Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa Malibu Waves Sea Salt Spray

Malibu Waves Spray For Hair

Have bombshell hair at the beach with our new Malibu Waves texture spray. With mineral-rich Sea Salt to boost texture and a UV Absorber to help protect hair against environmental damage, a stunningly sexy, wonderfully wind-blown look is yours instantly.

Spa Secret
Can’t get away to the beach today? You’ll look like you did when you use Malibu Waves, morning, noon, and night.

Use on dry or damp hair. Work through hair and use fingers to scrunch and twirl hair for a tousled, “un-done”, beach-blown style.

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Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa All Angle Airbrush Tan – Solar Power


Now you have the power to have a safe, golden, perfectly-even tan. Our All-Angle Airbrush Tan leaves skin satiny smooth with no messy hands or streaks in the aftermath. Best of all, new airbrush technology lets you spray at all angles so doing it yourself is easy. Finally a professional-looking tan without letting the professionals see you naked.

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Haul: Bath and Body Works


I was at The Avenues with hubby when we made a quick stop at Bath & Body Works. I noticed some new looking products and some fun looking products at the True Blue Spa section. L-R Malibu Radiance Whipped Body Cream, Malibu Waves Sea Salt Spray for Hair, Green Tea Fizzy Foaming Face Mask, Fresh Foaming Body Buff in I’m in the mood for scrub, Nourishing Shower Smoothies in Mango Butter and Raspberry Yogurt, Raspberry Mojito Cream Gel Front Row L-R Exhilarating & Exfoliating Citrus Mini Face Scrub, and Raspberry Margarita Body Scrub.

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Haul: Bath and Body Works

I hadn’t been to Bath and Body Works in a long time so I went a little crazy at the semi-annual sale which happens twice a year (once mid-summer, and again mid-winter). A lot of things were 50% off which made me feel dumb for spending x amount through out the year. If you are a normal person who purchases a few things from them, every now and then, I think thats fine but when you’re an addict like me, it really starts to add up. That said, some of the things I purchased this time were also not on sale (I never learn, lawl).

Back Camera

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Bath and Body Works: Coming Soon To Kuwait

B&BW are opening up shop in the Avenues at 6:00pm November 9 2010.

Now if you haven’t heard of Bath & Body Works before, here’s a quick rundown. They specialize in fragrance. Everything they sell from body lotions, to shower gels, candles, lipgloss, and even hand sanitizers is scented. The scents range from delicate floral bouqets to mouth-watering citrus-y scents to strong woods-y scents during the cooler months. They have a standard permanent line they refer to as the Signature Collection but are always coming out with limited edition seasonal lines as well.

I’ve heard of several little outlets selling them in Kuwait (some are even online) but I’m afraid they might turn out to be knock-offs so I’ve refrained from purchasing from either. Needless to say I’m very excited about a legit Bath & Body Works finally opening up shop in Kuwait! Hope to see you lovelies there!