Charli XCX – Boys

OMG I can’t get enough of this song! It’s got a laid-back, feel-good, summer vibe! The music is playful and fun (kinda’ reminds of Super Mario on SNES)! The lyrics are simple enough to learn the first time around, so you can sing-a-long (and you will want to)! Best of all, the music video is chock-full of eye-candy (so much yes)! I wonder why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? Actually, I wonder how she got them all to agree to this. All those beautiful boys in a single music video is sheer genius! Try to see how many you can spot.

If you need help trying to identify a certain cutie, Buzzfeed has a comprehensive list (with accompanying photos) of Every Single Boy From Charli XCX’s “Boys” Music Video. However, if you don’t feel like clicking the link, I’ve made a copy of that same list (minus the photos) below.

It’s such a cute song!

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Desiigner – Timmy Turner

I’ve been listening to this song nonstop! I’ve never watched The Fairly OddParents but that’s what he is referencing. As always, I’m never quite sure what he’s saying, but then again I couldn’t understand anything he was saying in his earlier song “Panda“. That said, this song has the most delightful melody 3 minutes in (2:50 to be more specific)! One of the comments on this video on YouTube killed me! I can’t quite remember what it was exactly but it was something to this effect “he’s casting a spell”. I mean… LOL Whoever said that isn’t wrong. It does kinda’ sound like that. Anyhow, I love listening to Timmy Turner especially when driving!

Here’s his earlier song that was a huge hit when it first came out. Again, no clue what he say (aside from the chorus) but at one point, literally everyone was all “Panda, Panda, Panda, Brrrrrrrrruh!” So fun!

“New English” (deliciously apropos) indeed.

Fetty Wap – RGF Island

My new favorite song ^_^
Technically, it’s been out for a minute, but I heard it for the first time ever, only last week. I’ve been obsessed with it since! I love listening to it in my car! I just wish it was longer.

It’s even catchier than 679 which is saying something because the lyrics on that song are pure gold. “I gotta’ glock in my ‘rarri”. I mean… LOL

I first got brainwashed fell in love with Fetty Wap when Trap Queen came out.

Jokes aside, Ed Sheeran’s cover of Trap Queen is fire!

Ed Sheeran’s cover I’m In Love With The CoCo is pretty good too! Funny how his covers are always superior to the originals. Honestly, the man can do no wrong, in my eyes! Can’t wait to see him on the next season of Game of Thrones!

Daft Punk

I’ve always loved Daft Punk! They make great music! Technologic happens to be one of my all time favorite songs, to this day! I also really love Aerodynamic (that guitar solo is fire)! I believe that the French Duo, like all visionaries, are way ahead of their time! I’m utterly charmed by the fact that they never, ever remove their helmets which to me, makes them ridiculously endearing!

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Om Telolet Om

Om Telolet Om was having a moment in the EDM scene, about a month back. Basically, it’s the sound of a customized bus horn. If you grew up in Kuwait during the 90’s, chances are you’ve heard it before. More recently though, kids in Indonesia would literally yell out to passing bus drivers “uncle/om honk the horn/telolet uncle/om” because the sound of the customized bus horn amused the kids. It became a “thing” in Indonesia. They even started making signs with the phrase “Om Telolet Om” and held them up for the passing bus drivers. Videos of the Om Telolet Om craze went viral. Naturally, they started spamming the rest of the world with the phrase “Om Telolet Om” including but not limited to their favorite artists. The artists started tweeting it and including it in their music and because music transcends language barriers “Om Telolet Om” became a world-wide thing (at least in the EDM scene).

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