Zara Winter Mini Haul

I don’t shop at Zara much but whenever I do, I always come across one or two pieces from the haul, that end up becoming staples in my wardrobe! I’ve never been to the Avenues branch of Zara before, but I decided to check it out (on a whim), and ended getting a really cool Navy Blue Midi Skirt with Contrasting Stripes, a gorgeous Navy Blue Chenille Sweater, and the same Chenille Sweater in Dusty Pink. I’m pretty much obsessed with everything I got, the Chenille Sweaters especially (feels like I’m walking around snuggled up in an ultra-luxe, fluffy, cloud of softness)!

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Zara Haul

I used to shop at Zara all the time, but for some reason I just stopped shopping there. In fact, bar the one time I went in there looking for a Zara City Bag (but didn’t find it) and ended up getting Zara Black Peony EDT, I haven’t been there in years. It’s not like I rarely shop there anymore. It’s more like I never shop there anymore.

With that being said, I loved my Zara Black Peony fragrance so much that once it was almost finished, I went back to get another (but I couldn’t find it, either) and ended up with two other Zara fragrances. While I was there, I noticed all the pretty clothes and it occurred to me that I should really start shopping at Zara again. I don’t even know why I stopped shopping there, for all those years. I mean during college, my wardrobe mostly consisted of pieces from Zara (short-sleeve shirts, graphic tees, and embroidered denim jeans, etc…). For the record, in the past, I’ve only ever visited the Zara branch at Souk Sharq. As such, everything in this haul was also purchased from that same branch.

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Zara Fragrance Haul

Since I’d just finished up the bottle of Black Peony that I’d purchased from Zara (ages ago), I went in there to pick up another one. Sadly, yet understandably (it had been several years, after all), I couldn’t find the one I wanted, but I did end up getting these two, instead.

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