MAC Mini Haul

Duo Lash Glue
MAC Soar Lip Pencil : mid-tone cool mauve

The last time I was at Phase 4 of The Avenues was with Mera (ex-friend), when we went shopping at Etude House (here) and Nyx (here) and had dinner at Trapani (Chef LuLu – Part 8).

It had been months since then.

Meanwhile, I’d hit up almost every MAC Cosmetics in the country, in the search of Duo Lash Glue, which had mysteriously disappeared off the shelves for some reason.

It’s not like I’d been wearing False Lashes all this time and suddenly ran out of Lash Glue. The last time I’d worn False Lashes was around 2018, give or take.

It’s not like I recently got a specific pair of False Lashes that I really wanted to wear. I hoarded False Lashes pretty regularly, but saved them for special occasions (here).

I wanted False Lash Glue because I wanted to wear False Lashes on a more regular basis.

False Lashes looked prettier than regular ol’ Mascara, at least on my wimpy lashes. They were softer styles and more dramatic ones, basically whatever you were into.

Also, as opposed to applying a million coats of Mascara and roughly removing them on a daily basis, applying and removing False Lashes seemed more gentle on my now almost non-existent lashes.

Lastly, I needed the practice. At one point, I used to be so adept at applying False Lashes, but not anymore.

So, for all those reasons, I needed False Lash Glue, and the one from Duo was my tried and true fave.

Since I couldn’t find Duo Lash Glue at any of the other MAC Cosmetics stores in the country, I figured I’d give the MAC Cosmetics in Phase 4 a try.

As luck would have it, I did find Duo Lash Glue! Success!

While there, I took pity on the sales assistant, who was trying so hard to sell more stuff, so I asked for Soar Lip Pencil.

Aside from a very few from MAC and ColourPop, I rarely buy or even use Lip Liners.

However, Soar was a classic and such a pretty pink-y shade that would pair well with certain nudes already in my collection.

The new me that wanted to wear False Lashes regularly, apparently also wanted to wear Lip Liner regularly as well lol

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