My Home (Post #1,000)

The post that no one asked for lol

For my 1,000th post, I figured I’d take pics of my home (granted most of the photos are of doors but think of this as a general over-view and I’ll go even more in-depth in a future post… maybe).

There are 3 entrances to our home (potential thieves, take note).

– The first is the main entrance (shown in the photo) which is facing the main road.
– The second is the side entrance that’s by the car parking area and leads straight to the elevator.
– The third is by the kitchen and includes a long outdoor walkway that leads to the male staff’s living quarters on one side and the back entrance on the other side.

Only the main entrance area and the side entrance area each have their own skylight (partially shown in the above photo).

Typically, I’d use the natural daylight shining through from the skylight in the main entrance area to take photos of stuff for my blog (it’s where the “magic” happens).

The door to the right leads to my apartment (living room + guest bathroom + long hall leading to my bedroom + walk-in closet + master bathroom and finally my bedroom.

The door to the left leads to my parents’ apartment (living room + guest bathroom + shuttered terrace overlooking the garden + walk-in closet + master bathroom and finally their bedroom).

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Cold Pressed Granny Smith Apple Juice


I was browsing the frozen drinks section at Sultan Center (Soug Sharq) looking for my favorite flavored dairy drink (so hard to find at the local co-ops) when I found these. *cue angelic music* Initially there were 6 but I drank 2, and then half of 2 more before eventually getting around to taking photos for my blog. There was also a lot of the behind-the-scenes drama (camera-related). I took so many photos only to find out that the SD card had been corrupted. Then the camera straight up died on me. I got a new camera which was so tiny and cute but it didn’t occur to me that I’d need to be able to actually see through the view-finder, as opposed to crossing my fingers and hoping for the best (as shown in my ChapStick Green Apple review – here). I finally got a new camera that’s pretty decent. Hopefully you will like the quality of the photos way better than the previous ones. That said, I’ve still got several upcoming posts that will include photos taken by my old camera (before it died obvi).
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Haul: Bath and Body Works

Back Camera

I purchased 2 more anti-bacterial deep cleansing hand soaps because clearly I love them. I got Eucalyptus Mint (never again) and Exotic Rainforest (lovely scent). They were having a buy 2-get-1 free as usual so this time instead of picking up another soap, I chose a decorative soap sleeve (there are so many to choose from).
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Yet Another Update

Hello lovelies! Did you miss me? I know I missed you! Here is what’s new with me.

I’m a brunette, now. Thanks to the ombre hair trend, the transition from blonde to brunette was relatively pain-free. Oh, who am I kidding? It was an absolute delight (more on that in a seperate post). Things that looked unflattering on me as a blonde, now work for me as a brunette (if I do say so myself). By that same token, things that used to look flattering on me as a blonde, no longer work for me as a brunette. I’m slowly regaining my footing and finding my way which, will no doubt take some time, after all, I was a blonde for 10+ years.

Another recent change is that my familia and I moved houses. Now that transition was entirely unpleasant. I procrastinated until the very end. Then when I finally decided to pack, I chose to start with my makeup, seperating them by brand, no less. Obviously, I’ve never moved houses before. Obviously, I gave up halfway through. I didn’t have the heart to go through the rest of my things partly for sentimental reasons and partly because it seemed like the more I packed, the more stuff I had left to pack. Going through a lifetime of accumulated junk in a little upwards of a week was a daunting task so I just donated the majority of it.

’till next time, luvvies!