US Bath and Body Works Holiday Haul (Dec 2020) – Part 1

Towards the end of the year, everything was significantly reduced in price at the US Bath & Body Works so I had to place an order with them.

Stargazing Medication (Aromatherapy) was reduced from $13.50 to $6.75 each
Snowy Morning was reduced from $12.50 to $4.95 each
Forest (Men’s Collection) was reduced from $14.50 to $7.25
Bonfire Bash was reduced from $13.50 to $4.95
Christmas Cookies was reduced from $13.50 to $4.95

Stargazing Medication (Aromatherapy)

Made with bergamot oil, patchouli oil and vetiver oil to inspire mindfulness and relaxation

I purchased this earlier from our local store and thoroughly enjoyed the scent (here)!

Never thought I’d see it again, so when it did pop up on the US site and on sale too, I had to snag x2.

The scent is a bit hard to describe. It’s not aquatic or gourmand or fruity or floral. I just find it delightfully pleasant!

It does veer slightly masculine but it’s not overpowering. It’s just sooo nice! I really enjoy the way it smells in the shower and the way it scents my skin afterwards.

The name and packaging are equally appealing as well! Using this stuff makes me feel… centered (very possibly might have something to do with the name lol).

Snowy Morning

The magic of winter is in the air — immerse yourself in our crisp blend of frosted bergamot, mistletoe berry, fresh balsam, snow-kissed lavender & frozen juniper

Like a snow-kissed dawn, where the sun streaks the sky in mesmerizing colors

Wow! I cannot even begin to describe how much I love this baby!

I first purchased the one pre-covid (here) and have been obsessed, utterly obsessed, ever since!

The scent is super refreshing! It’s a blend of a whole bunch of things I don’t normally like, but together, they smell great! The packaging is pretty fun too!

I enjoy using this stuff typically during my morning showers and mostly during the summer. It’s also my go-to if I’m feeling extra sweaty after a workout (after a walk around the block in the heat or after a jiu-jitsu lesson or more recently after a game of padel).

I’m so happy I took a chance on this stuff when I did because it’s become a hardcore favorite!

Forest (Men’s Collection)

A crisp blend of bergamot, sage & crushed cedarwood

High-lather, 3-in-1 hair, face and body wash leaves you feeling clean and refreshed.

I picked this up for my brother.

I really enjoy Bergamot (as evident by the previous two Shower Gels) and Cedarwood is pretty good too. Sage is where it gets a bit iffy.

Regardless, it wasn’t for me so whether I like it or not is irrelevant lol

Christmas Cookies

A sweet-as-sugar blend of creamy cookie dough, almond biscotti & caramel wood

Get sweet on the holidays with ooey-gooey sugar cookie goodness!

Obligatory gourmand because… me.

It was also another pre-covid purchase (here). That said, the previous packaging was much cuter.

Sometimes I crave showering in something uber-sweet and sometimes I can barely stand the stuff *shrugs*

Bonfire Bash

A sweet, subtly smoky blend of vanilla bourbon, creamy sandalwood & cashmere musk

A crackling campfire. Cozy flannels all around. Marshmallows toasting to golden perfection. Our festive Bonfire Bash is in full swing, & you’re invited!

So much yes!

This stuff is sweet! This stuff is smoky! This stuff is woodsy! This stuff is everything!

The packaging is appealing too (I like when the liquid is dark) and suits the scent.

I like that it’s quite sweet but mixed in with the other stuff that tempers the sweetness and makes it less so. It adds depth to the scent and I really, really enjoy that!

I wish I could purchase the entire range (Body Lotion, Fragrance Mist, etc…) in Bonfire Bash!

Coconut Mint Drop was reduced from $13.50 to $4.95
Sweet Whiskey was reduced from $13.50 to $4.95

Coconut Mint Drop

An arctic-meets-tropics mix of white coconut, iced peppermint & winter musk

As the Christmas snow falls, bundle up with a tropical and minty delight!

I purchased the Shower Gel pre-covid (here) and was veritably blown away by the lovely scent!

I also got it as part of a Hand Soap Set (here) and it was equally lovely! I even repurchased it as a Hand Soap in this haul (next post).

It wasn’t a full-on coconut scent, as I felt the coconut was barely discernible. The peppermint was quite light too.

It was the gorgeous sandalwood or “winter musk” that got me!

I would’ve loved to have repurchased this baby as a Shower Gel but since it was no longer available (got online a bit too late), the next best thing was as a Body Lotion.

Sweet Whiskey

A warm, intriguing, elegant blend of golden amber, vanilla-infused whiskey & sweet apple blossom

Elegance with a shot of edginess — that’s the spirit! Let the good times roll with the one that warms the soul!

Missed out on getting the Shower Gel on this one too, sadly. So, I picked it up as a Body Lotion just to see if I would enjoy the scent.

I mean the fragrance notes sounded extremely appealing and even the name Sweet Whiskey was right up my alley (I have a thing for boozy scents)!

Lip Gloss was reduced from $13.50 to $4.95 each

Vanilla Bean Noel Shimmer Lip Gloss

Infused with a kiss of shimmer, this Vanilla Bean Noel-flavored lip gloss keeps your lips deliciously nourished

Winter Berry Lip Gloss

This strawberry-flavored lip gloss keeps your lips deliciously nourished.

I also picked up some Lip Gloss because this stuff both smells and tastes great!

I wish Vanilla Bean Noel didn’t come with glitter in it but whatevs, I still love it!

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