DevaCurl and Hair Loss (Warning Graphic Pictures)

I was on a full on Hair Care kick, around June of last year and purchased a ton of hair stuff online from Nordstrom (haulage here) including products from the brand DevaCurl which was “Curly Girl Method Approved”!

Shortly after, as if on cue, there was a scandal and a following lawsuit involving the brand. Apparently, DevaCurl products (allegedly) caused hair loss and hair damage and other hair-related issues.

Thankfully, I hadn’t gotten around to using any of the travel-sized products in the DevaCurl Super Curly Curls On The Go Kit.

Unfortunately though, I did get around to using the DevaCurl Wave Maker Touchable Texture Whip.

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MIA White Joplyn Wedge Sandals

These are the imfamous MIA Joplyn Wedge Sandals that I keep harping on about.

I have a deep, deep, deeeeep love for a lot of my shoes, be they flats or heels or even boots, but these babies were the ones that got away (literally lol they were stolen).

I purchased them online in 2008 for I wanna’ say $40 or $50 (but used a $10 off coupon code, according to my order history).

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Snake Print Shoes

Madden Girl Purple Snakeskin Thong Sandals
Naughty Monkey White Spectator Slingback Pumps (details here)

Naughty Monkey Black Metal Mama Leather Ankle Wrap Pumps (details here)
Red Bubble Silver Snakeskin Sandals
Naughty Monkey White Spectator Slingback Pumps (details here)

I suppose I’ve always sorta’ had a thing for snakeskin and snake print lol

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Naughty Monkey Shoes

Naughty Monkey Red Elegant Rider Pump
Naughty Monkey Red Cherry Pop Pump
Naughty Monkey White Spectator Slingback Pumps
Naughty Monkey Black Metal Mama Leather Ankle Wrap Pump

Like I said in an earlier post, Amazon introduced me to several affordable brands that offered cute and quirky footwear and one of those brands was Naughty Monkey. Unfortunately, the price reflects the quality because as you can see, they clearly did not age well lol

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Mid-Heel Mules

Delicious Red Selva Heels
Malreem Red Slides
Black Lace Mules
Beauti Multicolor Sandals
Beauti Black Sandals
Kenneth Cole REACTION Black Clay’in Around Sandals (as shown, here)

Most of these heels measure at approximately 3 1/2″ making them quite comfy to walk around in.

Some, I “borrowed” from my mom. Others, I purchased either locally or online via Amazon. I’m probably going to be getting rid of all of them, except the last one (on the right).

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New Look Shoes

New Look Floral Pumps
New Look Red Houndstooth Pumps

I picked up these Pumps, along with the Black Leather Motorcycle Boots (photos here) and Brown Leather Cowgirl Boots (photos here) all from New Look ages ago. I purchased all of them in a Eur Size 38/UK Size 5.

This was back when New Look was located where Forever 21 is now currently located (at the Avenues), I wanna’ say 2009?

I did visit New Look at their newer location at the Avenues, which happened to be on the top floor, next to Mamas & Papas, but they seem to have either relocated again or just closed down for good (I dunno’).

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Colorful Shoes

Pleaser Hot Pink Patent Seduce 420 Classic Pumps
Not Rated Black Take a Bow Pump
Not Rated Green Side Step Pump
Chinese Laundry Turquoise Godiva Sandals
BCBGirls Yellow Punch Jelly Slide Sandals

Before you start thinking this chick only wears black and brown, say hello to some of my more… colorful shoes.

I couldn’t find what I wanted in our local stores, but I could find anything and everything on Amazon!

That’s how I stumbled on some really fun shoes from several very affordable brands like Chinese Laundry and MIA and Not Rated and Naughty Monkey and so on!

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Skechers Black Biker’s Aspire Sneakers
Milano Black Suede Sneakers
Puma Men’s Navy Sneakers
Adidas Shale/Silver/Pink Kanadia TR Running Shoes (as shown, here)
PunkRose Black/Blue/Pink Funk Shooter High-Top Sneakers

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High Heel Wood Sandals

Faith Black Leather Sandals
Faith Tan Leather Sandals
Michael Kors Brown Leather Sandals

Back in the day, we didn’t have as many malls and stores in Kuwait (less options). So, I was beyond excited when a cute lil store that I’d read about in my UK-edition magazines opened up in Souq Sharq (I believe it used to be where Boots is currently located) called Faith. I wanna’ say this was back in the early 2000’s lol The store has since been replaced, but they’ve got a corner in Debenhams dedicated solely (heehee) to footwear by the brand Faith.

From the store when it was open, I purchased a cute pair of lemon thong kitten heel sandals (to pair with a tennis skirt and polo shirt) which I’ve since given away. I also purchased a sexy pair of black leather sandals (previously mentioned here) and tan leather sandals. I became equally obsessed with both the black and tan sandals!

In any case, once the tan sandals started looking too ratty, I decided to go online ( and purchase a sorta’ similar pair, which happened to be by the brand Michael Kors (as shown) but I never fell in love with them.

Just like with my Handbags (in-depth chit-chat here), I tend to enjoy Shoes with a somewhat less common texture or look.

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