2020 in a Nutshell

In hindsight, it wasn’t a bad year to be honest, well… at least not for me.

I mean, between between my hair and my nails and my teeth and my heart, sure 2020 started off badly, but things slowly got better… or maybe, I just adapted.

For starters, covid and the following lockdown that ensued, allowed me to rediscover my amazing family, and fall in love with them all over again.

Sure, we bickered and fought, from time to time, but for the most part, my family was awesome!

Just like everyone else in this rat race called life, we were always in a rush, constantly on-the-go, but when covid hit, it’s like someone pressed pause.

Life slowed down, considerably.

My family and I spent that time, hours and hours, of just talking and laughing and playing together.

Those lazy afternoons we spent swimming in the pool and having cook-outs by the pool, almost felt like a second childhood!

Despite all the craziness that was going on outside in the world, I was so content (and grateful!) living in our peaceful and happy little bubble!

I quit smoking cigarettes (1 month smoke-free)!

Hair Removal (during the lockdown)

Quarantine Couture

While many people doubled down on their addictions (started smoking more or drinking more coffee, etc…) during the lockdown, I chose that time to quit mine. It was difficult.

I managed to quit caffeine and cigarettes and soda (pepsi, fanta, sprite, etc…) for exactly one year and a half (18 months), before picking them back up again around October 2021.

Hair Salons not being accessible was another issue I faced. Some people might find it TMI while some might find it gross, but we like to keep it 100 over here. In any case, the alternative left my upper lip with scabs (pics included) once every two months.

Another dilemma was not having enough (or any) loungewear. It didn’t necessarily have to be loungewear, but it had to at least be comfy, and most of my stuff was not.

3 Question Personality Quiz

My Home (Post #1,000)

My Pantry

For my blog, I tried coming up with different content (different from my usual posts at least).

The 3 Question Personality Quiz was entertaining, which is why I felt the need to share it on my blog.

For some inexplicable reason, I also decided to show the inside of my home (mostly pics of our doors) lol

Quarantine Haircut
Quarantine Hair Dye

Nordstrom Hair Care and Fragrance Haul (Feb 2020)
Cream Silk (Gifted to my by Mera)
Hair Care Collective Haulage (taw9eel.com + sultan center)
Amazon UK Hair Care Haulage (Summer 2020)

My Hair Before and After (BaByliss Sensitive Curling Iron)

I got the crazy out of the way early on. I chopped my hair (more like trimmed) by myself.

I dyed it too, but that was less about crazy and more about maintenance.

Once my health began to stabilize, I had the urge to play around with my hair a lot more. Trying out different products and tools was enjoyable.

With a lot of free time and not much else to do, I feel like a lot of us upped our hair-styling game!

Pilot Pens (Japan)
Al Jarir Bookstore Haul (Sept 2020)

The Body Shop BOGO Haul (Sept 2020)
Lush Haul (Nov 2020)

Ivy Babies
Centrepoint Collective Haulage (21 Orders)
American Eagle Quarantine Haul
Matches Fashion Haul (October 2020)
Victoria’s Secret Haul (Nov 2020)

Pandora Haul (Nov 2020)

Saint Laurent Niki Medium Fog Crinkled Vintage Leather Shoulder Bag
Saint Laurent Baby Lou Noir Quilted Grain De Poudre Embossed Leather Shoulder Bag
Gucci GG Marmont Pastel Pink Matelassé Leather Mini Shoulder Bag
Chloé Daisy Triple-Buckle Bombay Brown Leather Chunky Heel Sandals

Much like the rest of the females in the country (possible abroad too), we turned shopping turned into a sport.

With the money piling up and nowhere to spend it (on account of the lockdown), I turned to online shopping.

Again, the fact that I had a lot of free time played a huge part in that.

Initially, it started off with groceries from taw9eel.com but in time, I started hauling everything from stationary to a whole new wardrobe.

Once the lockdown lifted, at first I was hesitant to buy stuff irl and only focused on “my necessities”, but towards the end of the year, I went on a full blown shopping spree at Prestige.

I tried to separate everything by category, but H&M and Bath&BodyWorks deserved their own spot.

H&M Collective Haulage (July 2020) Long Post
H&M Collective Haulage (August 2020)
H&M Collective Haulage (October 2020)
H&M Collective Haulage (November 2020) Part 1
H&M Collective Haulage (November 2020) Part 2
H&M Collective Haulage (December 2020)

U.S. Bath and Body Works New Year’s Haul
– Jar Candles
– Body Lotions
– Shower Gels
– Fragrance Mists
– Hand Soaps

U.S. Bath and Body Works Spring Haul
– Travel Size
– Wallflower Fragrance
– 3-Wick Candles
– Hand Soaps
– Body Lotions
– Fragrance Mists
– Shower Gels

First Quarantine Haul
Second Quarantine Haul
Third Quarantine Haul
Mini BOGO Haul

November Haul Part 1
November Haul Part 2

U.S. Bath and Body Works December Haul Part 1
U.S. Bath and Body Works December Haul Part 2
U.S. Bath and Body Works December Haul Part 3

Boots Mini Haul (March 2020)

Debenhams Haul (Sept 2020)
Etude House (Sept 2020)
Nyx Haul (Sept 2020)

Sephora Haul (Nov 2020)
Anastasia Beverly Hills Haul (Nov 2020)
Nordstrom Haul (Nov 2020)
Eyeko Haulage (Nov 2020)

ColourPop End of Year Haul (Dec 2020)

As for Makeup, I was kinda’ getting bored of it… pre-covid.

Then, for health reasons, it was no longer a factor (wasn’t even on my mind).

Once I started feeling slightly better and once the lockdown lifted, I slowly dipped my toe back in.

Towards the end of the year, the passion had been rekindled and I was back to normal, lusting over this lipstick and dying over that mascara, etc…

Skills, yo!
Chef LuLu (Part 1)
Chef LuLu (Part 2)
Chef LuLu (Part 3)
Chef LuLu (Part 4)
Chef LuLu (Part 5)
Chef LuLu (Part 6)
Chef LuLu (Part 7)
Chef LuLu (Part 8)
Chef LuLu (Part 9)
Chef LuLu (Part 10)

As it turns out, the lockdown forced many, many, many people to learn a new skill or in some cases, shed light on their hidden talent!

Honestly, I’d written him off as a deadbeat, but was quite surprised when a friend of mine started ordering semi-precious beads online (I think?) and started fashioning them into what Arabs call a “misbah” (Islamic Pendant). His creations were pretty cool tbh! This was a new skill he acquired during covid.

My younger brother’s father-in-law started giving everyone in the family haircuts, including his sisters (of which he had many) and daughters, and the end result looked amazing! This was a completely hidden talent that nobody including himself knew that he had up until now!

As for myself, I picked up cooking!

Initially, the Chef LuLu posts were meant to document all the dishes that I’d made, during that period of time (April 2020 – February 2021).

Somehow, it progressed to pictures of all the food we ate, stuff we watched, outfits we wore and places we went out to, with a healthy dose of gossip about a certain someone. Oh and by we, I mean friends and family.

Like I said, 2020 in hindsight, wasn’t a bad year to be honest, well… at least not for me.

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