H&M Scrunchie Haul (Jan 2021)

Top: Dark Green
Mid: Silver
Bottom: Blue

I was still furniture-shopping in January, so I hit up The Avenues to check out Pottery Barn, etc…

While there, I popped into H&M (just to browse) and walked out with a pack of these gorgeous Scrunchies!

They were smaller than the average Velvet Scrunchies (too small to hold my hair in a top bun).

That meant they were perfect for that half-up half-down hairstyle (when you grab a little hair from each side and tie it into a ponytail, while the rest of your hair is loose)!

Not only that, but the colors were stun-ning!

Prior to this, I’d never even seen a green one that dark! It was so, so, sooo pretty!

That said, I’ve gotten the most use out of the blue, which was just pure gorgeousness!

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