My Story: Handbags

In all honesty, aside from Backpacks for school (it had to be either Jansport or Eastpack), I was never really all that much into bags, in general. The only bags that attracted me were Cross-Body Messenger Bags because I loved their casual vibe and found them effortlessly cool! I’m not quite sure when I got them, but somehow as a kid, managed to accumulate a handful of Small Cross-Body Bags; one being a Neon Yellow Canvas with Black Trim (the hardware was all black) possibly from Next and the other was a Black and White Canvas from the brand Kangol. They were both cute and casual but I just was never into carrying a bag around, regardless. Whenever I’d go out, I’d just stuff my pockets with my er, stuff (cash, some tissues, and a lipgloss usually Lancome Juicy Tube) and wear a hair-tie around my wrist (like a bracelet), or just hand all of my stuff to whomever I happened to be going out with at the time, so they’d end up carrying my stuff for me in their handbag, especially if the items were more than the ones that I just listed (wouldn’t all fit in my pockets). That’s how I ended up losing a lot – and I mean a lot – of my stuff, including my beloved MAC Vegas Volt Lipstick (mentioned here). I think I was around 17 when I started sporting a Denim Jeans Bag (almost similar to the one shown except mine was a shade or two lighter and had skinnier and much longer denim rope straps). I’m pretty sure I got it from a street vendor somewhere in Vienna because I distinctly remember bullying my older sister into buying it for me (since I’d spent all my pocket-money earlier that evening at the bookstore next to the hotel we were staying at) while there on a family summer vacation trip. I liked the Denim Jean Bag because it was simple yet unique (I’d never laid eyes on a denim bag prior) and a bit quirky. I’d pair it with a flow-y black top, a denim pencil skirt and denim platform slides (that all happened to match, shade-wise) which off-set my newly blonde hair! I really loved that thing and wore it up until one of the straps came undone.

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My Story: Curved Nails (Warning Graphic Pictures)

As you can see, I’ve got curved nails. However, not all of my nails curve. It’s just the nails on my index finger and the middle finger (that totally just reminded me of Chris Brown’s song, Deuces lawl). If I was to do regular swatches of nail polish on my blog, the above photo would be what they would look like and nobody but nobody needs to be subjected to that.
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My Story: My First 4DX Cinema Experience

On Sunday October 19, 2016 I was invited to watch the 10:15pm showing of Deepwater Horizon in 4DX at 360 Mall. The last time I’d experienced anything remotely similar was back in the summer of 1997, at a Honey, I Shrunk the Audience 4D film (spin-off of the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids film series) at Epcot in Walt Disney World (near Orlando, Florida). I can’t remember much from that specific attraction because I was a kid at the time but I do remember wearing the 3D glasses and thinking it was the coolest thing ever. Also, I distinctly remember being sneezed on which was the grossest thing ever, as water was lightly sprayed on us (the audience) in correlation with character sneezing on-screen. We were also jostled around a bit in our chairs. Based on that experience, I figured Deepwater Horizon in 4DX would be more of the same; being lightly sprayed with water, slight jostling of the seats, etc…
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My Story: Hair Cut, Color, and Style Journey (with pictures)

I decided to include these pictures to show you my transition from blonde to brunette. Yes, these are all pictures of me (LuLu). No, you will not be seeing my face (as I’ve explained my reasoning here). If the fact that I’ve cropped my face out of these pictures bothers you, please feel free to skip reading this blog post. If not, I hope you enjoy reading this post and maybe even find it useful or would like to share your own experience in the comments section. Thank you!

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My Story: Foot Care


Feet. At best, they can look “healthy” (I’d never call feet pretty) but when neglected feet can get pretty gnarly. Growing up, I noticed that some people’s second toe was longer than their big toe (especially my cousins). For a time, that made me think I was a freak for having a big toe that’s longer than my second toe. I also noticed that my siblings had chubby looking feet with completely different nail-beds in comparison to mine. For the record, my siblings are skinny but have chubby feet (think along the lines of cherub feet, all fleshy and cute) whereas I am actually over-weight (plus-size, etc…) but my feet are not chubby in the least. My younger brother teased me about it once saying they all had cute chubby feet whereas mine were ugly. Obviously I had to respond so I made something up about how people with feet that looked like mine (not chubby) can be foot models (model footwear), as opposed to people with chubby feet. I was only making it up but my older sister said that it was in fact true, shocking both my younger brother and I. Just to be clear, I was only joking around because as far as I’m concerned, feet are feet. They just get you from point A to point B. That said, the way feet look can tell you a lot about a person. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the first things I notice in a person; the state of their shoes and if visible, their feet. The state of someone’s feet (and by extension, their shoes) lets me know whether this person is big on grooming and hygiene or if it’s all just for show. As for myself, before I got calluses, I used The Body Shop Peppermint Foot Scrub together with a pumice stone regularly, to maintain my feet. I believe the act of painting one’s toes is the epitome of femininity but I’m pretty much hopeless when it comes to painting my nails so I go for the occasional pedicure instead which is actually a nightmare because I can’t stand it when anyone touches my feet as I get tickled very easily (to this day).
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My Story: Shampoo and Conditioner


