ColourPop (Dec 2020)

It had been almost a year since my last order with ColourPop and they were having their end-of-year sale (bunch of stuff significantly reduced in price) so I placed an order with them on December 28 2020.

Pressed Powder Shadow Palettes

In my eyes, the Pressed Powder Shadows from ColourPop are the best!

They come in a variety of shades and different finishes! They’re easy to blend and work with and their lasting power is pretty great!

I had to pick up a few more palettes!

It’s a Princess Thing Pressed Powder Shadow Palette reduced from $24 to $18

I totally trashed this palette, when I previewed the Disney Designer Collection back before it even came out (here), but everyone who has ever owned it, won’t stop singing it praises (to this day)!

It was touted as a great “everyday” palette, specifically the top row.

As further proof that it was still just as in demand as the day it was released, it was almost always out of stock!

After several failed attempts, I’ve finally managed to get my hands on It’s a Princess Thing!

Get red carpet ready with the pièces de résistance of the collection, our first 15 pan shadow palette inspired by the iconic Disney princesses. These soft romantic shadows will add a touch of glam to any look to make you photo ready.

1st Row
Chip: matte soft beige nude
Juju: matte warm rosy pink
Grumpy: matte dusty salmon
Triton: sand with a golden sheen
Abu: matte intense warm brown

2nd Row
Prince Charming: ivory pearl with a green duochrome
Ray: metallic champagne
Fairy Godmother: metallic bright coral
One Kiss?: metallic bright coppery gold
Thingamabob: vibrant metallic silver

3rd Row
Enchanted Rose: rich metallic rose
Poison Apple: metallic pinky violet
Magic Carpet: blackened plum
Beast: deep warm brown topped with gold glitter
Midnight Curfew: black sprinkled with silver glitter

Flutter By Pressed Powder Shadow Palette reduced from $18 to $13.50

Yuck, butterflies and eww, reflective gold packaging aside, I absolutely looove the shades in this palette! So fun and girly!

It’s pretty much smack dab in the middle of my comfort zone (especially when paired with Green Contacts)!

We’ll take you away with our cool-toned, soft glam palette. Cool mauves and rich purple, in matte, metallic, and Pressed Glitter finishes, create the dreamiest soft glam look.

1st Row
Just Imagine: icy baby pink with silver sheen
Wild Wing: cool toned taupe pink
Made to Last: neutral mauve
Gotta Fly: cranberry

2nd Row
sunflare: frosted orchid with a teal sheen
Overpacked: holographic lavender
Mariposa: pale berry with pink pinpoints
Angel BB: deep chestnut brown

3rd Row
Lush: pinky ivory
Ch-ch-changes: mid tone taupe
Getaway: silvery taupe
Float On: deep cool toned brown

Blushing Nude Shadow Palette Vault reduced from $28 to $19

I wasn’t as interested in these two 9-pan palettes, but if I’d purchased them individually, they would’ve been reduced from $28 to $21 but as a twofer, they were reduced to $19 so it felt like a good deal.

I believe the shades that appeared to have shrunk in the pan are the Super Shock Shadows.

Don’t make me blush! This iconic soft glam duo took over our makeup routine. Warm nudes and blushing pinks create the perfect soft glam look.

Nude Mood Pressed Powder Shadow Palette
Blush Crush Pressed Powder Shadow Palette

Nude Mood Pressed Powder Shadow Palette reduced from $14 to $10.50

Apt name for a nice and easy neutral palette!

This will put you in the mood! This 9 pan palette is full of warm-toned neutrals to create your perfect soft glam look. With matte, metallic, and Super Shock finishes, this palette won’t leave your side.

1st Row
Bluffin’: matte pale ivory
Wink Wink: super shock soft gold with champagne pinpoints
Bare to Wear: matte soft light beige

2nd Row
U Naturale: matte muted saddle brown
Put on Heirs: metallic bright copper gold
Mugged Off: matte burnt peach with gold sparkle

3rd Row
Lap of Lux: metallic golden bronze
The Cocoa: matte burnt sienna with gold flecks
Moody: matte chestnut brown

Blush Crush Pressed Powder Shadow Palette reduced from $14 to $10.50

Slightly more colorful than the previous palette, but just as easy and wearable!

