Sultan Center Groceries Haul (Jan 2021)

I was feeling physically weak on and off, all throughout January, but I was having a particularly bad day


I decided to go grocery shopping, as one does.

To be honest, thanks to the lockdown, I had discovered that I quite enjoyed cooking! I actually found it therapeutic. More than that, I enjoyed the fact that the people I cared for enjoyed my cooking, saying I had a knack for it.

Since I needed to get ingredients for certain recipes that I was gonna’ try making later on, not to mention the fact that I’d been wanting to introduce healthier food to the kids (my nieces and nephew lived on chicken nuggs), I figured I might as well hit up Sultan Center.

The Souq Sharq branch was my favorite because I found it quite peaceful (barely any people, most of the time) and I knew where everything was placed by heart. Also, there was always plenty of parking space outside.

First, I hit up the top floor (where all the Cookware/Bakeware used to be), grabbed a few things and made my way back to the ground floor.

Etnea Moneta Artech Stone Grill Pan (28x28cm)

I was obsessed with the Grill Pan that my sister-in-law had used to help me grill the Chicken Shawarma for the family (scroll down to January 12 for pictures).

So when I clocked this thing on the top floor of Sultan Center, I just had to have it. It’s not the exact same one, but it does the job.

Aside from grilling Chicken Shawarma on this thing, I would also enjoy grilling Mr. Cleavers Burger Patties left over from my outdoor BBQ get-togethers (scroll down to February 7 for pictures). They’d usually be one or two left over, which I would then have for a low-carb lunch the next day.

All in all, I’m pretty satisfied with this Grill Pan and I’m glad I got it.

Betty Crocker Large Crisping Baking Pan (43.8×28.3×1.8cm)

I figured this would come in handy, the next time I wanted to roast Brussel Sprouts (scroll down to June 8 for pictures) or Cauliflower Florets (drizzled in BBQ Sauce and Olive Oil) or buttered Cashew Nuts.

x2 Betty Crocker 6 Cup Muffin Baking Pan (35×21.5x4cm)

Those Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins that I’d made earlier (scroll down to July 30 for pictures) were heavenly!

It’s unfortunate but the ones sold at Costa or Starbucks (basically anything mass produced) are kinda’ too doughy (too much bread) and flavorless (not as sweet) and worst of all, stale.

However, when you’re the one making the food, you control all those factors and more. As it turns out, I quite enjoy Muffins, provided they’re done right.

So I grabbed x2 6 Cup Muffin Baking Pans (because the ones I’d used earlier were not actual Muffin Baking Pans lol) with hopes of making Blueberry Muffins next.

GEOR Strainer (18cm)

Lastly, from the top floor, I picked up a larger Strainer, mostly for straining Vanilla Pastry Cream for Choux au Craquelin (Cracked Cream Puffs) and Chocolate Eclairs (pictures here) whenever I’m in the mood for baking.

As you can see, the new one was significantly larger than the old one.

Most recently, I’ve been using it for sifting Flour and filtering my home-made Karak Tea or Chai Karak.

Mr Muscle In-Tank Toilet Block – Marine

The family has always employed live-in housekeepers to keep the house in tip-top shape. As a matter of fact, my personal apartment (including my master bathroom and the smaller guest bathroom) get cleaned on the daily.

However, I do so enjoy having blue water in the toilet, which is why I’m constantly buying these little things and dropping them in the toilet tank. The brand really doesn’t matter, so long as turns the water blue.

Downy Luxury Perfume Collection Vanilla & Cashmere Musk Concentrate Fabric Softener (800ml)

This stuff is by far my favorite Fabric Softener scent!

It makes my clothes and undies all smell like Vanilla!

Kiss Shape & Trim Brows Multi Shaper
Kiss Lash Couture Bustier Triple Push Up Lashes

After much deliberation, I grabbed these two from the KISS Lashes display, by the escalator.

I’d been tweezing my brows myself, ever since the lockdown (Hair Removal During the Lockdown), but figured I could use the Multi Shaper for some maintenance in-between the tweezing period.

As for the False Lashes, they just looked so lush! How could I not?”

