Small Collective Grocery Store Haul

Around January 2021, my apartment renovations were finally almost over and I was on the hunt for the most perfect couch.

I was still very much into cooking, as mentioned in my Chef LuLu – Part 10 – Final Post (here) and was pretty much making Chicken Machboos (among other things) on a weekly basis!

Since my hunt for a couch took me to places I’d never been to before (Al-Dhajeej, to name one), I’d pop in to the nearest LuLu Hypermart or Carrefour or City Center or whatever else afterwards, to check it out (for cooking stuff) while there.

Expect to see a lot of more posts like this, up next.

x3 Tippys Makeup Pads (100pc per pack)
x4 Cream Silk Conditioner – Dry Rescue (reviewed here)
x2 Batiste Dry Shampoo – Hint of Colour Beautiful Brunette (after years of searching)

First, let’s get the Personal Care stuff outta’ the way.

Now that a certain someone was no longer in my life, I had a lot more time for all my other friends, which meant I was going out a lot more, which meant I was wearing makeup a lot more (in comparison to none at all, during the lockdown) which meant I needed Cotton Pads (in bulk) to be used with the Best Makeup Remover Ever (reviewed here). This stuff was nice. It helped remove my makeup and on occasion, nail polish, efficiently. Nothing bad to say about it.

A certain someone had gotten a whole bunch of Cream Silk Conditioner for me recently (here) but I go through this stuff like water, which is why I’m always stocking up on it. Once my hair gets below shoulder length, I cannot survive without Cream Silk Conditioner.

My favorite Dry Shampoo of life (holy grail status) is by the brand Batiste (Hint of Colour – Medium Brown & Brunette) which for some reason completely disappeared, for years! I was forced into trying out others but my heart was still with Batiste. Out of the blue, I stumbled upon it randomly, at Jabriya Co-op, I believe, of all the places. So basically, dreams do come true!

x2 Alalali Lime Gelatin Dessert
x8 Foster Clark’s Lime Jelly
x2 Foster Clark’s Lemon Jelly
x2 Foster Clark’s Pineapple Jelly

Since Lime Jello was so difficult to find (even before the lockdown), I’ve sorta’ developed a complex towards the stuff and now have to purchase it in bulk, whenever I happen to find it. I use the Lime exclusively for a certain dessert recipe. I picked up the Lemon and Pineapple just for the sake of variety.

Magic Taste Salsa Con Queso – for nachos
Magic Taste Ranch Dip – for potato chips
Lay’s Smooth Ranch Dip – for potato chips
Maggi Napoletana Sauce – for spaghetti
Heinz Organic Tomato Ketchup – for everything
Heinz Original Salad Cream – for salad?

I picked these up just to try. Some were repurchases, some were not. The “Organic” Ketchup makes me feel the tiniest bit more… smug (as if it truly was a healthier choice lol).

Sensible Portions Garden Veggie Chips – Sea Salt & Vinegar + Sea Salt

I saw my little niece (the youngest one) munching on these at home during the lockdown. They were cut into chunky sticks and came in a bag but the same brand and flavor and all that. She fed me one lol

After that, I was kinda’ obsessed with them and for the longest time, had trouble finding them online. Once the lockdown lifted, they were a bit easier to find (albeit in a different form).

Batook Chewing Gum Pack – must!
Haribo Worms – love!

Both were repurchases and long-time faves!

Knorr Bolognese Mix – awful!
Maggi Cheesy Bechamel Mixmust!
Maggi Arabic Biryani Mixnoice!
Maggi Stroganoff Mix – can’t remember
Maggi Chinese Noodles Mix – can’t remember
Maggi Chicken Orzo Soup (Limited Edition) – tasteless
Maggi Mexican Corn Soup (Limited Edition) – no bueno

Lastly, I picked up a few more Mixes to help me out when cooking. I love it when they come out with new Mixes and love it even more when they turn out to actually be good!

Unfortunately, the Knorr Bolognese Mix tends to harden in the pack and stick together (like little rocks) and just feels… odd. Do not like. The Maggi Cheesy Bechamel Mix is pretty good though, as is the Maggi Arabic Biryani Mix! The Maggi Stroganoff Mix and Chinese Noodles Mix were forgettable (I made both dishes from scratch and much prefer the flavors of the ones I made lol). While I was excited to find two limited edition ones, sadly they were both let-downs, but that’s fine. They can’t all be wins.

As I said earlier, expect a lot more upcoming posts like this one.

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