Mascara Monday: Covergirl Star Wars The Super Sizer Mascara

Covergirl Star Wars Limited Edition Light Side Mascara in Very Black
Unleash the light within using COVERGIRL Star Wars The Super Sizer by lashblast Waterproof Mascara! Our new Light Side lash styler transforms even small lashes and gives 400% more corner-to-corner volume for full, fanned-out lashes.

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Mascara Monday: Covergirl Professional 3-in-1 Curved Brush Mascara

I was pretty excited when the entire line of Covergirl Professional Mascaras (in the newly upgraded packaging) became available for purchase at and immediately added the Professional 3-in-1 Curved Brush Mascara ($5.24) to my shopping cart, in the hopes that it would perform similarly to my beloved Maybelline Volum’ Express The Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara ($7.77), based solely on the fact that they both had a curved brush (or claw brush, as Maybelline calls it). The Maybelline Cat Eyes Mascara (yellow tube, claw brush) was my favorite, but they stopped selling it in Kuwait for some reason, which meant I had to order it online, and I did, for the longest time, until I started getting dry tubes of mascara. There’s a number of reasons why that might have happened; Maybe it was stored improperly (extreme heat, direct sunlight, etc…) at the Ministry of Information, maybe the shipping process dried it out, maybe sent me a couple of older tubes (since the mascara has been out for quite some time), maybe I just got a bad batch (it happens). Whatever that reason was, even though it broke my heart to do so, I figured I should stop repurchasing Maybelline Cat Eyes. Consequentially, every time I see a curved brush on a mascara now, I can’t help but hope that it might perform similarly, if not better. That’s why I was very excited to try out the Covergirl 3-in-1 Curved Brush Mascara and couldn’t wait for it to arrive!
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CoverGirl Star Wars Collection


CoverGirl came out with a limited edition Star Wars Collection to coincide with the release of the new Star Wars movie. Playing up the whole Star Wars theme, the collection is divided into two categories; Light Side and Dark Side.
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Mascara Monday: Covergirl LashBlast

Back Camera

Covergirl isn’t a brand that’s readily available in Kuwait. You can’t find it at Sephora, or Vavavoom, or Beidoun because it’s not a high-end brand. You can’t find it at Boots, or your local co-op (supermarket, jam3iya, etc…) either because as I said, it’s not sold in Kuwait. That said, you can find all kinds of random things at Sultan Center which is exactly where I found this mascara, just the one.
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My Story: Mascara


When I was younger, I felt mascara was quite intimidating so I never dared to use it especially when I had to apply it so closely to my eyes. Around the time hair mascara was trending, on a whim, I decided to purchase a blue mascara from Maybelline called Great Lash (pink tube, cult following) thinking I could use it for my bangs. I never did though because as I mentioned before, I hated using any type of product on my hair because it made me feel dirty (yup pretty sure I’ve got OCD). One idle afternoon, I sat criss-cross (indian style) in front of a floor-length mirror in our house’s carpeted hallway and with plenty of good lighting decided to use the mascara on my eyelashes. This wasn’t a slightly blue-tinted mascara, this was straight up cobalt blue, too avante garde for Kuwait in the late 90’s, but at the time I was quite new to the world of mascara so I had nothing to base my opinion on, I thought “Oh it makes my browns eyes look almost greenish” so I continued to use it until it dried up (which was way past the suggested 3 month mark). To remove it, I just washed my face with water and soap.
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