Ikea Snackage Haul

You can’t very well decorate an apartment or go couch-hunting in Kuwait without hitting up Ikea!

I didn’t buy anything substantial (only a pack of those colorful Bevara Sealing Clips).

However, that meant I had to wait in a very long line, making the little snack store across from the checkout counter (where I previously got those delicious Apple Drinks) in my direct line of vision.

I was interested in trying out some snackage, especially in conjunction with my recently purchased Bevara Sealing Clips lol

OLW Cheez Doodles – not bad
OLW Cheez Ballz – not bad
OLW Hot Ranch – very bad
Daim Orange Chocolate (Limited Edition) – Sooo good!

To be honest, most of the OLW stuff tasted so weird… kinda’ like the Marks&Spencer stuff (here).

Maybe it’s a European things (mebbe’ our taste buds are different)?

I mean the Hot Ranch was bad, but that’s cuz I don’t do spicy.

The Cheez however was not that great either. At first, it tasted strange. Halfway through the bag, it started tasting better.

The initial taste is not good but once it melts in your mouth, you get that satisfying hit of cheesiness. Not sure how else to explain it lol

Personally, I prefer the Cheez Doodles over the Cheez Ballz. That said, neither is worth a repurchase lol

Daim Orange Chocolate

Now this stuff was great!!!!

Once you’ve melted the chocolate on the outside, you get to the crunchy caramel on the inside. Sooo good!

Too bad it was limited edition because it’s definitely worth a repurchase!

They can’t all be wins.

7 thoughts on “Ikea Snackage Haul

  1. Thanks Lulu! ❤️

    I moved to Australia :) In all honesty, I have a love hate relation with Kuwait. Don’t get me wrong, am grateful for all the awesome things this country gave me and my family. Kuwait will always be the place me and my sisters call “HOME” but sadly, this country doesn’t appreciate it. Like I said, I am the third generation in my family to have lived in Kuwait. But things have changed a lot. I saw a very different Kuwait once I started working here and even more during Covid. The constant expat hate in the news and unexplained salary difference for the same job and much more. I was living alone for the past 5 years as my parents left Kuwait to retire in India and I stayed back as I had a job and my Aus paperwork was going on. Finding an apartment for a single woman in Kuwait is a nightmare. 😅 But I have to say this, I felt safe in Kuwait. I wanted to live in a country where basic human rights are not questioned coz of my gender and since my sis already is in Aus, I decided to apply for my PR and got it.

    Sorry about the rant, but when you come to Australia, please let me know and I would love to meet you. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Don’t be sorry. I wanted to know so thank you for sharing!

    What you went through is unfortunate but not surprising because… Kuwait.

    You are not alone in what you experienced over here. It’s insane to think that in this day and age, people STILL have to go through all that in Kuwait.

    Frankly, as a Kuwaiti, it’s embarrassing and disheartening and just so so sooo sucky.

    I wish we could’ve met before you left though. We never got to go see BTS either lol Thanks for the invite, I’ll be sure to take you up on it (at some point) but until then, I wish you the very best of luck xx


  3. I knowwww!! I wish we could have met in Kuwait before I left but I was so caught up with all the exit procedures that I honestly couldn’t even inform you about my situation. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t stop us from going to a BTS concert. 😁

    Thank you for the well wishes and for taking my comments the right way. I appreciate it. Best wishes to you too Lulu! Am so happy that I discovered your blog and we were able to relate to so many things. Will def be in touch! 😊❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Yeah I’m glad you found my blog too ♥

    I hope you make a lot more friends over there, and go out, and do all that fun stuff after work, all the time, until Kuwait just becomes a distant unpleasant memory

    Australia is pretty big but the only place I’ve heard of is Perth lol Do you happen to be living in Perth now? Its ok if you prefer not to say. I just enjoy guessing and turning out to be right lol


  5. Awww thanks love! I hope to live life a lil more carefree and openly now. After all, you only live once 😊

    Yes, Aus is a huge country. I haven’t been to Perth as yet. Am in Melbourne 😁


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