Spotted at Carrefour (Catrice Cosmetics + Essence Cosmetics)

Exactly what the title says. People are always asking where to find Essence Cosmetics in Kuwait. Well, Carrefour is one place. I’ve actually purchased a handful from there before (here). As for Catrice Cosmetics, I’ve only ever purchased Nail Polish from them (here).

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Haul: Catrice Nail Lacquer

Left-Right: Prismatic Effects Top Coat, Ultimate Nail Lacquer in the shade Iron Mermaiden, Ultimate Nail Lacquer in the shade Blues Brothers Vol. II 

Swatches Left-Right: Endless Night, Prismatic Effects Top Coat, Iron Mermaiden, Blues Brothers Vol. II

I’ve swatched MAC’s Endless Night with them so you can see the nuances of the duochromes.


Blues Brothers Vol. II looked so shimmery and gorgeous in the bottle but unfortunately the shimmer isn’t visible once you apply it on your nails. It wasn’t what I was expecting but it’s a pretty inky blue nonetheless.

Iron Mermaiden has the cutest name of life! I enjoy products that include some sort of play on words and this one just tickles my funny bone. The shade itself is gorgeousness in a bottle and I’m happy to say it applies exactly the same as it looks in the bottle. It has a beautiful duochrome quality that’s apparent whether you apply several coats or just one.

The Prismatic Effect Top Coat is another duochrome that’s very interesting because it has the ability to transform any shade of nail polish you apply it over.

Iridescent effects in white and blue turn this into a true eye-catcher: the Prismatic Effects Top Coat can be used solo or as a top coat to give other nail polishes a multi-facetted, duo chrome effect that changes according to the lighting.


1 coat each.


Several coats each. Prismatic Effects Top Coat swatched over Endless Night.





I love the brush on these polishes because it makes it so easy to get a smooth application. They dry quite fast but not as fast as Chinaglaze nail polishes. Here’s the kicker; These cost only 1 KD each. Obsessed!