Spotted at Sephora (Summer)

I visited Sephora again (seriously, they need to move the store to a more accessible area of the Avenues already, like maybe switch out Sephora with Next so people can access Sephora both from inside and outside the mall for quick drive-bys. I mean their current location is so out of the way from everything else!) and also, because I still didn’t get my Brand Gift (for reaching 200 points) even though I’ve already received the e-mail from the Dubai branch of Sephora. While there, I spotted several new displays (as shown above), new products and new brands!!!!

For starters they had a Mini Mania display (sooo cute!) mostly of cult fave products available in mini-sizes separated into 4 categories (all of which we’ll be taking a much closer look at, below) ranging from Speedy SportSunny BeachTrendy WorkFunky Party.

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Sephora Haul

Swear to God, my experiences at Sephora keep getting weirder and weirder. I was dressed in jeans, a basic white tee and flats. I had no makeup on (not even lipbalm) and my hair was tossed in a messy bun (freshly washed hair tends to be more pouffy, so a bun keeps it in check). I happened to be carrying my Black Box Backpack on my er, back (strapped around both shoulders as opposed to just one, so as to keep it out of the way). Nothing about me made me look like a Makeup Artist or Sales Assistant… and yet some girl approached me out of nowhere and started asking me questions about a certain product (I got paranoid for half a second and thought that she had somehow pieced together the fact that I run LuLu ♥’s Makeup). I explained to her that I didn’t work at Sephora… and then proceeded to help her anyway lol

As for myself, I picked up a few random tidbits such as the a Travel-Sized Waterproof Too Faced Better Than Love Mascara (which made me die laughing because it’s actually called Better Than Sex world-wide, but I guess they had to “clean it up” for us uptight Arabs) and Lancôme Monsieur Big Mascara (which is overtly sexual – going by the description alone – lol) and 2 Urban Decay Liners (1 being specially formulated for the Waterline which I thought was pretty cool!) and a Sephora Honey Lip Scrub. I was only browsing around but also managed to find something I’d been lusting after for so long (Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in the shade Solstice)! Also, I was lucky enough to stumble upon the Limited Edition GlamGlow GravityMud Firming Treatment (Sonic Blue – Collectible Edition)!

Further disproving my “Samples Theory”, they gave me some Urban Decay Subversion Lash Primer Card Samples (because I purchased x3 items from Urban Decay) and several Clarins skincare samples (because… I don’t know). The total for all of the above was KD 48/000 which means Sephora Black Card, here I come!

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Lancome Haul

Like I said, Lancome and Dior are some of my first makeup brands so they’ll always hold a special place in my heart, no matter what. My love affair with Lancome began with their mascaras. My first “black” mascara ever was from Lancome, purchased for me by my mom. I talked more in-depth about my first experience with Lancome mascaras (here). Shortly after, that same love spread to their lipglosses (most of the Juicy Tubes) and a few random bits (Aqua Fusion Moisturizer, Peach-y Blush, literally everything in the Lancome “Calypso” Collection including an Eye Shadow Quad, Blue Nail Polish, and several Lip Products). I’ll still pick up a tube of Lancome Oscillation Mascara (reviewed here) every now and again, and use it as a topper (or even on it’s own because it’s just that good) or pick up random makeup-y bits on a whim. Even though I previewed the Lancome Miracle Cushion Foundation (here) I didn’t end up purchasing it. My last Lancome purchase (prior to this haul) was Lancome Grandiose Mascara (previewed here) but I never got around to reviewing it (soz!)

More recently, at the Perfume & Makeup Exhibition (Mishref Fair Grounds) I stopped by the Beidoun Booth to check out the sets available at Lancome. Just like Clinique (who are constantly churning out Value Sets and Gift Sets and all kinds of sets really) Lancome are also known to come out with a few desirable sets of their own. I was only interested in the new Energie de Vie Skincare Collection (green ombre packaging), the antioxidant liquid moisturizer specifically but other than that, I wasn’t really planning on getting anything. With that being said, the sales assistants were all so lovely and accommodating (as always, just like all Beidoun employees, as opposed to the horrible aggressively pushy Alshaya employees) that I obligingly picked up a Douceur Cleansing Trio which consisted of the cult classic Bi-Facil (Dual Phase) Eye Makeup Remover, a Cream Cleanser (my preferred way of removing makeup) and a Toner (to play around with), all full-sized. The sales assistants were all so very helpful that I couldn’t help pick up yet another set called Effortless Chic Eyes that consisted of a full-sized Lancome Hypnose Volume-a-porter Mascara (black), mini-size Lancome Crayon Khol (black), and full-size Lancome Lip Lover (Rose Attrape-Coeur). The Cleansing Trio normally retails for KD 22/750 but I got it for KD 14/790 and the Effortless Chic Eyes Set retails for KD 13/000 but I got it for only KD 8/000! Not only was their a significant discount on both Sets, but I also received a generous supply of samples including some from the Energie de Vie range! I walked away feeling great about my extremely pleasant experience at the Lancome counter! The sales assistants were lovely and actually helpful! They were also quite generous with the samples! Best of all, there were several great deals on already marked down Value Sets! Can you fault me for loving Lancome?

