Chef LuLu (Part 9 + Goodbye Mera)

December 2

I decided to introduce my newest friend (Mera) to my oldest friend (my bestie) so I invited them to BBQ by the Pool.

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Chef LuLu (Part 7 + Mera Overload)

September 9

Sick of Mera, I invited Abrar over.

She brought over not one but two desserts from Mr Baker, which I thought was so sweet and thoughtful! One was these amazing Saffron Rose Water Balls and the other was Pistachio Ice Cream Balls!

Better still, she hadn’t opened either one up and started noshing on them on the way over (unlike Mera, who prefers to paw everything and dribble over the food beforehand, which grosses me out so much).

First, I forced Abrar into the Kitchen (she’s never been) and had her help me make an Apple Crisp and Banana Bread. She was super proud of herself and took a ton of pics afterwards for Snapchat lol She was so cute!

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Collective Snackage Haulage (Sultan Center Souq Sharq, Sultan Center Salmiya, City Center Salmiya)

Back in December, my cousin’s wife served me a can of tasty Lychee Drink when I was over at my uncle’s home. It was sooo good that I’ve been searching for the exact same stuff ever since.

All I can remember was there was an illustration of Lychee and a Melon and possibly a Pear on the front, and the can itself was pale pink with white polka-dots and was either made in Malaysia or Thailand based on the writing (I dunno’).

During early December, I hit up both the Souq Sharq branch and Salmiya branch of Sultan Center and the Salmiya branch of City Center (ergo Collective Snackage Haulage) and bought a ton of other groceries as well, but couldn’t fit everything into one photo, so I didn’t even bother attempting it.

The drinks in the 1st photo were all from City Center Hypermarket (Salmiya). As you can see, it was very lychee-oriented lol

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Sultan Center Haul (June)

I was out with the kids again and the youngest was misbehaving. I was already dead tired, but I’ve kinda’ made it a point to dole out swift, if not immediate punishment, when it comes to the kids (so they remember). As such, I dropped her off at home and went right back outside, taking the other two along with me. The youngest was visibly upset at being left out, as intended.

Anywho, I’ve been meaning to get the older two started on wearing antiperspirant/deodorant regularly. They participate in all sorts of water-related activities at Summer Camp, from “Swimming Day” to “Foam Football” (Soccer for the Americans) to regular “Sports Day” all of which involved them showering afterwards over there, and then I get them to shower again back at home, before bed (well, except the eldest, who only washes her body regularly, but her hair every other day, because I don’t think her hair can handle daily washing). Despite the constant showers, the kids can smell a bit… ripe. Also, it’s shaping up to be an exceptionally hot Summer in Kuwait.

So I took them to Sultan Center (Salmiya) where they each got to pick out their own Deodorant. We also stocked up on some snackage (some healthy, but mostly not) and on our way back home, despite being way past their bedtime, decided to made a quick stop at the McDonald’s Drive-Thru on Gulf Road and treat each of them to an Oreo McFlurry (knowing full well that they were going to go back and gloat about it to their younger sister). It was around 2:30am at this point, and yet the beach was packed with families just hanging out! Even the McDonald’s Kiddie Playground (outside) was crowded with kids (of all ages) running around, as happy as you please.

Back home, the youngest was so upset at being left out (most definitely imagining that her brother and sister were out having all kinds of fun, while she was stuck at home) that she chose to stay up and wait for us. As soon as we walked in with bags of groceries snackage, her eyes widened like saucers and she proceeded to grill her siblings about where they’d gone, what they’d done, etc… The eldest did not miss this opportunity to answer with great relish. It’s been weeks, but the youngest hasn’t misbehaved since!

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Sultan Center Haulage (February)

My first Sultan Center Haulage of the year! This was about 3 or 4 days before Valentine’s Day so I kinda’ went crazy over the Limited Edition stuff and also… I was hangry (which is appropriate, since I’m posting this during Ramadan, the time when people default to hangry)! Like I said in my previous Spotted at Sultan Center post (here), I hit up three different locations on my hunt for Herbal Tea. Even when I’d succeeded in averting my eyes and avoiding certain items at the first branch, by the time I hit up the final branch, my will power was non-existent (all tapped out) lol

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Karak Tea

All this time… I thought Karak was some sort of Indian Herb or Indian Plant. As it turns out, Karak Tea or Chai Karak (also known as Masala Tea or Masala Chai) is actually a blend of Black Tea and Milk and Spices. In fact, Masala Chai literally translates to Mixed-Spice Tea! The flavor can vary (obvi) depending on the Spices. Some people add Ginger, other add Cardamom or Saffron, while others prefer Cinnamon. Apparently, Karak Tea originated in India, but became extremely popular in the Gulf region around 2010 (practically every other restaurant started serving the stuff). I tried it a handful of times back then, but it never left much of an impression on me.

Since February, I’ve been avoiding anything caffeinated, because my heart has been acting up. However, I was finishing up a few errands the other day, and somehow or another, ended up at the McDonald’s Drive-Thru. I ordered Karak Tea on a whim and ever since then, I’ve been obsessed with the stuff! If I don’t get a chance to pick some up, while I’m out and about, I’ll just order some online from Karak Hut (via Carriage). They’ve got everything from plain Karak Tea to Cinnamon Karak Tea at about 500 fils a pop. People around me think I’m insane for spending that much money, especially since the delivery costs KD 1/000 and apparently I can purchase a whole box (12 sachets) of instant Karak Tea, for that price. Whatevs. I like what I like, okay?

I still can’t get over the fact that Karak is not an actual plant. I mean… LOL

Tea Gschwendner Haul

I’m not very big on Tea. I’ll only drink Lipton Yellow Label Tea (that comes in a bright yellow box) when I’m sick and can’t have anything cold to drink, or when it’s that time of the month (shark week). Sometimes, when the mood strikes me, I’ll order a random flavor of Tea, when I’m out with my friends, just to try out. I’ll even purchase some flavored Tea at Sultan Center from time to time, if it looks interesting enough. Mostly though, I just drink Lipton Ice Tea in the lemon flavor (I can’t stand peach, ugh) during the summer, but that’s pretty much it.
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