You’ll have a major crush on this blushing nudes palette. Romantic mauves in matte, metallic and Super Shock finishes create the softest looks.

1st Row
Lovesick: matte pale baby pink
Pop a Bottle: super shock light pink with pink and champagne gold pinpoints
The One: matte light peachy pink

2nd Row
Enamored: metallic light salmon
Made U Blush: matte midtone blush with gold flecks
Blossom Up: metallic pink with gold flip

3rd Row
How Rouge: matte berry mauve with gold flecks
Cheek2cheek: matte midtone rose
Blush Wine: matte deep wine with gold flecks

That’s Taupe Pressed Powder Shadow Palette reduced from $14 to $10.50

In my ColourPop Reads My Blog post (Part 1 here) (Part 2 here), I suggested a cool-toned palette.

Ask and ye shall receive!

It’s definitely not for everyone, but I’m obsessed!

Everything from the packaging, to the shades themselves, and even the shade names, is just chef’s kiss perfection!

Cool-toned and ready! Full of cool, neutral taupe shadows in matte and metallic finishes to create the most flattering looks from smokey to every day glam.

Our coolest palette yet! This cool neutral 9-pan palette is so dope.

1st Row
Boa: matte pale rosey taupe
Pebble Beach: matte medium chocolate taupe
Python: matte true taupe

2nd Row
Slated: ultra metallic icy taupe with shimmering silver flecks
Snake Eyes: metallic midtone rosey taupe
Cold Blooded: metallic silver taupe

3rd Row
Rock Steady: matte deepened taupe
Constrictor: metallic a metallic taupe-y bronze cool toned dark brown
Bedrock: matte dark brown

Baroque Pressed Powder Shadow Palette reduced from $14 to $10.50

This palette is a little harder to work with but I simply can’t resist greys!

I really dislike the reflective gold but aside from that, it’s a lovely palette!

Unfortunately, it was limited edition so it might be a little harder to procure.

If it ain’t Baroque…. This rich gunmetal and navy blue palette is our moody vibe. Cool metals and icy greys in a range of matte and metallic finishes create the perfect palette for your look.

Bring on the drama with this rich gunmetal and navy 9 pan palette.

1st Row
Bougie: matte pale grey
Ritzy: metallic icy lavendar with silvery green pinpoints
Bébé: matte slate grey

2nd Row
Secret: sparkle midtone blue grey with blue and silver pinpoints
Noble: metallic violet purple with blue duochrome flip
Etiquette: matte sparkle charcoal grey with silver pinpoints

3rd Row
Lounge: matte deep purple
Grand: matte sparkle black with purple and silver pinpoints
Stunner: matte deep navy

Matchmaker Pressed Powder Blush (pale nude with gold pearl) reduced from $12 to $6

While Mulan is my favorite animated Disney movie (maybe a tie with The Little Mermaid…), the collection that ColourPop released was underwhelming, but I wanted to get at least one thing from the collection, so I snagged this baby!

It’s got the tiniest hint of gold glitter which is whatever, but I enjoy using it to warm up my face.

Medium 9 W Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Tinted Moisturizer reduced from $14 to $10
Medium 80 W Hyaluronic Hydrating Foundation reduced from $16 to $12
Medium 100W Hyaluronic Hydrating Foundation reduced from $16 to $12

Since they were on sale, I picked up some more face stuff lol

Dark Brown QT Mark Natural Looking Freckle Pen reduced from $8 to $6
Soft Brown QT Mark Natural Looking Freckle Pen reduced from $8 to $6

I find faux freckles quite cute and couldn’t decided between the two shades that were available so I just went ahead and got both!

Get the easiest, natural looking faux freckle look with this lil QT!

