Boots Collection

These are all my Black Boots.

These are all my Non-Black Boots.

I’d like to preface this by saying I’ve always loved the look of Boots on myself, as well as on others because they just look so cool! Honestly, if I could get away with it, I’d wear Boots all year round! I know it’s March (well, technically the end of March) but I wanted to get this Boots Collection post out of the way now, rather than wait until next Winter. Please note that these Boots are an accumulation of a life-time (not purchased all in one go). I’ve gotten rid of so many of my Boots during the first few times I moved homes. Some of the ones left either have sentimental value (near and dear to my heart), are more unique, or most worn (favorites). With that being said, I’d still like to whittle down my Boots Collection even more.

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Rain Boots Collection

As soon as I got an account with Aramex (towards the end of 2007) I immediately went crazy on and subscribed to every single girly magazines out there (read more about it in my Book Club post). This was back in 2007 and no I don’t have a good memory. In fact, I have the memory of a goldfish. The reason why I know the exact date is because I’m looking at my order history on Also from Amazon back in December 2007 (like I said, as soon as I got an Aramex account) I ordered some more Manga, DVDs, girly books (the rest of Gossip Girl, The A-list, Shopaholic, etc…), clothes, jewelry, stuff from Sephora (finally!) via Amazon, and some shoes. Now here’s the funny part. My shoe size is 38… so I ordered a bunch of shoes in a US size 8 (just subtracted the 30 lawl). Logic! Clearly, that’s now how it works. In any case, I’ve always thought that Boots are the epitome of cool and I’ve always loved the way they look on myself and others. Sadly, we didn’t have much options in Kuwait (again, this was back in 2007) so I ordered several Boots from Amazon. Apparently I felt the need to order Rain Boots (plural, bearing in mind that Kuwait is a desert country… where it rains about three times per year) as well.

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H&M Eyebrow Fix

You were always there for me when I needed you. Your steadfast support helped me during the most heated of times. Your cooling touch soothed my soul like no other. Even towards the end, you were never too stern or stiff with me, even though I was the very reason you became clouded with darkness. I never meant to hurt you… they were all only a momentary distraction in comparison to you. You were the one. It was always going to be you. My one regret, we hadn’t met sooner in life (like say highschool).  Goodbye, old friend. Goodbye, true friend. You are gone but as long as I live, never forgotten. Please, let us all have a moment of silence for H&M Eyebrow Fix. We lost a good one, folks. Rip H&M Eyebrow Fix.

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Bath and Body Works Post-Sale Haul

They were stocking the shelves at Bath & Body Works (Marina Mall) with two new(er) collections so I decided to pop in for a quick look and ended up with two bags worth… as per usual. I was actually on the lookout for the Tutti Dolce Collection but apparently that’s too much to ask for. The two new(er) collections that we did have were released world-wide sometime in 2016, while we were only just getting them (in Kuwait) in the middle of February 2017. As always, they had a “Buy Two Get One Free” deal. Sadly, they don’t let you combine products from other collections, which I think is silly because not everyone is crazy as I am and willing to experiment with full-sized, all-new products, at a time. Even I would like to combine my tried and true favorites with some of the newer stuff and qualify for that deal, rather than having to purchase three newer products and three older products from their signature collection. Granted, I’m actually purchasing four products and getting the two for free but still, that’s a total of six too many, as opposed to a more reasonable total of three products. I could just purchase one product be done with it but truth be told, Bath & Body Works products are over-priced (which is painfully obvious during their Big Sale) so even though I’m technically spending more money, if I get a deal on them, it tricks my brain into thinking I’m saving more money in the long run… Does that make sense?

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Ikea KullaMust Apple Juice

I was at Ikea paying for my stuff at the cash register when I decided to check out their little grocery store (it was in my direct line of vision and I was parched). For whatever reason, I’ve never ever stopped there before until that day. I was delighted by the fact that they had several different variations of Apple Juice that were packaged in what appeared to be beer-bottles. They had Apple & Raspberry, Apple & Strawberry, and regular Apple Juice. Being apple-obsessed as I am, I bought one of each for myself to try out, and another one of each to take back home for whoever else was willing to give them a try. Apple & Raspberry was vile! Come to find out (I’d missed it on the tiny graphic) that it included a shot of mint (ugh!). Tricksy little hobbitses. Everything seemed legit at first but the aftertaste (mint) was horrible, for me at least. The regular Apple tasted nice but wasn’t anything special. The Apple & Strawberry however was everything! I’ve been purchasing Apple & Strawberry in bulk ever since, well, only when I happen to be at Ikea.

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Jo Malone Haulage

I was at Marina Mall when I came across the fabled Jo Malone Boutique. I’ve only ever heard beauty gurus on YouTube talking about Jo Malone fragrances (at which point I would “X” out of the video because I didn’t think a Jo Malone Boutique would ever open up in Kuwait and due to shipping restrictions I would never be able to order any of their fragrances online so I wasn’t interested in learning more about them).

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