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Black Lip Gloss

I’ve always had a soft spot for novelty items (makeup or otherwise) and black lip gloss, to me, falls under that category. We’ve got Lancome Color Fever Gloss in 040 Piha Black (circa 2008), MAC Cremesheen Glass in Dark Outsider (2015), and Sephora Ultra Shine Lip Gloss in 35 Glitter Black (hauled here when I first started this blog).
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Lancome Miracle Cushion

A foundation revolution has arrived—liquid makeup in a cushion. A weightless formula creates a dewy, fresh glow. Anytime, anywhere.


Lancome Miracle Cushion, coming soon to Kuwait! I know that I stated in this post that I don’t really wear foundation that much but I also touched on the fact that I’m simply fascinated by Asian (specifically Japanese and Korean) culture including but not limited to their innovative beauty products, skincare regimens and such. We inherited the BB cream craze from Asia. Then CC creams, also from Asia, and now Miracle Cushions (you guessed it) also from the Asia. Lancome is the first European brand to introduce Miracle Cushion technology to the rest of the world! Continue reading

Lancome Grandiôse Mascara


Mark your calenders ladies! Lancome’s come out with a brilliant work of art under the guise of a mascara and it’s set to launch in August. I’m very excited and can’t wait for this to launch in Kuwait!


Penelope Cruz is going to be face of the ad campaign. The sultry latina actress and mother of two, has been Lancome’s spokesmodel for awhile now (Lancome’s Tresor Fragrance).


A trick I do with some of my more bend-y mascaras (mascaras that have flexible wands) is to twist the wand a wee bit so it’s at a certain angle. It just applies mascara better that way (and I was planning on doing an entire post on it except I haven’t gotten to the bend-y type mascaras yet). Lancome’s new mascara comes with the wand already curved to that certain angle, and they’ve trademarked it as “swan-neck” which sounds absolutely charming and brings to mind images of grace, elegance, and beauty! I’ve mentioned before that I’m a fan of bigger brushes on my mascara but the smaller brush on this mascara looks intriguing as even the bristles on this mascara are high-tech; They come in two different sizes, and were designed to apply mascara to the lashes more efficiently (coating each and every lash while doing amazing things to each and every lash!).


The gradient effect (ombre) of the packaging is not only sleek but breathtakingly beautiful! The transparent cap has Lancome’s signature rose embedded in it. The black tube is curved at the lower half to fit the curved wand housed inside. This innovative mascara is aptly named Grandiose! How deliciously apropros!

Mascara Monday: Lancome Oscillation


Take your lashes to a whole new level with this revolutionary vibrating mascara that delivers 7,000 oscillations per minute to re-create the application technique of a makeup artist. This lash-transforming powerhouse does it all: lengthens, separates and multiplies with just the press of a button. In an instant, you’ll experience a breakthrough sensation in application as the vibrating brush, combined with an exquisitely smooth formula, wraps every lash up to 360°. You’re lashes will be utterly transformed before your eyes.


I remember there was a lot of buzz (see what I did there?) around this mascara when it was first released. There was so much hype about the technology that was involved. I still don’t quite understand it but the mascara vibrates hence the name Oscillation. One of my brothers was interning somewhere in ‘Murica at the time (2010?), when this came out and I remember begging him to buy this for me (along with Urban Decay’s Naked Palette, and Philosphy’s Unconditional Love Eau de Toilette) which he did (thanks bro!). Lancome’s Oscillation Mascara was available for purchase in Kuwait shortly after and I’ve been repurchasing it ever since.

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The packaging on this thing is quite sleek. The cap has a reflective mirror-like top, Lancome’s signature single golden rose, and a button which you have to hold down for the mascara wand to actually vibrate. When you first buy the mascara, you have to remove the plastic flap (that you can see sticking out in the photos) otherwise the mascara won’t vibrate. Some watches come with the same plastic flap which you have to remove, for the watch to work. I’m not sure but I think it has something to do with the battery life.

The plastic bristles on the wand are spaced out in a way that makes them perfect for applying mascara to nonexistent lashes like mine. It coats them in a way that really darkens and defines them. It’s also slim enough for you to really get in there and perfectly coat even the inner corner lashes. Although the bristles are plastic, they are neither scratchy nor painful. The formula itself is fantastic and dries down to a deep matte black which is why I sometimes use this as a topper over other mascaras. It just really intensifies the lashes. It does have that cloying grandma perfume scent to it which is only apparent when you first open up the tube to apply the mascara but dissipates shortly after.

Lancome’s Oscillation is more of a “wet” mascara, which is what I prefer, and plays nicely with other mascaras. I don’t care for the vibrating option, which got old real quick, and after accidentally pressing the button (that makes the mascara vibrate) one too many times, I just decided to keep the plastic tab in, as this makes me jump every time it vibrates unexpectedly, which ruins my makeup. I really love trying out different mascaras but this is a long time favorite. I always have to have a tube laying around at all times. I enjoy using this on it’s own and I enjoy using this as a topper, as I’ve said before so I highly recommend you give this a try. It might become one of your faves as well. Love it!