Usagi Ultra Blotted Lip (sheer midtone pink) reduced from $9 to $6.75
It’s a Banger Lux Liquid Lip (velvet midtone crimson red) reduced from $8 to $6
Take a Bao Lux Liquid Lip (velvet rich red) reduced from $8 to $6

I also picked up some more lip stuff.

I picked up Usagi mainly because I wanted at least one item from the Sailormoon collab, but also because I love Ultra Blotted Lips!

The other two I picked up because I wanted to try the Lux Liquid Lips and those shades seemed gorg!

I’m happy to report that they are in fact quite gorgeous when worn and despite how chunky they might look, actually fit quite comfortably (just one, not both) in any of my micro-bags!

Ritz Super Shock Shadow (sheer nude with silver glitter) reduced from $6 to $4.50

This baby was a repurchase (third time)!

The first time I picked up Ritz was back in 2017 (here) and then again in 2018 (here) and again in 2020.

It’s pretty sheer on it’s own, but as a topper over a neutral shade, it’s just magical!

Dew Crew Hydrating Kit reduced from $22 to $15

Not gonna’ lie, I totally got sucked in by the cute packaging and the cute names and all that.

With that being said, I’m not quite sure, but I believe these things are travel-sizes (if not sample-sizes lol) because everything is actually quite little!

Basically, this kit contained a Face Mist, a Serum and a Mask.

I loved how fine the mist was on the Face Mist! It felt hydrating and refreshing on my skin! I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about the strange scent, but when it did get in my mouth, this stuff tasted so bad lol

The Serum was quite tacky (which I did not like). It absorbed quickly, creating a nice base for makeup, but I could still feel it sitting on my skin. Also, it didn’t make my skin look glowy and hydrated. It left a strange shiny sheen on my skin. Unforgivable of all, it would start to pill on my face lol Lastly, the bottle arrived a quarter empty.

Haven’t used the Mask yet so not much to say about that.

Perk up dull, dry skin with a 1-2-3 punch of Hyaluronic Acid!

First, dive into deep hydration with the Marine Algae and Aloe packed Soak It Up Hydrating Mask.

Then instantly drench skin with our Rainfall 2% HA Serum for a bouncy, youthful-looking complexion, and finish with an ultra-refreshing dose of the skin-quenching Dew It Hydrating Mist.

Leaves dry skin feeling revived, supple, and super hydrated.

Soak It Up Hydrating Face Mask
Rainfall 2% Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum
Dew It Hydrating Face Mist

Rose Cooling Facial Globes reduced from $20 to $15

Of course the first thing I did was pop them in the freezer lol

Since a bunch of brands have already come out with these Cooling Facial Globes in Blue (clocked the Blue ones at Sephora) I figured I’d get them in Rose.

Chill out and relax with this ultra-cooling facial globe set that will take your skincare routine to the next level.

Pop in the fridge, then gently massage chilled globes over the contours of your face and eyes to reduce puffiness and promote circulation for super refreshed skin.

caution: do not put in freezer.

The Full Beat Blending Sponge Kit ($35 value) reduced from $20 to $15

This seemed like a fun lil kit that I could use with my newly purchased Hyaluronic Hydrating Foundations!

With this 5 piece Blending Sponge Kit, we’ve got any look, technique, and beat covered!

From airbrushed finish to snatched contour, this kit is all you need.

Velvet Blending Sponge – velvet texture creates a flawless airbrushed look
Detail Blending Sponge – precision tip that fits perfectly under the eye
Hourglass Blending Sponge – hourglass shape comfy to hold and bounces on product easily
Complexion Blending Sponge – you go-to for flawless complexion application
Silicone Blending Sponge – silicone core minimizes product absorption

Velour Scrunchies Hair Tie Trio reduced from $10 to $7.50

You can never have enough Scrunchies, I always say.

Scrunchies are here to play!

Our new neutral-hued velour scrunchies are the perfect hair accessories for your skincare routine.

Super comfy, kink-free, and tug-proof so you can easily tie hair up without damaging it.

That concludes my final haul of the year 2020.

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