Hair is the one thing I’m not particular about. I don’t really notice if a certain shampoo or conditioner is actually doing anything to my hair so I just choose them based on scent. I’ve always loved Garnier Fructis haircare products for as long as I can remember. Before that, I usually just used what my mom brought home from the the local cooperative or the latest salon she was frequenting. One day, I noticed that a certain shampoo and conditioner duo smelled great and that duo happened to be from the brand Garnier Fructis. The set had a clean fruity-green scent to it meaning it wasn’t your average, run-of-the-mill fruity-sweet (strawberries, raspberries, or anything berry-related) or citrus-y (orange, lemon, etc…) or even straight up herbal. It was more of a perfect mixture between a fruity scent and a green scent which resulted in that amazing smell that just fills up your bathroom every time you shower!


Herbal Essences also makes shampoos and conditioners that smell amazing and I’m quite fond of those as well. They also have hair styling products such as mousse, spray, and so on, which I’ve also tried. They’ve even started making body wash! I’m so excited to try those out… if I can find them… if they ever make it to Kuwait. Anyways, I used to make it a point to use matching shampoo and conditioners, as in they had to be from the exact same line, to maximize the effect (hydrate, volumize, fortify, etc…) After a short time of not noticing any effects, I decided to mix-and-match. I started shampooing my hair with the green one because I felt that it stripped my hair of the built-up residue from my other haircare products (mousse, serum, spray,etc…) and it left my hair squeaky clean (as it claimed on the bottle), and I started conditioning my hair with the blue one which was meant for hydration. I felt that was a good combination because the green dried my hair out and the blue re-hydrated it. I started having trouble finding Herbal Essences conditioners in larger sizes (even at Sultan Center) so I just switched back to Garnier Fructis. Basically, I just alternate between the two, favoring Garnier Fructis a smidge more than Herbal Essences.

I’ll use other brands from time to time, such as L’occitane, Dove, Kerastase, Tresemme, L’oreal, etc… just for what they claim to do on the bottle, or because they’ve come out with a new line, or because it smells great but I usually go back to Garnier Fructis because I can’t stay away from it for too long.

Garnier Fructis also has skincare items, some of which are quite popular. I remember trying out the green eye-roller pen thing that was supposed to reduce puffiness. Then, they came out with a tinted one that came in beige packaging which was also pretty cool. They also have a vast array of face creams and eye creams and such, even BB creams, but I’ve never actually tried out any of those, aside from the eye-roller pen thingy and the more recent reincarnation of it.


I’ve tried a couple of their hair products aside from shampoo and conditioner. While traveling abroad on a summer vacation with the family when I was younger, I discovered Garnier Fructis mousse. It was perfect for me because I have naturally not quite curly yet not quite wavy but very very frizzy hair. All I had to do was work some into my hair and let it air-dry and voila` frizz-free curls that took me a maximum of all 5 minutes. It also smelled amazing, just like the shampoo and conditioner! I’ll have a post all about it, hopefully soon. Another hair product I’ve tried from Garnier Fructis was their Manga (You are not the first to come out with a product that has Manga in it’s name, L’Oreal) Head Putty, which unfortunately did not give me Manga Head but that’s because of my own lack of experience, and waist-length hair. Ideally, if you want Manga Head, your hair should be shorter than that.

I saw this women once, who had extra long yet beautiful hair and healthy looking hair. Usually when you see girls with extra long hair, it’s either ratchet (rat-tail ends, very thin at the bottom, dull, lifeless, aging, etc…) or fake (extensions) but I had to ask and she told me exactly what she used. She said she skipped shampoo altogether and just used conditioner. It’s been 4 years now, and to this day, I still use the same exact conditioner. Again, more on that in an upcoming post so stay tuned ;)