Rockit Apple

From the Fresh Produce Aisle, I grabbed some more of those ridiculously cute, bite-sized Apples (repurchase).

They’re sweet and crunchy (as opposed to soggy-soft) and just an all-around great healthy snack!

Banana (Delmonte)

I also grabbed a bunch of Bananas to make my now infamous Banana Bread (well, infamous among my inner circle lol).

I mean it was a huge hit the first time I ever made it on September 9 that I made it again on September 14 (pics here) and again on November 9 (here) and plenty of other times, during and after.

Not to toot my own horn but the Banana Bread I make is bomb! It’s super quick and easy to make, with very minimal ingredients and always ends up tasting flavorful and smelling delicious!

And to think, it all started with those tiny Banana Nutmeg Bread Pudding Mason Jar Candles from B&BW (here) all those years ago lol The delicious scent stayed with me and inspired me to try my hand at Banana Bread, many years later and now here we are.

Avocado (Mexico)

I was craving home-made Avocado Toast for a minute now (scroll down to July 17 for pics) so I grabbed a few Avocados (always go for Mexican) from the Fresh Produce Aisle.

Baby Paprika (Spain)
Cherry Tomato
Driscoll’s Strawberry

While at the Fresh Produce Aisle, I also stumbled upon the cutest stack of Baby Paprika! They were tiny and came in a mix of red, orange and yellow. They could be used for everything from “Filling, Decoration, Grilling, Salad, Snacking”, as it said on one side of the packaging. If all that wasn’t cute enough, the brand was actually named Tinkerbell! I die!

I was planning on making Caesar Salad at some point and I do so enjoy chopping up Cherry Tomatoes in half and adding them to my Salads and sometimes even Pizza (scroll down to June 21 for pics), but I couldn’t decide between two different kinds of Cherry Tomatoes, so I grabbed both. I’m not sure if it was around the same time, but the Baked Feta Pasta from TikTok went viral and that called for Cherry Tomatoes as well.

Another TikTok trend that was going viral was the Strawberry thing (where you were supposed to submerge the Strawberries in salted water and bugs would eventually crawl out of them). That was one reason, but the real reason I needed Strawberries was because I was planning on making Strawberry Spinach Salad (scroll down to February 2 for pics). As I said, I wanted to introduce healthier food to the kids.

In the hopes of stumbling upon those same delicious Cherries from the beginning of the Quarantine (scroll down to June 17 for pics and June 19 and July 11), I grabbed a thing of Cherries as well.

Newgreen Baby Spinach (Italy)
Natureland Organic Portabello Mushrooms

I also grabbed a thing of Baby Spinach for my Strawberry Spinach Salad (scroll down to February 2 for pics) and later on my Spinach Casserole (scroll down to February 9 for pics) to introduce healthier food to the kids.

Oh and also some Portabello Mushrooms because I love all shrooms!

Mann’s Family Favorites Broccoli Wokly
Mann’s Power Blend Super Food
(Brussel Sprouts, Napa Cabbage, Kohlrabi, Broccoli, Carrots & Kale)
Mann’s Sweet Potato Fettuccine

These looked pretty nifty as well, so I grabbed a thing of each. The Broccoli was for bulking up the Stir-Fry Beef. The Sweet Potato Fettuccine was for experimenting cuz it seemed unique, but the Power Blend Super Food was the one I was most excited for because I was torn between using it for either Spring Rolls or Pho.

Good Mama Edamame

While I’m not particular about the brand (any is fine) I just love snacking on these at night while binging a new show!

Cebu Dried Bananas

Picked these up for our live-in housekeeper who hails from Bisaya.

Out of curiosity, I did ask her if I could try one, because she looked so happy munching away on this stuff.

It was a bit too thick and therefore too hard for me.

At the moment, I’m currently in favor of things being more crispy.

Fresh Gourmet Classic Caesar Croutons

These were for when I was going to be making Caesar Salad. They’re a constant repurchase (from years and years ago) because they’re really the only brand I can ever find.

Al Rifai Cashews
Bayara Jumbo Walnuts

I always like to fry Cashews and Raisins in Butter, whenever I was going to be making Chicken Machboos or Kabsa. It’s been that way ever since I first started making those traditional Rice Dishes (scroll down to August 24 for pics) and has continued since (scroll down to January 7 and January 15 for more recent pics).

