Love Island UK (Tyson Fury) vs Big Brother UK (Boris Johnson)

It delights me to no end when my worlds collide!

I’d like to preface this by saying that my all-time fave Reality TV Show was, still is and always will be Survivor, only the American Version because all the other versions don’t even come close!

With that being said, it’s no secret that I’m pretty much obsessed with “British Telly”. That obsession was at peak in 2016 (dis) and has continued on until today! One of my all time favorites was Big Brother, but only the U.K. Version because the American Version was just… unwatchable! Love Island was another one of my new-found favorites offerings from “British Telly” (dis), but again, only the U.K. Version because the American Version is nowhere near the same! Sadly, Big Brother was discontinued (dis) which pushed Love Island in the lead as my new favorite UK-based reality TV Show! That stuff is so addictive, it’s basically crack!

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Logic & Eminem – Homicide (featuring Chris D’Elia)


Now if you don’t know who D’Elia is, he’s a comedian. I don’t particularly care for his specials (both of which were on Netflix), but I loved his earlier work, mainly because he was making fun of Drake before it became a “thing” (personally, I can’t stand Drake). Also, D’Elia has got a very, very, very distinctive laugh (it’s infectious) lol

You might’ve noticed him on Conan (where he arches his back and sticks his butt out which just bugs me sooo much, because it reminds me of il-Limby Egyptian Phenom Character, whom I never found funny). D’Elia was also on the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber and a bunch of tv shows; Whitney (alongside Whitney Cummings) and Undateable (alongside Ron Funches) and Good Doctor (as Shaun Murphy’s neighbor in that one scene where he opened the door).

I see D’Elia a lot more often as a guest on other people’s podcasts (on The Fighter & The Kid with Brenden Schaub and more recently on This Past Weekend with Theo Von and even on Joe Rogan’s Podcast). That said, D’Elia has his own podcast (and his own cult lawl), but I don’t listen/watch it. I enjoy him more as a guest on other people’s podcasts.

Kerplachi Sam Fine

I will however watch short clips of D’Elia because some of his stuff is hilarious! I mean thiskilled me! I had tears, actual tears, running down my cheeks!

This. Slayed. Me.

He kept getting angrier and angrier. Literally, Eminem!

Honestly, his genuinely funny stuff gets even funnier with time!

Farewell, De Rossi

I mean… is it even Roma without De Rossi and Totti?

Their friendship over the years was incredibly endearing! Their love and loyalty to Roma even more so!

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Capitani, bandiere… Leggende. 💛❤️

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Once again, I cried and cried while watching Totti and De Rossi and Ranieri tearing up last night.

Goodbye, De Rossi… Goodbye, Gladiator of Rome!

Sultan Center Haulage (April)

I stopped by Sultan Center (Souq Sharq) because I’d run out of my new favorite psuedo-coffee drink (Torabika) and neither I nor any of my friends or family could seem to find it anywhere. I was just as unsuccessful at Sultan Center, which was why I ended up getting x2 sachets of Nescafe Gold Cappuccino and x2 sachets of Nescafe Gold Double Chocolate Mocha to tide me over.

Since I was there anyway, I stocked up on some snackage (which was why I’ve been regaining weight lol)! Most of this stuff was “spotted” earlier in my previous Sultan Center post (here) and some of it was hauled earlier as well (here).

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Joe Rogan finally gets Elon Musk on his podcast

Hands down the most fascinating podcast ever, on the Joe Rogan Experience!

Joe has had many, many, many interesting people on his podcast, from comedian Bill Burr (whom I worship) to free solo rock climber Alex Honnold to lawyer and political commentator Ben Shapiro (hilarious!) to psychologist Jordan Peterson, to former Scientologist Ron Miscavige and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson (which is a real treat!) to celebs like Macaulay Culkin and Mel Gibson, just to name a few. They talk about everything and anything, which I find pretty interesting. I do however skip the ones about MMA fights or whatever, because it’s just not my thing. That said, I thought Rose Namajunas was such a cool cat!

However, the one with Elon Musk is my absolute favorite! It did nothing to alleviate my suspicions that the man is a robot (every time he would answer a question, it legit looked like he was “computing” as opposed to thinking), but I’m a pretty big fan of the guy, quirks and all. Joe tends to interrupt his guests (like, a lot) and usually I think it’s pretty funny, but during this particular interview, I found myself getting pretty annoyed by Joe. I kept thinking “Dude, shut up and just let the man talk”. I mean, Elon Musk has a beautiful mind and I was very interested in what he had to say, but Joe would just keep on interrupting him (typical Joe lol). Anyways, even if it’s not your “thing”, it was a really interesting podcast and definitely worth a listen.

Jeff Evans is an extremely endearing human and prior to the Elon Musk one, this was my most favorite JRE podcast episode ever!