Aldo Haulage (The Promenade Mall)

The last time I was at Aldo (haulage here) I was instantly smitten with these White Peep-Toe Pumps! Unfortunately, Size 39 was much too large on me and 36 was way too tight. The only size 37 available, was the one on display (tester). I totally would’ve purchased it too, except one side (the tester) had been significantly stretched out, to the extent that my foot kept slipping out of the shoe as I walked around the store, whereas the other side fit perfectly fine. The Sales Assistants (two women and a man) kept urging me to go ahead and purchase it, assuring me that the size was fine, regardless of the blatantly large gap. I think not. I wasn’t about to spend KD 20/000 on a pair of shoes that so vastly differed in size, from left to right!

That said, I was obsessed with the White Peep-Toe Pumps and really had my heart set on getting them. So, I had the man um… manning the cash register, call up all the other Aldo stores and ask if it was available in a size 37. They told him it wasn’t from the current collection so they had no way of knowing if it was in stock or not, and if it was in stock, it was most likely in the sale section and they had no way of reserving a pair for me. Basically, it was no longer listed in their inventory. Thankfully, the Aldo store at The Promenade Mall came through! They had a size 38 but they could only put it on hold for 24 hours. I couldn’t make it in time… and sorta’ lost interest. So the Aldo branch at The Promenade Mall called me up to remind me. I told them I couldn’t make it (meaning they might as well go ahead and sell it). They called me up the next day as well, and the next and the next and the next.

3 weeks later… they were still calling me (thirsty much?) to come pick up the shoes, and since I’d already been to The Promenade Mall once before (at the crack of dawn) to check out Sultan Center (haulage here), I figured I might as well explore the rest of the place… during opening hours. I ended up picking up the gorgeous White Peep-Toe Pumps and Multi-Strand Gold Coins Necklace (trending) and since the Free Choker Necklace promo was still ongoing, I picked out a Tan Braided Suede Choker for free (for purchasing worth KD 15+)!

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Aldo Sunglasses Haul

On April 4th I found myself at Souk Sharq, again. While there, I decided to check out Aldo. I’ve always loved Aldo (both the shoe store and accessories store that are wall-to-wall to each other at Souk Sharq, which is just super convenient)! Before Aldo was available in Kuwait, my favorite cousin and I used to fly to Dubai and stockpile Aldo Accessories and Aldo Shoes for ourselves all the time. More recently though, I’ve become absolutely besotted with their Handbags! As such, I wanted to check out their recent Handbags Collection but ended up getting 3 pairs of Sunglasses instead. Also, I got to pick out a Choker Necklace for free (for purchasing over KD 15/000)!

One of the Sunglasses I got was yet another pair of Clear Aviators (so cool!) while the other two were Cat Eyes (current trend) including one of those Matrix-Inspired Tiny Black Sunglasses (also currently trending). Cat-Eye Sunglasses aren’t really my style (I’m an Aviators girl, through and through) but it’s nice to switch things up, from time to time.

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