Palmolive Gourmet Spa

Run! Don’t walk! Run! Run to the nearest Boots Pharmacy, Sultan Center, Carrefour, or local co-op (apparently these are being sold everywhere) to get your hands on Palmolive Gourmet Spa. I cannot say enough good things about this stuff! I’ve already featured the Gourmet Spa Collection earlier and my favorite bar of soap also happens to be from the same brand, Palmolive. With that being said, I wasn’t expecting to be completely blown away by the excellent performance of the products shown, especially not at that price (Shower Cream KD /800 and Soap Bar KD /300)! Obsessed! <3

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Palmolive Naturals Moisture Care Soap


The classic bar soap from Palmolive – loved and trusted for decades. And now enriched with Olive extract, it looks after those precious hands today and tomorrow.

I’ve been using Palmolive Naturals Moisture Care with Aloe & Olive Extracts Soap for about about three years or so and it’s my current favorite. I’ve tried several bars of soap from a bunch of different brands and each one had it’s own drawbacks. Nothing irritates me more than soap that leaves behind a thin film or residue of some sort on my skin. The problem is, since I wash my hands compulsively, regular soap dries them out while most hydrating soaps or moisturizing soaps leave behind a thin “moisturizing” film on my hands, which is even worse. This soap has a perfect balance of both. I can wash my hands using this soap as many times as I want without them drying out and even though it says Moisture Care, there is no annoying residue left behind. My hands are squeaky clean (exactly the way I prefer them to be).
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