Spotted at The Body Shop (Summer)

I was at the Avenues when I noticed they had a Sale going on over at The Body Shop. It was around closing time, but I still managed to take some photos and grab a few things. I tried my best to put names and prices to everything. If there are any mistakes, I apologize (let me know in the comments and I’ll fix it). The NEW ITEMS (not included in the Sale) are all the way at the bottom of this post. To my understanding, the Sale usually lasts for an entire month which according to my calculations is August 20. So if anything catches your fancy, you’ve still got a few days to go pick it up. Hope you enjoy this post!

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The Body Shop Haul

So I was at Souk Sharq on February 5 because I wanted to pick up another one of those Pumice Foot Scrub Thingies* (* not their actual name) from The Body Shop, when I noticed that they were also having some sort of promo going on (Buy 2 Get 1 Free) on certain items. One thing lead to another and I ended up getting:

x2 Seaweed Pore-Cleansing Exfoliator retail for KD 6/500 each
Mineral & Ginger Warming Clay Mask retails for KD 6/000 (ended up being free due to the promo)
Precision Eye Massager retails for KD 7/000
Banana Shampoo (Travel Size) retails for KD 1/000
Banana Conditioner (Travel Size) retails for KD 1/250
x2 No More Rough Stuff Pumice retails for KD 1/500 each
In addition to a whole bunch of Samples

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Soap and Glory

I promised that I’d be reviewing some Soap & Glory products a good while ago but ended up deciding to just lump everything together into one post, and so here we are.

I really don’t like this brand… I always get suckered into buying their products based on the adorable packaging (all pink and cutesy, with vintage glam pin-up models), funny product names, and tongue-in-cheek blurbs and excerpts, only to end up being disappointed by the performance of the actual product. To be fair, the products generally do what they’re supposed to do, just not in the way that I prefer. I also find most of their scents to be downright vile, particularly Original Pink fragrance which seems to be featured in most of their products. Although the Original Pink fragrance is loved by many, I find it too floral-y and perfume-y for my taste. Their prices aren’t exactly budget-friendly either, especially when you factor in the sub-par performance of most of their products.

I’ve mostly tried some Bath & Body Products, some Skincare Products, but aside from a single Lipgloss (purchased online via I haven’t really delved much into their Beauty Products. I’ve also got a handful of Minis (from the KD 1/000 “bargain bins” at Boots), and some products that came in a Holiday Set (that they come out with during every Holiday Season). So, I feel like I have a good selection of products here to form a valid opinion. You can purchase Soap & Glory products at Boots.

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My Story: Shampoo and Conditioner


Hair is the one thing I’m not particular about. I don’t really notice if a certain shampoo or conditioner is actually doing anything to my hair so I just choose them based on scent. I’ve always loved Garnier Fructis haircare products for as long as I can remember. Before that, I usually just used what my mom brought home from the the local cooperative or the latest salon she was frequenting. One day, I noticed that a certain shampoo and conditioner duo smelled great and that duo happened to be from the brand Garnier Fructis. The set had a clean fruity-green scent to it meaning it wasn’t your average, run-of-the-mill fruity-sweet (strawberries, raspberries, or anything berry-related) or citrus-y (orange, lemon, etc…) or even straight up herbal. It was more of a perfect mixture between a fruity scent and a green scent which resulted in that amazing smell that just fills up your bathroom every time you shower!


Herbal Essences also makes shampoos and conditioners that smell amazing and I’m quite fond of those as well. They also have hair styling products such as mousse, spray, and so on, which I’ve also tried. They’ve even started making body wash! I’m so excited to try those out… if I can find them… if they ever make it to Kuwait. Anyways, I used to make it a point to use matching shampoo and conditioners, as in they had to be from the exact same line, to maximize the effect (hydrate, volumize, fortify, etc…) After a short time of not noticing any effects, I decided to mix-and-match. I started shampooing my hair with the green one because I felt that it stripped my hair of the built-up residue from my other haircare products (mousse, serum, spray,etc…) and it left my hair squeaky clean (as it claimed on the bottle), and I started conditioning my hair with the blue one which was meant for hydration. I felt that was a good combination because the green dried my hair out and the blue re-hydrated it. I started having trouble finding Herbal Essences conditioners in larger sizes (even at Sultan Center) so I just switched back to Garnier Fructis. Basically, I just alternate between the two, favoring Garnier Fructis a smidge more than Herbal Essences.

I’ll use other brands from time to time, such as L’occitane, Dove, Kerastase, Tresemme, L’oreal, etc… just for what they claim to do on the bottle, or because they’ve come out with a new line, or because it smells great but I usually go back to Garnier Fructis because I can’t stay away from it for too long.

Garnier Fructis also has skincare items, some of which are quite popular. I remember trying out the green eye-roller pen thing that was supposed to reduce puffiness. Then, they came out with a tinted one that came in beige packaging which was also pretty cool. They also have a vast array of face creams and eye creams and such, even BB creams, but I’ve never actually tried out any of those, aside from the eye-roller pen thingy and the more recent reincarnation of it.


I’ve tried a couple of their hair products aside from shampoo and conditioner. While traveling abroad on a summer vacation with the family when I was younger, I discovered Garnier Fructis mousse. It was perfect for me because I have naturally not quite curly yet not quite wavy but very very frizzy hair. All I had to do was work some into my hair and let it air-dry and voila` frizz-free curls that took me a maximum of all 5 minutes. It also smelled amazing, just like the shampoo and conditioner! I’ll have a post all about it, hopefully soon. Another hair product I’ve tried from Garnier Fructis was their Manga (You are not the first to come out with a product that has Manga in it’s name, L’Oreal) Head Putty, which unfortunately did not give me Manga Head but that’s because of my own lack of experience, and waist-length hair. Ideally, if you want Manga Head, your hair should be shorter than that.

I saw this women once, who had extra long yet beautiful hair and healthy looking hair. Usually when you see girls with extra long hair, it’s either ratchet (rat-tail ends, very thin at the bottom, dull, lifeless, aging, etc…) or fake (extensions) but I had to ask and she told me exactly what she used. She said she skipped shampoo altogether and just used conditioner. It’s been 4 years now, and to this day, I still use the same exact conditioner. Again, more on that in an upcoming post so stay tuned ;)