Nordstrom Cyber Monday Haulage

Like I said in my previous post (here), I was sick of paying top dollar dinar and still having to deal with all the unpleasantness at the local stores. So, I turned to online shopping and one store that really stood out to me was Nordstrom. They had everything you could think of, including brands that have yet to reach Kuwait (give ’em a year… or ten lawl)! I purchased a ton of skincare and ended up getting a ton of deluxe samples as a “gift with purchase”, all for only KD 100 ($331.52 with tax)!

Everything was properly packaged (not one thing arrived damaged) and was shipped pretty much the next day! They also had great customer service with agents available on the 24-hour live chat pop-up to answer any of your questions! You could tell these guys were trained because they knew exactly what they were talking about and they got back to you instantly (unlike the 15 minute wait at Carriage for them to only tell you “I don’t know” lol so useless). Even on the off-chance that customer service reps at Nordstrom didn’t know something, they’d transfer you to the proper department in a matter of seconds! They were so professional! More importantly, they were all extremely polite and actually quite friendly!

Basically, from the products, to the price, to the attitude of the customer service reps, the whole experience was massively different to the experience of shopping at any given store in Kuwait! You don’t have to take my word for it either! Just compare this Nordstrom Haul to any given Sephora Haul and you can spot the different for yourself! Needless to say, I was extremely satisfied with the whole experience of shopping online from Nordstrom and will continue to do so in the future!

I got some stuff from Herbivore Botanicals and Sunday Riley, both of which are skincare brands that I have yet to see in Kuwait. You wouldn’t think it, but to me, Buxom Lip Creams are one of the most elusive beauty products I’ve ever tried to acquire. It was next to impossible to get my hands on this stuff… and I’ve seriously been trying… for years! +10 years later, I’ve finally gotten my hands on the shade White Russian! I can die happy now! I also got a small size of the infamous ExfoliKate which I’ve wanted to try for years now, but could never find. I picked up the COSRX Low pH BHA Overnight Mask because it seemed like a great starting point to ease my skin into this whole chemical exfoliating business. Also, COSRX is a Korean brand. Arguably the best thing out of this entire haul, was the discovery of my beloved Lancome Oscillation Mascara (full review here), which I was told was discontinued, but apparently is still being sold world-wide, just not in Kuwait.

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Spotted at Sephora (Summer)

I visited Sephora again (seriously, they need to move the store to a more accessible area of the Avenues already, like maybe switch out Sephora with Next so people can access Sephora both from inside and outside the mall for quick drive-bys. I mean their current location is so out of the way from everything else!) and also, because I still didn’t get my Brand Gift (for reaching 200 points) even though I’ve already received the e-mail from the Dubai branch of Sephora. While there, I spotted several new displays (as shown above), new products and new brands!!!!

For starters they had a Mini Mania display (sooo cute!) mostly of cult fave products available in mini-sizes separated into 4 categories (all of which we’ll be taking a much closer look at, below) ranging from Speedy SportSunny BeachTrendy WorkFunky Party.

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Imperial Leather Sunrise Foamburst Foaming Shower Gel


I don’t usually stray from my regular shower gels from Bath and Body Works or The Body Shop as they make me feel squeaky clean and smell great, but the cheerful yellow packaging caught my eye.
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Throwback Thursday: Jergens All-Purpose Face Cream


Jergens All-Purpose Face Cream deep cleanses to remove makeup and dirt. Softens and moisturizes to help smooth skin and fight dryness. Provides a radiant, dewy base for makeup. To Use: Smooth over face and throat. Tissue off or leave overnight.

I’ve used all kinds of makeup removers from high-end to low-end and everything in between. Most of the popular ones out on the market left an oily residue on my skin. As I’ve mentioned a million times before on this blog, any type of cleansing product that leave some sort of residue on my skin annoys me to no end. I could literally see the droplets of water sliding off my face because of the barrier formed by the makeup remover. If I applied makeup right after (switching from a daytime to an evening look), the residue would make my makeup go on all weird and patchy. Again, very annoying but no big. What I couldn’t deal with was the cloudy vision or foggy vision. I tried splashing cold water on, eye drops, you name it, nothing worked to speed up the process. It sucked up a lot of time that I just did not have. So I looked into other methods of makeup removal. I don’t remember when or how I came across the cold cream method. It could have been something I read in Allure magazine or on (back then it was the place for makeup junkies). Basically, you just apply cold cream to your face, then wipe it off with a tissue. That’s it.
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Throwback Thursday: Nivea Creme


Nivea Creme, the original skin moisturizing creme, helps your skin stay soft and supple. Ideal for daily use for all intensive moisturizing needs. Touch and Be Touched.

Who doesn’t remember this stuff from way back when? It’s just one of those products that’s always been around. As a matter of fact, Nivea describes it as “the mother of all modern creams“. Abroad, a lot of women grew up watching their mothers and/or grandmothers use this stuff. My mom couldn’t use this stuff because as I’ve already mentioned before she has hyper sensitive skin (to the extent that she’d practically look sunburned, her face would become red, swollen, hot and painful to the touch) so she wasn’t very adventurous when it came to skincare opting instead to stick with her tried and true skin-friendly brands Estee Lauder, Elizabeth Arden, Clarins, and more recently Korres to name a few. I do remember when I was a child, watching my nanny called Sara who hailed from Mauritius applying Nivea Creme on her face as part of her night-time skincare routine though. In Kuwait (and I’m tempted to say the Gulf region) Nivea Creme is pretty much synonymous with Indian nannies and/or housekeepers as they especially favor Nivea Creme specifically.

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Lush Haul


Haulage L-R Top Row: Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner Skin Conditioner, Big Sea Salt Shampoo, Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub Bottom Row: You Snap The Whip Body Butter, Aqua Mirabilis Body Butter, and 2 square body butter tins (A safe haven for Body Butters to rest and travel in). I had placed an order online with Lush (in this post) on Friday July 18. These Lush goodies were delivered on Saturday July 19 at 11pm. Excellent delivery service, Lush!

I had actually put in an order for 2 King of Skin Body Butters (as I’m currently suffering from dry skin which consequentially led to itchy skin) but I was called up yesterday by Lush and told that they were out of stock, which is why I chose something I knew (I’ve already tried before and loved) You Snap The Whip Body Butter (hardcore blackcurrant and charcoal scrub), and something new Aqua Mirabilis Body Butter (scrubby shower massage for marvelously conditioned skin). Continue reading

St. Ives Apricot Scrub


Way back in the day, before the beauty community exploded on the internet scene, before “beauty blogging” and “youtube gurus” was the norm, all we had was MakeupAlley for reviews on beauty products and such. One of the most reviewed scrubs was the St. Ives Apricot Scrub and the other was the Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque. I’ve never actually seen the Queen Helene one but St. Ives has always been around in every single jam3iya (local co-op, drugstore, market, etc…) ever since the beginning of time. I myself bought it once before a looong time ago but only used it a few times before I had to throw it out because it had expired. The reason why I didn’t use it much was because when I was younger, I was extremely afraid of the product getting into my eyes and burning them. That’s mainly why I stayed away from using lots of things around the household, I was afraid of “the burn”.
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