The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 4

I didn’t include the title because that in and of itself is a spoiler. I glimpsed the title accidentally, (while constantly refreshing the website where I stream The Walking Dead) and it sorta’ ruined the whole episode for me (anyone with half a brain could figure it out). That said, I actually liked this episode because it wasn’t as slow as some of the other episodes (from past seasons). It wasn’t crazy eventful but it was suspenseful enough for me. They were laying it on pretty thick (that whole flower thing was a bit much) within the first 2 minutes of the episode (I was all prepared to be in a huff about how cheezy it was and everything) but then everything made sense (it didn’t work on me but I could understand their objective)… much, much later on. Also, Carol got a lot of screen-time, which is always awesome for me, mainly because I love her! Meanwhile Rick and Daryl were having a Bollywood moment (or as we refer to them in Kuwait, Filim Hindi, even though there’s no such language as Hindi…) I mean, I have no issue with suspending my beliefs for a tv show but No, Rick, just… no. You’d think with everything else that I’d let slide, this would be a non-issue but for some reason, this is where I draw the line. I couldn’t help it. I burst into laughter when I saw that part. In fact, I went back and watched it again just to make sure I really saw what I saw. Those who aren’t aware of the classic Bollywood Movie cliches might be more familiar with bad 80’s cop movies. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you watch the episode (maybe?).

Also, where’s Negan? It’s been a couple of episodes already. Are they really gonna’ hide him from us, up until the mid-season finale? :(

The Walking Dead Season 8 Premiere

When you show up late to work because you were watching the The Walking Dead premiere.
Priorities, people. Priorities. ^_~

It’s now 7:15 in the morning and I just finished watching the season 8 premiere of The Walking Dead (100th episode). Normally, I’d watch The Walking Dead with my younger brother, on a Friday (after he comes back from praying at the mosque), in the Cinema Room. If not, I’d wait until I got back home (after the end of a work day), finish up all my chores (so they don’t weigh on my mind while I’m trying to watch the show), order in some pizza (Solo Pizza Napulitana via Carriage because I’m always starving mid-episode), and have a nice long shower (because it takes about an hour or so for the food to arrive, which is just about as long as my shower). At 11pm every Monday (Sunday for people in the U.S.), when everyone has gone to sleep or is in the process of getting ready to sleep, I can kick back and relax and fully immerse myself in The Walking Dead and then Talking Dead (which I only started watching after the episode where the zombie ate Rick’s wife Lori at the prison) right after, without any distractions or interruptions.

I actually discovered The Walking Dead with my older brother when we watched the pilot (he wanted to watch a sci-fi show called Terra Nova which was good but I advocated for The Walking Dead because… zombies, and won) and then the entire first season together but then I got engaged and had to prep for marriage and then I got married and moved out for a bit but then came right back home and eventually got a divorce. I tried getting my parents into it (my dad said that in his entire 74 years on this Earth, he’d never seen anything more terrifying and disgusting in reference to that zombie from the first episode, you know the one) which didn’t pan out and my siblings scolded me for subjecting my dad to that. I’ve tried watching it with my girls, on several occasions, but one seems to think everyone is hot for everyone else (“oh he totally wants her”, in reference to Dale and Andrea having a conversation, even though I kept explaining that it was a father-daughter relationship) and the other two never stop talking, one narrating the show in real-time and actually talking over it (“Oh, he’s trapped. Uh-oh he’s opening that door. He shouldn’t open that door. She’s totally gonna’ get killed. Look, she made it.”) and the other constantly asking us questions as if we’ve got some sort of insight and aren’t watching the episode for the first time (“What’s going to happen? Are they going to make it? Is it a trap?”). People yapping during a movie or a show annoys me in general but to do it during The Walking Dead which is practically sacred to me, is unforgivable. Thankfully, the rest of my girlfriends are either too scared to watch it or lost interest after a certain point. I haven’t even attempted watching it with my favorite cousin because every time we get together we start giggling like little kids (We went to see Logan (4D) together at the theater which was a big mistake because it was a really good movie but the harder we tried to stifle our laughter, the more we laughed) so I’m definitely not watching The Walking Dead with her.

That’s why I’ll either watch The Walking Dead alone or with my younger brother (because we barely even breath while watching the show and only discuss what happened after the episode ends) but he refuses to watch Talking Dead and I can’t really fault him for that. I mean… Chris Hardwick is annoying as hell – he keeps hinting at things, pretending he doesn’t really know, but he clearly does (he’s either watched the episode before it aired or been told by the execs or something to that effect) because the things that he hints at are usually very, very specific (“Oh, it seems like Madison Clark has a dark past and she’s been through some serious stuff”). I like the guests that he brings on the show though, from Greg Nicotero, Scott M. Gimple, etc…, to one or two surprise members of the cast, to random celebrities like self-proclaimed The Walking Dead Super Fan Yvette Nicole Brown (it took some time but she grew on me and now I simply adore her). I haven’t watched it yet because I’m busy “working”… at work. However, I can’t wait for the 2-hour special of Talking Dead when I get back home. Supposedly, Rick and Daryl (and a surprise cast member, here’s hoping it’s Negan) are going to be on the show tonight!

