Lewis Del Mar – 14 Faces

I’ve never heard of this song before, but they played it during a scene in the Good Doctor (such a good show, which is no surprise, since it’s based on one of the many, many, endearing Korean Dramas, which are some of my all-time favorite shows to watch in general, as I mentioned earlier, here). Anyways, the clip was too short to gauge whether it was a nice song or not, but once I found it on YouTube and listened to the whole thing, I still wasn’t impressed. I played it in my car anyway with the kids in tow (my nieces and nephew) on our way to visit my uncle (who lives halfway across the country) and that’s where this song shined! Blaring full blast on Fahaheel Expressway – Road 30, with the cold wind whooshing in through the half-way open windows and blowing our hair in our faces (mostly my eyes), with the sea-side glittering to our left, as we headed away from the city. It took so much willpower to not speed (along with the song) ‘cuz of the speed limit, and lack of visibility (on account of my hair blinding me and all). Plus, you know, kids and stuff. Basically, this is a pretty cool song!

A$AP Ferg – Plain Jane REMIX (Audio) ft. Nicki Minaj

I was driving my car when this song came on the radio, and caught me off-guard when I heard Alhamd’Allah. I was like “Did he just say what I think he just said, or was it my imagination?”. So I used my trusty SoundHound app (even though Nicki Minaj‘s voice is instantly recognizable) and found out the name of the song, and the artist who sings it. It’s got this brainwashing chant vibe and so far, I’ve been diggin’ it!

Electric Guest – Oh Devil (feat. Devin Di Dakta)

So I saw these guys perform live on an episode of Conan and now I like the song Oh Devil. Normally I’d just X out (if I’m watching on my pc) or change the channel (if I’m watching on OSN) when it comes to the musical segment (towards the end of the episode) on Conan, because I feel that the artist or band or whomever has to hook me right away (first few seconds) otherwise I’m out. Electric Guest caught my interest with the interesting beat, but held my interest because their song was pretty good. I mean Asa Taccone and those high notes, bruh! Fun fact… or maybe not, but Jorma Taccone (who makes up one-third of The Lonely Island) is Asa Taccone‘s brother. I just thought that was interesting.

FKA Twigs – Two Weeks

Not sure where I heard this, but whenever I hear a really good song, I pull up my SoundHound app (I’m aware that there are other apps but I’ve been using this for years and I stick with what I like) and it just tells me everything I need to know (name of the song, the artist, errythang). So, I found this in my SoundHound app history, and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. At certain points, she kinda’ sounds like Utada Hikaru. The music video also gives me strong Queen of the Damned vibes (rip Aaliyah). Regardless, it’s a very chill song!