Oxygen Gym Haul

Same day as my Platinum Gym Haulage (here), I decided to check out Oxygen Gym in Jabriya. I remember spotting it earlier from one of the main roads. As I was about to stumble into Oxygen Gym (why does the entrance looks like an entrance to a nightclub?) when these 2 bodybuilder-looking types (bouncers? to fit in with the whole “club theme”?) got in my face and informed me it was an all-male gym. I told them I was only looking to buy some protein, not join their precious gym. I kid you not, their demeanor totally changed after that (they pretty much turned into teddy-bears)!

They told me that I should just go ahead and come back at the first week of every month (or something along those lines, I forgot) for the monthly sale (protein shakes, protein bars, etc…) which I thought was nice of ’em. My nutritionist and several other doctors had explained to me that time was of the essence, so I needed protein asap and I said so. Since I couldn’t wait, they pointed out another store further up ahead and across the street that was also called Oxygen Nutrition (so… affiliated with Oyxgen Gym?) that supposedly had what I needed. I thanked them and drove there. As I got closer, I noticed thanks to the huge glass windows (you could totally see right into the place) that this place was stocked with pretty much everything!

I walked out with a Whey Protein Drink (look at me, throwing out words like Whey, as if had any clue what it actually meant lawl) and more than a handful of Protein Bars.

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