Nordstrom Gift With Purchase (Fragrance Samples Pack)

Nordstrom was having yet another promo and just like it says on the sticker, with every $135 Fragrance Purchase (which converts to around KD 40) you qualified for the pack of fragrance samples (as shown)! Most of them were tiny spray samples, but there were several adorable mini perfume bottles and even an actual candle! Not only that, but they were all either from designer or niche brands! A lot of them were relatively new fragrances too! Best of all, included was a sample of Delina by Parfums de Marly (which I’ve been dying to try)!!!!

This particular promo could not have come at a better time, especially since as I’ve already demonstrated (haulage here), I was more than willing to spend my money on samples. Funny how only a few months prior, I would’ve barely glanced at this promo, but now that I’m obsessed with perfumes, I was giddy with excitement, practically salivating, at the prospect of playing around with all those perfume samples!

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Philosophy Unconditional Love Eau de Toilette

In 2010, my younger brother was interning in Boston so I threatened kindly asked him to get me a handful of things from ‘Murica.

I’d asked for Lancome’s Oscillation Mascara (reviewed – here) because it had just been released and I never expected it to make it to Kuwait.

I also asked for a Physician’s Formula Blush Happy Booster Blush (the one with all the ridiculously cute hearts all over it) because it had also just come out and I was dying to get my hands on all that cuteness!

Most important of all, I’d asked him to get me not one, but two, Urban Decay Eyeshadows in the shade Stray Dog (because it was and still is my favorite eye shadow of all time!) and an Urban Decay Naked Palette (The original Naked Palette had just come out but Sephora still hadn’t opened up in Kuwait, at the time, and being a true makeup junkie, I had to get my hands on it somehow and thankfully my little brother got one for me).

At first, he refused saying it was bad enough he was going in to a Sephora, let alone asking for something called “Naked Dog”. I sweetly told him that if even one of those products was missing, he could forget about coming back to Kuwait.

Lastly, I’d asked for Philosophy Unconditional Love Eau de Toilette.

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