Debenhams Haul

Normally, I tend to avoid the perfume and makeup aisles at Debenhams (Soug Sharq) due to the overly aggressive sales assistants. The makeup people will literally yell out to me, from behind their designated booths, rattling off a list of things that I have no interest in, whatsoever. Even after politely declining, they’ll still keep going, completely disregarding my lack of interest. You might think, what’s the big deal? After declining the first few times, if they still continue, just ignore them. However, one of them (Filipina sales assistant) actually kept following me (from booth to booth), trying to convince me to go back to her counter. In the past, I’ve gotten so annoyed by this behavior that I’ve actually stormed out (without purchasing anything).

The perfume people aren’t any better. They keep shoving perfumes in my face, regardless of my preference. It’s more about them selling perfume from the brand that they’ve been assigned to, rather than what I’m actually interested in. They even interrupt and talk over each other in trying to get my attention. I just find this behavior so uncivilized and unsettling. Honestly, it makes me feel like I’m at some sort of street bazaar rather than a department store. As such, I tend to avoid the perfume and makeup counters at Debenhams.

So I was at Debenhams looking for a new swimsuit (but gave up after not being able to find anything cute enough) when I decided to check out the makeup department. It’s been forever and a day since my last visit and I was kinda’ curious to see what was new. I wasn’t planning on getting anything, really, but then I spotted some new Maybelline Baby Lips. I figured I could just get them later on from somewhere else, like Boots (they tend to have Buy Two Get One Free deals on Maybelline every now and then). However, once I spotted the Farsali Unicorn Essence, I knew I was going to end up doing some damage. There weren’t any deals going on at the time so I justified my purchase by only getting things I truly needed (lawl).

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L’Oreal Hydra-Total 5 Pure Cleansing Milk

I was at Sultan Center and thiiiis close to buying either a L’Oreal or Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (just to see why people are still going crazy over Micellar Water) but changed my mind at the last second and picked up this Cleansing Milk instead. I know for a fact that Micellar Water does nothing for me, so why waste any more money on it? My Holy Grail will always be Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Makeup Remover (reviewed here). However, it’s good to have a few makeup removers that perform similarly, just in case for whatever reason the entire country runs out of stock (which is what happened here and here).

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Carrefour Hypermarket Haulage

I don’t normally shop at Carrefour at the Avenues, but I do tend to park my car in their designated underground parking area quite often. Quite frankly, the Avenues is huge, which makes it easy for people to get lost (just me? okay!) in the underground parking area. That’s why I prefer having someone else (anyone else, really) take me to the Avenues rather than driving myself there. Even after all these years, I still can’t remember which escalator leads up to which area of the mall. They all look pretty much the same to me. That’s why, when I’m not parking outside (Ikea parking or Forever 21 parking), I’ll go for the underground parking at Carrefour. I know what to look for (shopping carts on a flattened escalator), I know where it takes me (to Bath & Body Works and Boots facing Carrefour), and I know how to get back to my car (using the Carrefour escalators as a focal point lawl). In addition to all that, using my phone, I’ll snap a photo of the number on the column (just to be safe). You might think that’s overkill but I actually got lost down there once (whilst wearing uncomfortable shoes). It wasn’t pretty. It felt like I was in Mad Max and it was survival of the fittest! After going around in circles for what felt like hours (30 mins in reality), and when I couldn’t walk any longer (I was dying!) I gave up and plopped down on the nearest sidewalk and prepared my goodbyes. My mom told me to quit whining (no sympathy whatsoever) and get back home because it was getting late. Luckily, they’ve got a protocol in place for this sort of thing at the Avenues. The security guys roaming around the underground parking area have these little golf carts that they can drive you around in, until you find your car! So… anyways, I don’t normally shop at Carrefour but this time instead of zipping past it (on my way to Bath & Body Works and Boots and such), I had time to kill so I decided to browse around for a bit. There wasn’t anything particularly exciting but I did come across Essence in their makeup section, which I thought was pretty cool!

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Mascara Monday: L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black


Ah, Voluminous Carbon Black, the one that started it all. It’s not hard to see why this particular mascara from L’oreal has become a cult favorite. In fact, it’s so popular that it spawned several reincarnations such as Voluminous Million Lashes, Voluminous Power Volume, and many many more.


Aside from the unassuming packaging, this serves and performs as more of a high-end mascara. It’s one of the few beauty products that convinced me, that just because you are paying less for a drugstore item, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be an inferior product as this mascara is fantastic.



The way I apply this is by blinking on the mascara and because of the slim, straight brush, it pushes my lashes upwards while coating them with the inky black formula while coating my lashes all the way from the inner corner in one fell swoop. That said, I prefer a more wet mascara, and this is actually quite dry but somehow Voluminous Carbon Black clumps up my lashes (in a good way) just like a wet mascara would, so I get the end result that I like. Unfortunately, I have yet to see this in the Kuwaiti Market so I have to resort to ordering it online. If you see this, you need to try it!

World Cup Fan Gets L’Oreal Modeling Contract


Belgian soccer fan Axelle Despiegelaere recently signed a contract with L’Oreal after photos of her cheering at the 2014 World Cup went viral! The shot of 17-year-old cutie sporting her country’s paraphernalia appeared in global newspapers and social media platforms all over the world resulting in L’Oreal contacting her shortly after and offering her a modeling contract! L’Oreal Professionnel Belgium collaborated with her on an ad hoc basis to produce a video for social media use in Belgium. They have since ended the contract but here’s the video she shot with them.

Sounds familiar to Pamela Anderson’s story, who was discovered after footage of her on-screen at a Canadian Football game was well-received and more recently, Kate Upton who was discovered after her friend uploaded a video of her dancing in the stands at an LA Clippers game or my personal favorite Jeremy Meek whose honey shot was a mug shot (see below)!

You, Sir, are guilty of taking my breath away.

You, Sir, are guilty of taking my breath away.

Say what you will ladies but he fiiiine!

Mascara Monday: L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes


Only select mascaras from the brand L’Oreal are available for purchase in Kuwait. Mascaras like the original Voluminous (which has a cult following) is unfortunately one of the mascaras you can’t find in Kuwait. If you’ve read My Story: Mascara (here) you’ll know I’m obsessed with all things lashes which is why I keep trying out different mascaras.

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