Sephora Loyalty Program

Here’s everything I know about the Sephora Loyalty Program in Kuwait, so far. Supposedly, signing up for the Sephora Loyalty Program is free. However, you can only sign up after making a purchase. In my case, I was only at the check-out counter because I was getting the GlamGlow Holiday Set (hauled here) and a few of the newer (at the time) Sephora Face Masks, when they asked me if I had a Sephora Card and if not, would I be interested in signing up for one (as they were ringing up my purchases). Once you sign up for the Sephora Loyalty Program at the check-out counter at Sephora, they hand you a White Sephora Card. After 72 hours, your Sephora Loyalty Program account is finally activated (you get access to the site) and you get an e-mail with a voucher (that expires in 2 months) to claim your “Welcome Gift”… with your next purchase. Personally, I thought that was silly. Why couldn’t they have just given me the “Welcome Gift” when I signed up in-store? I’d just made a purchase. I was already there. I wasn’t about to drive all the way back to the Avenues (which isn’t exactly the most convenient of locations really) just to make yet another purchase at Sephora (so soon after my previous Sephora purchase), just to get the “Welcome Gift”.

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Nail Trend: Shatter/Crackle/Graffiti/Tiger Nail Polish Top Coat

Katy Perry Collection by OPI

What is “Shatter” Polish? It’s a top coat that transforms into a really cool effect. Think of a plate falling to the floor and shattering into many pieces and that’s the the effect you get on your nails. In the photo above, Katy Perry is wearing the “Black Shatter” polish on her nails as a top coat over “Teenage Dream” (glittery pink nail polish in the line-up above). OPI launched this collection in January 2011. In May, OPI released 5 more “Shatter” nail polishes in other colors. Both “White Shatter” and “Red Shatter” were designed by Serena Williams for her “Grand Slam! France” Collection. The other three,”Blue Shatter”, “Navy Shatter”, and “Turquoise Shatter” will be released as stand-alone shades (not part of any collection). Notice how the tops on the “Shatter” polishes are different than the tops on normal (i.e. non-shatter) OPI nail polishes.

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How To: Tightline (Intermediate/Advanced Level)

We already went over the easy way to tightline eyes (lining the lower waterline, then blinking so the color transfers to the upper waterline). In this post, we’ll go over the more advanced way to tightline (lining both the upper and lower waterline) which is much tricker.

Why is it so tricky? Because the upper waterline is not as easily accessible as the lower waterline. In some cases, it’s not even visible unless you gently pull your lid and hold it in place by pressing down on the lashes. I know it sounds terrible but it’s really not. If you wear contact lenses, then you probably know what I’m talking about.

Step 1 – Hold the eyeliner in the hand you write with, i.e. if you are left-handed, you will hold the eyeliner in your left hand and vice versa. With your free hand, rest your palm on your forehead to keep your arm steady, and use your middle finger to gently open your eye in an upward rolling motion, and hold. After this step, your upper waterline should be visible and easily accessible.

Step 2 – Line your upper waterline. Next, let go of your eyelid (stop prying it open) and line your lower waterline, aaaand you’re done.

If you are interested in checking out another easier 2 step guide on How To: Tightline (For Beginners) click here.

How To: Tightline (For Beginners)

What is tightlining? It’s a technique that consists of lining both the upper and lower waterline (the strip of skin closest to the eye, even closer than your lashline). The lower waterline is easy to see and reach. The upper waterline is difficult to see and is not as easily accessible as the lower waterline which is why I’ve created this simple two-step guide on how to tightline for beginners.

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