Colourpop Haulage

My first order ever from Colourpop was in November 2016. I accidentally titled that haul Black Friday when it should’ve been titled Cyber Monday. I felt like I was getting a good deal that I just couldn’t pass up which is why I placed my first order with Colourpop during Cyber Monday. I put in a second order with Colourpop before the first one had even arrived, in December 2016. Once again, they were having some kind of deal going on. If you purchased $100 worth of products, you got $25 off your next purchase (coupon code to be received via e-mail a week or so after your order ships). My third order (this one) was placed in January 2017 using the coupon code I’d received from my previous order. At this point, I’d played around with some of the Colourpop stuff I’d already purchased so I had a better feel for what would work for me.

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MAC Fashion Sets Collection 2013



Bold brights with a modern edge in four coordinated sets featuring our favourite textures and finishes. The powerful purple of Heroine, the playful pink of Silly, the red-hot scarlet of Ablaze and the full-on fuchsia of Embrace Me – each available in Lipstick, Lipglass, Nail Lacquer and Eye Shadow.

Exercising much restraint, I only picked up 1 item from this collection which was a lip pencil in the shade Ablaze (bright apricot) I don’t really wear lipliner all that much but I feel like Ablaze is a unique color for a lipliner which is why I felt like I shouldn’t pass it up. On me, it’s more of a coral, which I feel would compliment my orange, coral, and peachy-pink lipsticks perfectly. This applies as an orange on ladies with a lighter complexion, and as a coral on ladies with a darker complexion. It kind of reminds me of another lipliner I have from the brand MakeUpForEver from the Aqua Lip line in the shade 17C but I haven’t swatched them side by side so I can’t be too sure just yet.

MAC Tartan Tale Lip Bags


The last post was getting too long so I split them up into 3 posts. There were 3 other bags that contained travel size brush sets, 2 bags that contained eye products, 2 lip bags (Dazzle the Lads lip bag was rose themed, while Vain & Glorious lip bag was pink themed so I chose the latter) and a ‘Tis Noble to Give Viva Glam lip bag which I also picked up. Like I said, Tartan Tale was a huge collection.

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