MAC Haul (Jan 2021)

I used to be obsessed with MAC, even way before I started this blog.

I used to follow all their new releases religiously.

Once the latest collection reached the country, I’d hunt down the items I wanted, hitting up several MAC stores back to back.

I’d haul entire collections (almost every single item) at a time!

For the past 5 year or so, my interest in MAC slowly dissipated.

I no longer kept up with their new releases. In fact, there’s currently a countdown on their website to what might possibly be a Stranger Things Collection coming soon and I could not care less.

For the past few years, I’ve rarely even set foot in a MAC store, except on very, very few occasions.

However, my beloved Mineralize Skinfinish in the shade Give Me Sun! had completely run out.

I wanted a fresh one, so I decided to order it online, from the U.S. MAC website.

That came with its own slew of issues but more on those issues at the end of this post.

Now on to the good-good!

Everything arrived in their standard black box with red tissue paper, which I like.

This is everything I ordered in this haul.

242 Synthetic Shader Brush ($28)

A firm brush shaped for the smooth, even application of powder or emollient products.

In my opinion, Synthetic Brushes work great with Cream Products, which is why I specifically picked up the 242.

I got this baby to apply Concealer to my lids for the “Cut Crease Look”, but also for a more precise application of some of my darker Super Shock Shadows from ColourPop.

For reference, the MAC 242 is significantly smaller than the Sigma E62 Cut Crease Brush (hauled here).

I also repurchased some brow favorites which I first previewed here and swatched here and a year or so later, previewed again here and reviewed here.

Brunette Veluxe Brow Liner ($23)

A brow pencil with a spoolie that’s sheer enough to match every hair colour.

Brunette: Muted Mid-Tone Grey

Lingering Eye Brows Styler ($20)

A self-propelling and self-sharpening water-resistant brow definer with an added spoolie that adds shape, colour and density.

Lingering*: Soft Taupe Brown

*Discontinued Shade

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural ($38 each)

A baked powder that provides sheer coverage with a dimensional yet natural finish.

Give Me Sun! (the darker one, on the right) is my be all, end all!

However, I still enjoy experimenting with other shades hence Medium Tan (lighter one, on the left).

Whichever shade you pick (and there’s plenty to choose from), these babies are fantastic!

You could apply a light dusting for a sheerer look or build up the color (which is what I do with Give Me Sun! to fake a tan).

The MSFs are not quite matte, but thankfully they’re not glittery or shimmery either.

They just give you this just naturally lit-from-within “glowy look” which I do so love!

Medium Tan Mineralize Skinfinish Natural

Medium Tan: medium tan

Give Me Sun! Mineralize Skinfinish Natural

Give Me Sun!: Light summer peach tan

Lastly, I picked up some Eyeshadows.

MAC Havana Extra Dimension Eyeshadow ($21)

A hybrid shadow that’s smooth like a cream, blendable like a liquid and finishes like a powder.

Havana: Dirty copper brown

I’d picked up Legendary Lure (deep cerulean) from the stunning Alluring Aquatic Collection (here) and Sea Worship (tarnished olive) purchased at a later time (here).

I also got It’s Snowing (pink-purple shimmer) and Delicate Drift (light pink with sparkle) from one of the limited edition Holiday Collections (here).

Based on the handful of Extra Dimension Eyeshadows that I already own, I’ve concluded that these babies come in a variety of finishes; some have a gorgeous soft sheen, others are beautifully opalescent while others are just a glittery mess.

In fact, my most favorite Highlight of all time (holy grail status, yo!) happens to be an Extra Dimension Skinfinish in the shade Whisper of Gilt (light soft white gold with shimmery sheen and metallic finish) which to this day is still my go-to (haulage here).

I dunno when they came out with new shades, but as soon as I clocked Havana, I was smitten!

Unfortunately, it’s not what I expected, as it looks completely flat on my hooded lids; no glow, no shimmer, no nothing.

With that being said, I now use it as a lovely base for Brown Smoky Eye Looks, mostly during Winter.

If you’re interested in getting an Extra Dimension Eyeshadow, I’d say make sure to swatch it first, because these can be quite hit or miss.

L.E.S. Artiste Eyeshadow ($18)

A highly pigmented powder that applies evenly and blends well.

L.E.S. Artiste: Warm pewter w/ sparkle (frost)

Apparently MAC reformulated their Eyeshadows and came out with new shades and new finishes.

Their older Eyeshadows that had a Frost finish were notoriously finicky, but I just have a soft spot for certain shades, regardless of their finish.

L.E.S. Artiste (what’s with the name?) was no different. Despite all the mostly negative reviews, I just had to have it.

It is a Frost, so it does do all the unflattering things that a Frost tends to do, such as sinking into fine lines, highlighting texture, applying unevenly, glitter fallout, etc… when worn on it’s own.

With that being said, I don’t come across a warm pewter often so it’s such a special shade, that I can’t help but love it!

Again, on its own, it’s a frosty mess. However, as a topper (over other Eyeshadows), it’s simply stunning!

Certain combos might sound bizarre (for example L.E.S. Artiste popped over Such a Tulle) but the end result looks heavenly!

Not only does L.E.S. Artiste alter the color of whatever is being used underneath as a base, but it also makes the lids look “wet” (less glittery and more shimmery) which is just oh-so-beautiful!

L.E.S. Artiste is certainly not for everyone, but I personally love it!

Such a Tulle Powder Kiss Soft Matte Eyeshadow ($21)

A pillow-soft, matte, pressed-powder eye shadow with an ultra-creamy texture that delivers a beautifully diffused, blurring effect on lids.

Such a Tulle: Light periwinkle blue

I mean it’s either lilac or violet but okay MAC let’s go with blue.

As I said, I haven’t been keeping up with MAC.

Apparently, at some point they released these Powder Kiss Soft Matte Eyeshadows alongside the Powder Kiss Lipsticks.

Wanting to try at least one, I chose this gorgeous, gorgeous color called Such a Tulle!

I just cannot resist shades like this and actually feel my prettiest in them! ♥

If anyone remembers the Matte Squared finish (it had a tiny 2 to symbolize being squared, right next to where it said Matte) from MAC? That’s what these new Powder Kiss Soft Matte Eyeshadows kinda’ remind me of, except slightly less pigmented.

They have a healthy selection of shades to choose from, so do give them a try!

Aside from Havana, I pretty much love everything I got in this haul!

Back to the issues I mentioned earlier.

First of all, rather than taking me to the U.S. MAC Cosmetics website I keep getting rerouted to the United Arab Emirates MAC Cosmetics website which is not what I want.

As you can imagine, it makes signing in, ordering and everything else, a nightmare.

Next, there is apparently now a 14 item limit per order (much like Centerpoint, ugh). If I would like to order more than 14 items, I’d have to place another order.

Also, there is a 3 order limit per customer per day. To place any other orders, I’d have to wait for the next day.

Also, there is a 6 unit limit per item. Let’s say for example that I wanted to get 14 Lipsticks all in the exact same shade (Velvet Teddy), I would only be able to buy 6 at a time, and then get the other 6 in my next order.

Lastly, there’s a whole song and dance with Aramex because rather than MAC including the invoice (which is needed for Customs to release the package), they now just e-mail it to me instead…

which means my package is on hold with Customs, while Shop&Ship keep e-mailing me and asking me for the invoice, except I’ve made several orders from several stores (all labeled as “Beauty Supplies” on the Shop&Ship website and with no way of figuring out which invoice they want). Fun.

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