Bath & Body Works (October)

Raise your hand if you like Bath & Body Works! I do! I do! I do~oo!

Whenever I find myself at the Avenues Mall, I always make it a point, to hit up Bath & Body Works (facing Carrefour Supermarket). From the moment they opened up their first store in the country (here), I’ve been obsessed with Bath & Body Works (they actually retweeted my earliest hauls lol)! I believe I was around 24-25 years old back then and even now as a 33 year old, I’m still just as obsessed with the store! From the sublime beach-y scents (variations of coconut and mango and other exotic fruits that instantly transport you to a tropical island) during Summer, to the divine holiday scents (including the cult-fave Vanilla Bean Noel which was vanilla… on steroids) during Winter! From the delightfully delectable gourmand scents (encompassing macarons and gelato and lemon-y desserts and everything in-between) during Spring, to the intoxicating heady spicy scents (cinnamon and pumpkin everything) during Fall/Autumn! To me, nothing highlights the changing of seasons, quite like the seasonally appropriate Bath & Body Works Collections!

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Bath and Body Works Post-Sale Haul

They were stocking the shelves at Bath & Body Works (Marina Mall) with two new(er) collections so I decided to pop in for a quick look and ended up with two bags worth… as per usual. I was actually on the lookout for the Tutti Dolce Collection but apparently that’s too much to ask for. The two new(er) collections that we did have were released world-wide sometime in 2016, while we were only just getting them (in Kuwait) in the middle of February 2017. As always, they had a “Buy Two Get One Free” deal. Sadly, they don’t let you combine products from other collections, which I think is silly because not everyone is crazy as I am and willing to experiment with full-sized, all-new products, at a time. Even I would like to combine my tried and true favorites with some of the newer stuff and qualify for that deal, rather than having to purchase three newer products and three older products from their signature collection. Granted, I’m actually purchasing four products and getting the two for free but still, that’s a total of six too many, as opposed to a more reasonable total of three products. I could just purchase one product be done with it but truth be told, Bath & Body Works products are over-priced (which is painfully obvious during their Big Sale) so even though I’m technically spending more money, if I get a deal on them, it tricks my brain into thinking I’m saving more money in the long run… Does that make sense?

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Bath and Body Works Empties 1


Let’s start off with hand soaps. I know I’ve hauled way more than just the ones shown (some I didn’t even get around to hauling) but it didn’t occur to me earlier to save them. I’ve thrown a good percentage out, after using them all up. Others, I’ve given away (read: friends and family snatched them up).
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Haul: Bath and Body Works Provence Collection


I don’t do florals. Aside from my new-found love for rose-scented anything, I strongly dislike overly floral scents and I’m not a fan of anything with a botanical theme but when I previewed this collection here, the packaging suckered me in. I mean come on, pink! And those candles in mason jars? Too cute! I actually snapped up 3 French Lavender candles in mason jars (not shown) because of their cuteness but promptly gave them away to friends and family because I found the scent to be irritating which correct me if I’m wrong but is the exact opposite effect of what lavender is supposed to promote. And the perfume? The rounded glass perfume bottle reminded me of those old time-y perfumes. It totally gave me romantic fantasies about sitting at my old time-y vanity (which doesn’t exist, mind you) and spritzing this on. That is, until I actually gave it the ‘ol sniff test in store. The overly floral scent quickly made me get over that fantasy.

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Haul: Bath and Body Works

I hadn’t been to Bath and Body Works in a long time so I went a little crazy at the semi-annual sale which happens twice a year (once mid-summer, and again mid-winter). A lot of things were 50% off which made me feel dumb for spending x amount through out the year. If you are a normal person who purchases a few things from them, every now and then, I think thats fine but when you’re an addict like me, it really starts to add up. That said, some of the things I purchased this time were also not on sale (I never learn, lawl).

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