Cole REACTION Black Clay’in Around Sandals (as shown, here)

Most of these heels measure at approximately 3 1/2″ making them quite comfy to walk around in.

Some, I “borrowed” from my mom. Others, I purchased either locally or online via Amazon. I’m probably going to be getting rid of all of them, except the last one (on the right).

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