Anyways, I figure it’d be fun to do a weekly post on each new episode of The Walking Dead (and possibly Talking Dead), right after watching it. Obviously, it’s going to contain spoilers so consider yourselves warned and steer clear, until after you’ve watched the latest episode. There aren’t going to be any earth-shattering revelations. It’s just my thoughts and opinions (likes, gripes, hopes and predictions). It goes without saying, but everyone is welcome to share their own thoughts too.

Warning Spoilers Ahead Warning

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American Gods

Wow! I’m not quite sure what I just saw, but I really enjoyed it and look forward to more! The show is based off Hugo and Nebula Award-winning novel published in 2001 by English author Neil Gaiman. The novel, according to Wikipedia is a blend of Americana, fantasy, and various strands of ancient and modern mythology.

Basically, this show is like Game of Thrones with Gods; Old Gods vs New Gods. The soundtrack is pretty cool! The cinematography and special effects kinda’ remind me of both 300 and Sin City. The cast is incredible!

If you haven’t watched it yet, I strongly suggest you do!

Warning – spoilers after the jump – Warning

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Celebrity Big Brother Season 19 Finale (Thoughts, Loves, and Regrets)

I have to preface this by saying that I knew who was going to win before watching the finale. I wanted to finish writing up the Celebrity Big Brother Season 19 Finale post before watching the actual finale so the post would be as unbiased as possible but I only finished writing the first half before passing out and promising myself I’d work on the second half the next day, which is what I did. None of the channels in Kuwait air CBB so I have to watch it a day after it airs in the UK anyway. I thought I could make it in time but since I had a lot to say (as always) not only was the episode available for viewing but the winner was all over the internet by then. I was down to the last paragraph of that post (literally, the last one) when I remembered that I hadn’t included the age of the last three surprise contestants (that entered the CBB house ten days later) and as I was googling Kim’s age, I accidentally stumbled upon the winner of this season. I was so disappointed because that pretty much took away all the suspense. I would be watching the finale knowing which one of the final six contestants had won. With that said, I still watched the finale (duh) and even watched the rest of it on Bit On The Side or as Emma keeps calling it, BOTS.

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Celebrity Big Brother Season 19 Finale

L-R (top row) James Jordan (38), Spencer + Heidi a.k.a. Speidi (33 & 30), Nicola McLean (35), Jasmine Waltz (36), Austin Armacost (28), Coleen Nolan (51), Calum Best (35)

L-R (bottom row) Ray J (35), James Cosmo (68), Stacy Francis (47), Bianca Gascoign (30), Brandon Block (49), Jamie O’Hara (30), Angie Best (64)

I can’t believe we’re only one episode away from the Season 19 Finale! I wish Celebrity Big Brother lasted for more than 31 days like Big Brother (which I believe lasts for about 2-3 months) but I guess as opposed to the non-celebrities in Big Brother, the “celebrities” in Celebrity Big Brother can’t clear their schedule for more than a month at a time… or something. With that being said, this season of CBB was thoroughly entertaining! I’ll be giving my thoughts on each and every housemate (and surprise housemate), as well as predict this season’s winner (Jedward or James Cosmo, hopefully), in just a second. It’s going to be another lengthy post so grab something hot to drink and get settled in!

First, let’s take a look at the latest remodel of the CBB House which had a comic book Superhero theme. Personally, I found that hilarious because the majority of this season’s housemates were quite, er, mature. I’m not an ageist or anything like that. I just think that this season’s theme might’ve been more appreciated if the housemates happened to be younger. Personally, it’s not to my taste as I found all the pop-art and color – although fun – a bit too “busy”. However, what with the whole slew of tv shows and movies in 2016 and several more to be released in 2017 revolving around Superheroes, I thought this season’s theme was quite fitting! As always, click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Celebrity Big Brother and Big Brother would not be the shows that they are to me, without the host, Emma Willis. With her striking good looks and horrible puns, I look forward to seeing Emma just as much as I look forward to seeing the housemates themselves! She’s just got such a beautiful face (that brings images of a gorgeous Siberian Husky to mind) that you never get tired of looking at! I also really look forward to seeing the way her hair, makeup, and clothes are styled! She also seems to have such a likable personality! I simply adore her! Remember, I started watching Big Brother in 2016, so I’ve only ever known Emma to be the host (I haven’t watched any of the earlier seasons when someone else was hosting) so I can’t imagine Big Brother or even Celebrity Big Brother without her.

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