Miguel – Waves

I’m having a moment with Waves! It really reminds me of a long-time forever favorite of mine called Electric Feel by MGMT. I especially love how his voice sounds when he starts off the first verse “Uh set it up” and the second verse “Put it out, I’m on fire, fire“. I don’t really love the chorus (it’s alright) but the bridge is so fun! The music video is pretty cool too!

I don’t really like any of the other remixes aside from this one. Sometimes, I even prefer it over the original ^_~

Childish Gambino – Redbone

There wasn’t a ton of vocal stuff done … I think people hear “Redbone” and are like, “Oh, he pitched up his vocals,” but there was no vocal pitching on the album—I just sang differently.

That falsetto though! Who else mistakenly thought that the vocals were sung by a woman? The last song I heard by Childish Gambino was Heartbeat and that was a good while ago. An Xbox friend played Redbone in the party (party chat, respectively) around Ramadan time, I believe, and I’ve been absolutely obsessed ever since! On paper, it’s not exactly my favored style of music (I’m not one for some soulful crooning) and yet I’m completely in love with this song! It’s got such a chill, sensual vibe that’s reminiscent of 70’s music, which for some reason elicits all kinds of feels (for me, at least), regardless of the fact that it’s not my typical preference. Several months later, Redbone is still a favorite of mine! At this point, I’m thinkin’ it’s safe to say that it probably always will be (bumping it up to classic status, in my book). I’ve always found Donald Glover endearing but this song makes me straight up love the guy! Not quite sure what’s up with that scary image but I’ve grown accustomed to it now. There are so many different versions of this song, it’s ridiculous! This particular version is everything!

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Charli XCX – Boys

OMG I can’t get enough of this song! It’s got a laid-back, feel-good, summer vibe! The music is playful and fun (kinda’ reminds of Super Mario on SNES)! The lyrics are simple enough to learn the first time around, so you can sing-a-long (and you will want to)! Best of all, the music video is chock-full of eye-candy (so much yes)! I wonder why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? Actually, I wonder how she got them all to agree to this. All those beautiful boys in a single music video is sheer genius! Try to see how many you can spot.

If you need help trying to identify a certain cutie, Buzzfeed has a comprehensive list (with accompanying photos) of Every Single Boy From Charli XCX’s “Boys” Music Video. However, if you don’t feel like clicking the link, I’ve made a copy of that same list (minus the photos) below.

It’s such a cute song!

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Desiigner – Timmy Turner

I’ve been listening to this song nonstop! I’ve never watched The Fairly OddParents but that’s what he is referencing. As always, I’m never quite sure what he’s saying, but then again I couldn’t understand anything he was saying in his earlier song “Panda“. That said, this song has the most delightful melody 3 minutes in (2:50 to be more specific)! One of the comments on this video on YouTube killed me! I can’t quite remember what it was exactly but it was something to this effect “he’s casting a spell”. I mean… LOL Whoever said that isn’t wrong. It does kinda’ sound like that. Anyhow, I love listening to Timmy Turner especially when driving!

Here’s his earlier song that was a huge hit when it first came out. Again, no clue what he say (aside from the chorus) but at one point, literally everyone was all “Panda, Panda, Panda, Brrrrrrrrruh!” So fun!

“New English” (deliciously apropos) indeed.