Victoria’s Secret Haul (Nov 2020)

Like I said in Chef LuLu – Part 8 post (here), on Nov 29, after my quick shopping spree at Sephora (haulage here), my friend and I grabbed dinner at Cheesecake Factory and headed home.

On our way back to the car, we noticed a long line of people waiting outside Victoria’s Secret, so we made plans to check it out the next day, together.

Back home, I stayed up past midnight doing a little more online shopping.

The next day, Nov 30, my friend went ahead to Victoria’s Secret, without me.

She’d ditched me the day before at Sephora to go eat.

Even though we had planned to go together to Victoria’s Secret the next day, I kept trying to get a hold of her but she wouldn’t take my calls.

Instead, she’d reply with looong overly detailed voice notes (which was so annoying because I really didn’t need a blow-by-blow).

This was the second time she’d ditched me in two days. I had to let her know this was not normal behavior.

I didn’t mind her not wanting to go with me (in fact, we needed some time apart), but I did mind that she’d made plans with me and didn’t follow through.

She apologized and dropped off x2 Pink Shopping Bags at my place (as a way of making amends for going shopping without me) on her way back home.

As far as I was concerned, as long as she didn’t do it again, all was forgiven.

I was sitting out in the Garden with my dad and older brother, enjoying the lovely weather when Mera stopped by to drop the stuff.

Victoria’s Secret (Pink) Black Glow Waffle Henley and Jogger Set

Since there was a Buy 1 Get 1 Free, she picked up a Henley and Jogger Set from Pink for herself and picked up a matching one (for free) for me, which I thought was sweet of her!

She’d chosen a size large, which was a bit too loose on me, but it’s the thought that counts.

Once she got home, tries hers on and noticed that it was a bit too loose on her, she realized that it was definitely too loose for me (she’s slightly more bottom-heavy than I am).

She declared that we must go back (that same day) and exchange them for a size medium. So we did.

Victoria’s Secret (Pink) Black Cozy Sherpa Gift Set (Sherpa + Marshmallow Socks + Scrunchie)

She’d also picked up an adorable 3pc Set that came with the coziest Sherpa (one size) and softest Marshmallow Socks and a Giant Scrunchie also from Pink, which was also BOGO (Buy 1 Get 1 Free).

Like I said in my Nordstrom post (here), Giant Scrunchies were having a moment!

Everything in the 3pc Set was all soft and fluffy and cute!

Victoria’s Secret Plaid Flannel Jogger Tee-Jama Set

She picked me up and we went to exchange the Henley and Jogger Set for a smaller size.

While there, I picked up this Red Plaid Flannel Jogger Tee-Jama Set for both of us, which was also BOGO (Buy 1 Get 1 Free) but from Victoria’s Secret (not it’s cheaper counterpart Pink).

As mentioned at the bottom of my Chef LuLu – Part 8 post (here), I’d gotten my friend hooked on Netflix (to get her off my back) and more specifically the show Outlander (based on my fave book ever!) and since one of the main characters is from Scotland, we stan red plaid… because it resembles tartan ♥

While my friendship with Mera didn’t last, the stuff we picked up from Victoria’s Secret and Pink did! lol

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