Sultan Center (Shuwaikh) Collective Haul

It was towards the end of summer…

I was starving and I was in a spend-y mood (deadly combination). Now, despite the huge haulage (as evident by the photo above), I was actually very, very, very disappointed with the Shuwaikh branch of The Sultan Center! There were bugs having a party on all the exposed fruits and veggies, fridge doors were left open (meaning the frozen food items like burger patties, seafood, and whatever else were just left to melt), every single tub of ice-cream I picked up was sticky (gross!), the seal was broken on a lot of food items, other food items (an entire row of Lay’s Forno Lemon & Black Pepper Baked Potato Chips in the smallest size) had expired months ago (yet still remained on the shelves), the whole place was a mess! Some areas (with the most traffic) were relatively alright but for the most part, the entire place looked like a scene from Mad Max… lol imagine how much larger this haul would’ve been if I hadn’t been grossed out.

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Marks and Spencer Snackage

Okay, so I’d actually gone in to Marks and Spencer looking for a pair of fishnet tights (because apparently they were having a “moment” in fashion) but once I noticed all the Easter-themed snacks, the tights were long forgotten. As always, I took photos of everything the very next day (in proper daylight and everything) but I guess I never got around to blogging about them and 5 months later, here we are. The reason I’m doing this (still) is because I was mostly disappointed with almost everything I’d purchased in my previous Marks and Spencer Snack Haualage (here) except for the Green Chilli, Lime & Coriander Pea Snaps. Everything else had tasted off including the Polar Bear Pals Gummi Sweet and Jelly Stars (how do you mess up Gummi Candy?). I faced the same issue again with this haul. It’s either the flavor is off, or the texture is strange, or the scent is vile. There’s always something weird about M&S snacks. I mean once is a fluke but twice? I wish there was somewhere I could find reviews or something about Marks & Spencer snackage so I’d know what to keep an eye out for, or at least what to avoid. That’s why I feel honor-bound (lawl dramatic much?) to go ahead with this post regardless of how much time has passed.

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Ikea KullaMust Apple Juice

I was at Ikea paying for my stuff at the cash register when I decided to check out their little grocery store (it was in my direct line of vision and I was parched). For whatever reason, I’ve never ever stopped there before until that day. I was delighted by the fact that they had several different variations of Apple Juice that were packaged in what appeared to be beer-bottles. They had Apple & Raspberry, Apple & Strawberry, and regular Apple Juice. Being apple-obsessed as I am, I bought one of each for myself to try out, and another one of each to take back home for whoever else was willing to give them a try. Apple & Raspberry was vile! Come to find out (I’d missed it on the tiny graphic) that it included a shot of mint (ugh!). Tricksy little hobbitses. Everything seemed legit at first but the aftertaste (mint) was horrible, for me at least. The regular Apple tasted nice but wasn’t anything special. The Apple & Strawberry however was everything! I’ve been purchasing Apple & Strawberry in bulk ever since, well, only when I happen to be at Ikea.

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Cold Pressed Granny Smith Apple Juice


I was browsing the frozen drinks section at Sultan Center (Soug Sharq) looking for my favorite flavored dairy drink (so hard to find at the local co-ops) when I found these. *cue angelic music* Initially there were 6 but I drank 2, and then half of 2 more before eventually getting around to taking photos for my blog. There was also a lot of the behind-the-scenes drama (camera-related). I took so many photos only to find out that the SD card had been corrupted. Then the camera straight up died on me. I got a new camera which was so tiny and cute but it didn’t occur to me that I’d need to be able to actually see through the view-finder, as opposed to crossing my fingers and hoping for the best (as shown in my ChapStick Green Apple review – here). I finally got a new camera that’s pretty decent. Hopefully you will like the quality of the photos way better than the previous ones. That said, I’ve still got several upcoming posts that will include photos taken by my old camera (before it died obvi).
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I’ve always loved apples! I enjoy the way they taste. I love the way they smell and honestly, there’s just something I find aesthetically appealing about a ripe, plump, juicy apple. Best of all, apples are incredibly healthy! They help prevent a long list of diseases ranging from Alzheimer’s to Cancer. Literally, all Kuwaitis are diabetic and have high blood pressure (which is why it’s kind of an ongoing joke that the two conditions are proof that you’re a true local and is therefore a pre-requisite if you’d like to gain citizenship which is notoriously difficult in Kuwait). Incidentally, apples lower the risk of both diabetes and high blood pressure. Apples even boost immunity as well as detoxify the liver. Apples also help prevent skin cancer, hair loss, wrinkles, puffy eyes, and the list goes on. I’m not saying I’m some sickly old woman with a foot in the grave that relies on apples to heal me. I’m just trying to say that aside from tasting yummy, apples have all these great benefits. Obviously, apples are not magic and do not work instantly. To reap those benefits, you should have an apple or two pretty frequently. Even just munching on an apple can help whiten your teeth, over time! All the pictures in this post are courtesy of Google (read: not mine).

There are many, many different kinds of apples…

that vary in size and sometimes color…

and most importantly, taste.

As such, I favor Granny Smith Apples (green) because they taste the most crisp and tart out of all the other different kinds of apples. I do not enjoy the sweetness of red apples. I also don’t like how soft yellow apples are when I sink my teeth into them. There’s something to be said for that satisfying crunch when you first bite into a Granny Smith Apple. I love the way apples smell, in general, but I especially love the scent of Granny Smith Apples, artificial or otherwise! What I mean by that is I love the smell of products that are apple-scented such as soap, candles, lip gloss, etc… as well as the scent of the actual fruit itself. Also, that vivid green color is simply delightful! It’s just so pleasing to the eyes… or my eyes, at least. I just really really love Granny Smith Apples and except for Lebanese Plums aka Greengage (blogged about here) no other fruit can compare. Aside from both of them being green, greengage and green apples taste tart, crisp, and crunchy, which is why I love them!
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