The Walnuts I chop in half and toss into my Banana Bread (scroll down to September 9 and 14 and November 9 for pics). It gives a nice lil crunch to the Banana Bread.

That said, I’m not particular about the brand of Cashews and Walnuts nor Raisins even. I’ll just take whatever I can find and make do.

Continental Honey Barbecue Chicken Cook-in-Bag

Now these were so good!

Sadly, as is the case with most of the gems I find at Sultan Center, they’re a one-and-done kinda’ deal, meaning I don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of ever finding them again, locally.

Siblou Scottish Smoked Salmon

As I’ve said multiple times on this blog, I love anything and everything smoked! Since I’d been craving Smoked Salmon for a minute, I grabbed two packs of the stuff.

Siblou Salmon Fillets

Back home, I asked my younger brother and his wife if I could borrow their Steamer, which they sent down in the dumbwaiter, right away.

It wasn’t put together so it looked daunting at first (all 3 layers lol), but once I figured it out, I shamelessly kept their Food Steamer for an entire week lol

It was so fun to use!

I’d stack a layer or two with Salmon Fillet and a layer for Veggies and get a kick out of watching the Food Steamer do it’s thing! Also, so yummy!

Siblou Super Jumbo Cooked Shrimp

I made Shrimp Cocktail for myself (that’s what these were for) but at that point I was kinda’ sick of taking pictures of each and every meal I was making… mostly because I was actually sick lol

Emborg Lumpfish Caviar
Friederichs Salmon Cream

Both the Lumpfish Caviar and the Salmon Cream were a constant repurchase as well. It’s a texture thing.

While I do enjoy the Caviar, it’s not my most favorite brand. I only repurchase it because it’s so readily available. I’d be willing to pay much more for something of a higher quality, but alas this is Kuwait.

As for the Salmon Cream, I quite like this particular brand and actually enjoy having it spread on bread.

Freedom Foods Messy Monkeys Banana Blast Cereal
Slendier Edamame Bean Fettuccine
Barilla Mezze Penne Tricolore

Banana Blast Cereal is pretty self-explanatory. I enjoy trying out different kinds of Cereal, all the time.

Much like the Sweet Potato Fettuccine (above) the Edamame Bean Fettuccine was also purchased because it was different. I do not enjoy bland Pasta, so I’m down for anything that’ll add more flavor. That’s not to say that the Pasta I make is ever bland because I always make sure to salt the water until it’s as salty as seawater (for real).

I also picked up a thing of Tricolore Penne (because… pretty) from the brand Barilla which was quickly becoming a favorite!

Doritos Stax Corn Chips – Ultimate Cheese

These looked new so I picked them up in the Cheese flavor, just to try. Did not like.

MF Taco Sauce (340ml)

From the first time I made Tacos (scroll down to July 17 for pics) to the many times I made them after (scroll down to November 24 for pics) and again (scroll down to February 2 for pics) they were always a huge hit!

That meant they’d disappear pretty quick. So I learned to make more, but to make more, I had to buy ingredients in bulk, hence two huge things of Taco Sauce.

Lotus Biscoff Topping Sauce (1kg)

The jars of Lotus Sauce were so small the last time I made a Lotus Cheesecake (scroll down to September 23 for pics) that I barely had any left for the topping, after using most of it for what was in the cake.

So when I clocked this huge thing of Lotus Topping Sauce, I just grabbed it right away.

I did end up making Lotus Cheesecake again at some point, for my brother, for his Diwaniya Night.

However, I’ve mostly been using the Lotus Topping Sauce for whatever dessert I happen to be making at the time. It adds that extra oomph and is such a crowd-pleaser!

Actimel – Strawberry Flavored Dairy Drink
Coco Mojo Pure Coconut Water
Snapple Pink Lemonade
Snapple Fruit Punch

As for drinks, I got an 8-pack of those tiny little Actimel Strawberry Dairy Drinks (repurchase). So refreshing and yummy!

I also got a huge thing of my favorite Coconut Water (repurchase).

Finally, some Snapple for variety.

That concludes this post *phew*

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