Queen G – Mug Coffee House

I thought this ad was pretty cool! Some would say the video is a bit… dark, but I like it! It’s pretty creative, especially for this area of the world. The song is really, really catchy too! The whole thing kinda’ reminds of Rock & Rule (80’s Animated Movie), for some reason. This ad been out for a minute now, but I’m still feelin’ it!

In the interest of full disclosure, I didn’t stumble upon this by chance. It was actually mentioned in a blog post on https://248am.com/

NESCAFÉ® VANILLA Instant Foaming Mix

Vanilla-infused frothy cappuccino creates a perfect café-inspired cup you can sip wherever you are.

I tried getting into drinking Tea (Gschwendner and Teavana) but it’s not just for me. I’ll drink regular ol’ Tea (with a disproportionate amount of sugar poured in there just because I like my Tea extra-sweet) when I get the occasional bout of the flu. Also, I’ll enjoy Lipton Iced Tea Lemon (never the Peach, ugh!) during the Summer, but for some reason it’s almost always out of stock in the entire country (even though the horrid Peach is always available). Aside from that that, I’ll be sticking with my Nescafe Vanilla pseudo-coffee drink, thank you very much.

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Mr Brown Iced Coffee


Mr Brown Iced Coffee is awesome! First of all it complimented Lay’s Salt and Vinegar Wavy Chips beautifully (which was pretty much all I used to eat for a long time). Second, whenever I was drinking Mr Brown Iced Coffee, I felt like I was part of those Korean Dramas (I absolutely love those shows!). I’d never experienced the novelty of drinking coffee from a steel can until Mr Brown. It struck me as an “Asian thing” and I’ve always been obsessed with all things Asian. I’d never been much of a coffee drinker. Turkish coffee, Espresso, etc… they all made me gag. Mr Brown was the only thing I could stomach. I discovered that I liked my coffee cold and sweet (this was pre-Starbucks in Kuwait). Despite the fact that I didn’t like coffee, I adored the scent of it. Mr Brown Iced Coffee had that gorgeous coffee scent that I love. It also had that rich coffee flavor making it somewhat bitter but sufficiently sweet. I’ve since moved on to other forms of pseudo-coffee drinks but I’m always stoked when I find Mr Brown at Sultan Center or our local supermarket or a random baqala (because for the longest time, I could only find it in Europe) and usually pick up a couple cans of the stuff. If you ever come across this stuff, I suggest you pick up a can and try it out for yourself.