Badshah – Paagal

I don’t particularly care for Arab Music because it all sounds the same to me. Rarely, if ever, am I moved by Arabic Music and don’t even get me started on the Music Videos that go along with those Arabic Songs. They’re just so… cheesy. The same goes for Indian Music. Worst of all, they blatantly steal copy popular Western Songs (from the actual Music down to the plot-line of the Music Video). I’m well aware of the reason behind this specific formula, but it just doesn’t appeal to me. As such, I don’t watch/listen to Arabic/Indian Music.

With that being said, after decades of avoiding both, I was quite curious to see/hear if the Record-Breaking Song (75 Million Views within the first 24 Hours of its debut on YouTube) was worth the hype…

The song in question was called Paagal (which from my minimal understanding of Hindi meant “crazy”) and was by the Indian Rapper who goes by Badshah.

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MGMT – Electric Feel

One of my favorite songs, ever!

I used to listen to it all the time (like, nonstop) when it first came out! I’ve even referenced Electric Feel on my blog at least a handful of times! Normally, I enjoy most remixes of my favorite songs, but with this one, even the version by my beloved Kygo doesn’t hold up to the original. Heck, even the music video is a trip (I’d like to drink from the moon someday too)!

Watch it. Listen to it. Love it.

Lil Nas X feat. Billy Ray Cyrus, Young Thug, & Mason Ramsey – Old Town Road (Area 51 Video)

I watched Bob Lazar (doesn’t he kinda’, sorta’ look like Stephen King?) on Joe Rogan’s Podcast, so I feel invested in the story now. That said, when someone created the Storm Area 51 event on Facebook, I personally thought it was hilarious! Now, there’s even an Area 51 version of Old Town Road! LOL The Naruto-run never fails to crack me up! Also, why Keanu? LOLOLOL

Incidentally, while I was listening to the song, all three of my sister’s kids, knew all the words by heart (and yet somehow can’t memorize basic Arabic tsk tsk), so I’m assuming they’ve either watched this version… or any of the billion other versions floating around lol

Logic & Eminem – Homicide (featuring Chris D’Elia)


Now if you don’t know who D’Elia is, he’s a comedian. I don’t particularly care for his specials (both of which were on Netflix), but I loved his earlier work, mainly because he was making fun of Drake before it became a “thing” (personally, I can’t stand Drake). Also, D’Elia has got a very, very, very distinctive laugh (it’s infectious) lol

You might’ve noticed him on Conan (where he arches his back and sticks his butt out which just bugs me sooo much, because it reminds me of il-Limby Egyptian Phenom Character, whom I never found funny). D’Elia was also on the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber and a bunch of tv shows; Whitney (alongside Whitney Cummings) and Undateable (alongside Ron Funches) and Good Doctor (as Shaun Murphy’s neighbor in that one scene where he opened the door).

I see D’Elia a lot more often as a guest on other people’s podcasts (on The Fighter & The Kid with Brenden Schaub and more recently on This Past Weekend with Theo Von and even on Joe Rogan’s Podcast). That said, D’Elia has his own podcast (and his own cult lawl), but I don’t listen/watch it. I enjoy him more as a guest on other people’s podcasts.

Kerplachi Sam Fine

I will however watch short clips of D’Elia because some of his stuff is hilarious! I mean thiskilled me! I had tears, actual tears, running down my cheeks!

This. Slayed. Me.

He kept getting angrier and angrier. Literally, Eminem!

Honestly, his genuinely funny stuff gets even funnier with time!