Flats Collection

I’ve always always hated Flats which is funny since I’ve somehow managed to accumulate 16 pairs. Truth be told, aside from the Multi-Color Print Black Slip-Ons all the way on the left and the Cobalt Blue right next to it, and the Black Sneakers all the way on the other end, all the rest (13 pairs) were purchased in one go (around early 2008) from the Kuwaiti equivalent of a $1 Store. They actually cost somewhere around KD 3/000 per pair so I felt like I was getting a good deal and kinda’ went crazy… regardless of the fact that I don’t wear Flats or even like them, for that matter. After this post, I’m going to be getting rid of all of them except for one.

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Boots Collection

These are all my Black Boots.

These are all my Non-Black Boots.

I’d like to preface this by saying I’ve always loved the look of Boots on myself, as well as on others because they just look so cool! Honestly, if I could get away with it, I’d wear Boots all year round! I know it’s March (well, technically the end of March) but I wanted to get this Boots Collection post out of the way now, rather than wait until next Winter. Please note that these Boots are an accumulation of a life-time (not purchased all in one go). I’ve gotten rid of so many of my Boots during the first few times I moved homes. Some of the ones left either have sentimental value (near and dear to my heart), are more unique, or most worn (favorites). With that being said, I’d still like to whittle down my Boots Collection even more.

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Rain Boots Collection

As soon as I got an account with Aramex (towards the end of 2007) I immediately went crazy on Amazon.com and subscribed to every single girly magazines out there (read more about it in my Book Club post). This was back in 2007 and no I don’t have a good memory. In fact, I have the memory of a goldfish. The reason why I know the exact date is because I’m looking at my order history on Amazon.com. Also from Amazon back in December 2007 (like I said, as soon as I got an Aramex account) I ordered some more Manga, DVDs, girly books (the rest of Gossip Girl, The A-list, Shopaholic, etc…), clothes, jewelry, stuff from Sephora (finally!) via Amazon, and some shoes. Now here’s the funny part. My shoe size is 38… so I ordered a bunch of shoes in a US size 8 (just subtracted the 30 lawl). Logic! Clearly, that’s now how it works. In any case, I’ve always thought that Boots are the epitome of cool and I’ve always loved the way they look on myself and others. Sadly, we didn’t have much options in Kuwait (again, this was back in 2007) so I ordered several Boots from Amazon. Apparently I felt the need to order Rain Boots (plural, bearing in mind that Kuwait is a desert country… where it rains about three times per year) as well.

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H&M Buy Two Get One Free (Salmiya Branch)

Over the years, I’ve only ever visited the two H&M branches at the Avenues (H&M Phase I and H&M Grand Avenues). I know of the H&M branch in Salmiya (facing Fanar Mall) but it’s so far out of my way, and the parking situation is a nightmare so I never felt the need to go there. However, I’ve begun to suspect that different branches have different items, like certain collections will only be sold in certain branches. I mean I can understand it when they do that in the U.S. or U.K. or anywhere else in the world where it can take a year to get from one branch to the next but in little old Kuwait, where it takes all of five minutes to get from one border to the next? C’mon now.

The first time I went to the Salmiya Branch of H&M (this past December), I was bit overwhelmed. I was only there for quick peek because I was with a friend and we just happened to be in Salmiya. The 3-floor H&M store seemed huge! Once I got a feel for the place, it seemed less so. The basement floor was for children. The ground floor had a mish-mash of all their clothing items with a sufficient changing room area. The top floor had even more clothing items (smart evening wear, business casual, and active wear) with a section dedicated to pajamas and lingerie, including only two changing rooms. There was an entire section dedicated to accessories and a somewhat smaller cosmetics section directly by the cash register. They’ve also got an entire area just for men, which I didn’t notice until my second or third visit.

Let me preface this by saying I think Jeffrey Dean Morgan is ridiculously hot! He’s made me swoon in the movie P.S. I Love You. He’s made me cry as Denny Duquette on Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve loved him as John Winchester on Supernatural. Now, I pretty much worship him as Negan on The Walking Dead! As such, just like when any normal girl crushes on a guy… I’m trying to emulate him (no really, that’s totally normal).

Step 1 – Get a cool leather jacket (like the one he rocks on The Walking Dead).
Step 2 – Get rid of every ounce of fat on my body (because said leather jacket looks mighty loose on him).
Step 3 – Grow a foot taller (He is 6’1 whereas I am 5’1).

The first two are doable but I dunno’ about that last one. I’m pretty sure it requires surgery. Also, sounds painful.

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Louis Vuitton Shoes

These arrived on my doorstep along with some fancy-shmancy (Godiva) chocolates and a huge bouquet of flowers (with two tiny teddy-bears clinging to the flowers) and two perfumes La Perla J’Aime Eau de Parfum (reviewed – here) to wear when I wasn’t around him because it gave him a headache but it was what he perceived my style to be and Chopard Enchanted Golden Absolute Elexir de Parfum (reviewed – here) to wear for him.

They were a birthday gift from my ex-husband (after I’d left him but before we’d gotten divorced). The sandals were for me because that’s what he perceived my style to be, while the significantly higher blue heels were for me to wear whenever I was around him. At first glance, all these gifts might make any normal girl melt but the fancy-schmancy brands, the quantity, everything really, just screamed “over-compensating”. Not to sound ungrateful but I’ve always thought flowers stink and chocolates are vile and was very vocal about my preferences. If after several months of marriage, he still hadn’t bothered to get to know me or even my preferences, there was no hope for a reconciliation. Honestly, I would’ve run straight back to him if I’d gotten a bag of Skittles, small shower gel gift set from Bath and Body Works, or even any KD5 “jewelry” from Claire’s. That said, I was touched by the effort but it was too little, too late. We kept in contact but he quickly slipped back into old ways saying he wasn’t obligated to honor our marriage (which was precisely why I’d moved out in the first place) until the day I moved back in with him. We kept going around in circles but since Kuwait is an Islamic Country, only the guy has the ability to divorce a woman. I had to break it down to him – all the way down to the fundamental reasons – why we just don’t work as a couple. A little over two years later (3 years in total), we finally got divorced. I’m toying with the idea of doing a future blog post on the whole thing.

Anyways, this post is about the shoes so on to that. I don’t really own any fancy-schmancy shoes, unless you count the one pair of Michael Kors Sandals I own as fancy. The reason for that being fancy shoes are expensive and I have a tendency to be thoughtless and rough when it comes to my shoes. I’ll splash around in puddles (yes, even as an adult because it’s fun!) when it rains, I’ll wobble all the way down to the water whenever my friends and I pass by any beach, I’ll even kick around a football (or soccer ball as the Americans call it), all without giving a second thought to my footwear. I’ll smush them together in a drawstring dust-bag and stuff them in my suitcase when I’m traveling abroad and even back home I’ll store them incorrectly. I’ve got no less than three different pairs of heels in my car at any given moment, always squashed under the passenger’s seat. If I spent a frivolous amount of money on a certain pair of shoes, I’d be less inclined to wear them because I’d have to treat them with care. I mean I could do all the things I normally do but that would be like flushing money down the toilet. Only yesterday I was emptying out the sand from my studded, black, suede booties after an impromptu trip to the beach with my younger cousin after he’d picked me up at my place to go Ikea-browsing with him (as we are both in the process of decorating our apartments except he’s moving next week and I moved into mine about 3 years ago but I’m still living out of a couple of suitcases and putting on my makeup practically in the dark (horrible lighting) because I’m wary of committing to anything (read: or just insane). This is why I can’t have nice things (lawl)!

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