Spotted at Perfume & Makeup Exhibition

(Photo nicked off the Mishref Fair Grounds Website).

I try to make it a point to visit the Perfume & Makeup Exhibition at least once a year. The Perfume & Cosmetics Exhibition takes place twice a year (March and then again in Oct-Nov) in Hall 5 and Hall 6 and Hall 8 at Mishref Fair Grounds. As you can see, the Halls are huge! They’ve always got something or other going on there (sometimes simultaneously), year-round! This year, I noticed that they had strung up pretty fairy lights and arranged a seating area somewhere outside, with a ton of trendy pop-ups in cute little shacks that were catering the event, on either side of the seating area! I actually took a handful of pics, but people’s faces were on full display so I can’t show ’em (privacy blah blah blah consent blah blah blah).

Unfortunately, the majority of the halls participating in the Perfume & Cosmetics Exhibition mainly feature Oud and Teeb (Arab Fragrances), with only a smaller portion of booths featuring “French Perfumes” and an even smaller portion featuring Makeup. Heck, one of the Halls (I wanna’ say Hall 7) was reserved solely and entirely for Boutiqaat (at one point, I saw a tumbleweed roll by).

I’ve been going to the Perfume & Makeup Exhibition for years decades! In fact, even before I used to go there, my mom would get me a Lancome Mascara Gift Set when I was a teen (drugstore brands weren’t as readily available in Kuwait back then). Even just 8 years back, Victoria’s Secret used to participate (here) as did Sephora (here). It’s also where I first spotted China Glaze (here) and Lush (here). Now, it’s so very different (not in a good way) from what it once was…

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My Story: Colored Contact Lenses

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Growing up with a sister who was 10 years older than me wasn’t easy because like any younger sibling, I wanted to copy her and do everything that she did which included (but not limited to) wearing colored contact lenses. The fact that she actually needed to wear them and just happened to choose colored ones, didn’t factor into my decision making process. The other fact that she switched between contacts and glasses all the time was irrelevant to me. I wanted to wear colored contacts. My mother forbid it so I waited for the right opportunity. We were traveling abroad, somewhere in Europe when my mother had to go back to Kuwait, leaving me with my father. I learned early on that if one parent said no, before they got a chance to communicate, if timed correctly I’d still get what I want from the other parent. Slick, no? Yeah, not really, eventually they caught on but it wasn’t during this incident.
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