FreshLook Honey Contact Lenses

I decided that I’m going to be doing hauls and reviews of all my Colored Contacts, starting with my favorites. The objective of the photos (ideally, they should’ve been way less, lol) is to show how they look in different lighting, and with different makeup and so on.

Also, sorry for the million and one photos. I tried to go through them and delete as many as I could, but the more time passed, the more I had to add other photos of other stuff to the Media Library, for my other posts. It made it difficult to go back and find the photos for this post in the Media Library on my blog. It got to be too much for me and eventually, I just… gave up. Many of the pictures are just awful lol but like I said, I’m so done editing and as such, this is the final product that you guys get lol Hopefully, the photos will be much less in my other posts about my other contacts.

Like I said in my Colored Contact Lenses Post (here), I cut my teeth on FreshLook Green Colored Contacts. They were pretty much the only pair I wore, if I was going to be wearing contacts at all. However, after some time, for whatever reason, I picked up Freshlook Honey Colored Contacts (on a whim) and gave them a try. They were pretty bright and quickly became another favorite of mine!

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My Story: Colored Contact Lenses

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Growing up with a sister who was 10 years older than me wasn’t easy because like any younger sibling, I wanted to copy her and do everything that she did which included (but not limited to) wearing colored contact lenses. The fact that she actually needed to wear them and just happened to choose colored ones, didn’t factor into my decision making process. The other fact that she switched between contacts and glasses all the time was irrelevant to me. I wanted to wear colored contacts. My mother forbid it so I waited for the right opportunity. We were traveling abroad, somewhere in Europe when my mother had to go back to Kuwait, leaving me with my father. I learned early on that if one parent said no, before they got a chance to communicate, if timed correctly I’d still get what I want from the other parent. Slick, no? Yeah, not really, eventually they caught on but it wasn’t during this incident.
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