Soap and Glory

I promised that I’d be reviewing some Soap & Glory products a good while ago but ended up deciding to just lump everything together into one post, and so here we are.

I really don’t like this brand… I always get suckered into buying their products based on the adorable packaging (all pink and cutesy, with vintage glam pin-up models), funny product names, and tongue-in-cheek blurbs and excerpts, only to end up being disappointed by the performance of the actual product. To be fair, the products generally do what they’re supposed to do, just not in the way that I prefer. I also find most of their scents to be downright vile, particularly Original Pink fragrance which seems to be featured in most of their products. Although the Original Pink fragrance is loved by many, I find it too floral-y and perfume-y for my taste. Their prices aren’t exactly budget-friendly either, especially when you factor in the sub-par performance of most of their products.

I’ve mostly tried some Bath & Body Products, some Skincare Products, but aside from a single Lipgloss (purchased online via I haven’t really delved much into their Beauty Products. I’ve also got a handful of Minis (from the KD 1/000 “bargain bins” at Boots), and some products that came in a Holiday Set (that they come out with during every Holiday Season). So, I feel like I have a good selection of products here to form a valid opinion. You can purchase Soap & Glory products at Boots.

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Bath and Body Works Big Sale Small Haul

I was at Marina Mall when I stopped by Bath & Body Works because I noticed they were having their Big Sale. Nothing really stood out to me (I wasn’t blown away or instantly smitten with anything). In fact, it feels like they just brought out some of their products that didn’t do well (sales-wise) throughout the year and put them up on display. I was really disappointed with this year’s Big Sale offerings. With that being said, I decided to pick up a few “necessities” (read: Deep Cleansing Hand Soap) seeing as how they were on sale.

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Bath and Body Works Empties 1


Let’s start off with hand soaps. I know I’ve hauled way more than just the ones shown (some I didn’t even get around to hauling) but it didn’t occur to me earlier to save them. I’ve thrown a good percentage out, after using them all up. Others, I’ve given away (read: friends and family snatched them up).
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Haul: Bath and Body Works Provence Collection


I don’t do florals. Aside from my new-found love for rose-scented anything, I strongly dislike overly floral scents and I’m not a fan of anything with a botanical theme but when I previewed this collection here, the packaging suckered me in. I mean come on, pink! And those candles in mason jars? Too cute! I actually snapped up 3 French Lavender candles in mason jars (not shown) because of their cuteness but promptly gave them away to friends and family because I found the scent to be irritating which correct me if I’m wrong but is the exact opposite effect of what lavender is supposed to promote. And the perfume? The rounded glass perfume bottle reminded me of those old time-y perfumes. It totally gave me romantic fantasies about sitting at my old time-y vanity (which doesn’t exist, mind you) and spritzing this on. That is, until I actually gave it the ‘ol sniff test in store. The overly floral scent quickly made me get over that fantasy.

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