H&M Collective Haulage (December 2020)

December 6

Turns out, I end up saving a lot of money when I’m stuck indoors for most of the year (not going out to expensive events and dinners every night).

What did I do with all that money I saved? I turned right around and spent it shopping online.

A vast majority of the money was spent on H&M.

Their website was a joke (as with most websites in Kuwait, so I can’t really fault them for that).

In fact, despite contacting them several times, clearing the cache and cookies and attempting to change my password several times, I still ended up having to create a new account, because I got locked out of my old one (hence a few missing hauls).

Aside from that, their packages would arrive undamaged, neatly packed and usually didn’t take too long (which is more than I can say for some *cough* Centrepoint *cough*).

H&M Sports Leggings were bomb! I could not recommend those enough!

I’ve always loved their Wide Trousers and their Jeans/Jeggings and their Joggers/Sweatpants as well!

They had a nice variety of T-Shirts and Hoodies and Jumpers and Jackets too!

Basically, H&M had some great basics!

Their Shoes and Accessories were hit or miss though (usually miss lol) but as always, I did manage to find a few gems!

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On December 6 2020 I placed my final H&M order of the year.

Black Quilted Hi-Tops – KD 14/990

How gorgeous are these Boots!

They were pretty much what I had in mind, when I hit up Chanel and was about to hit up Prada with a a friend on Nov 27 (bottom of my Chef LuLu – Part 8 post here).

These babies were black, glossy and quilted and looked way more expensive than they were!

In fact, don’t they kinda’ resemble the Chanel Combat Boots and for a fraction of the price too!

Not quite sure why H&M has labeled them as Hi-Tops but whatever.

H&M knocked it out of the park with these! Love!

Dark Khaki Green Chunky Trainers – KD 18/990

I liked the color-scheme, the substantial height and look of the protruding soles (in the back) on these babies!

They kinda’ looked like long lost cousins of the Balenciaga Trainers lol

Unfortunately, since I’m exactly 159cm or 5’2 (they checked my height at the hospital so it’s legit), most Pants and Trousers from certain stores (read: all the stores) end up being quite a bit longer on me lol

In come these babies to the rescue!

They stop my Trousers from dragging across the floor while also making me look like a giant!

That said, they’re kinda’ narrow, which can feel quite uncomfortable by the end of the day.

Grey Faux Fur Slippers – KD 6/500

Couldn’t resist these cute lil fluffy things, to lounge around in at home ♥

Dark Grey Melange Cotton Leggings – KD 3/990

More Leggings, because those are always handy.

Light Purple Oversized Mesh T-Shirt – KD 6/500
Black/Sun Oversized Mesh T-Shirt – KD 6/500

I don’t know, ok? I just have a thing for these Sheer Mesh Over-Sized T-Shirts!

They just look so aesthetically appealing to me!

They’re not the most practical, but to me they are irresistible lol

Light Grey Marl Fine Knit Collared Jumper – KD 7/990

I picked up it’s twin in Burgundy earlier (here) and loved it enough to repurchase in Light Grey Marl.

I kinda’ hate both of them now though lol

Black Chenille Hat – KD 2/500

This cutie strongly reminded me of my beloved Zara Navy Blue Chenille Sweater (hauled here).

I figured the Chenille Hat would look quite cute paired with my Chenille Sweater!

Plus, it was so soft and fluffy and warm!

Black Fancy Dress Wig – KD 7/990

I mean LOL

Not quite sure when or why H&M was selling Wigs, but I was so down!

Wig snatched!

Red Glittery Tights – KD 3/990
7 Pack Socks – KD 2/000
3 Pack Trainer Socks – KD 3/750

It was December (granted it was the very beginning) which would explain my focus on glitter (even the 7 Pack Socks had a few glittery pairs) lol

Gold Snake Ring – KD 1/250

Not quite sure how it started but I’m officially obsessed with all things Snake (Accessories, Snake Print, etc…) aside from actual Snakes because ew.

Naturally, I had to grab this lil sucka’ especially for that price!

Eyeshadow – Cup of Joe – KD 3/500

Last but not least, I added the Eyeshadow in the shade Cup of Joe to my online shopping cart.

H&M Eyeshadows are bit strange and I was more interested in making this thing work as an Eyebrow Powder rather than an Eyeshadow.

That’s it for my final H&M Haul of 2020!

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